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Teased with a reunion then walked out of my life again like my alcoholic father.
Instead of talking about the interesting topics they put on the Title of the episode the show is just them bickering back and forth without explaining anything. The host is absolutely terrible and kills any real discussion. This show had so much potential but they failed terribly. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
It’s a fun listen, but the Liberty Men present zero evidence for any of their arguments, and constantly employ vague pronouns to refer to “the elite.”
Will listen to anything these guys put out.


So good loved the energy , more please
If you guys give me more I swear to God I won’t jump off the sears tower wearing a 45 Michael Jordan jersey with LeBron James shoes Chris from Chicago
When Dave decided to end the Podcast (Tim’s words, not mine), life sucked for a bit. The Podcast was just starting to hit its stride. Then a year later, the “Reunion” dropped and life became tolerable. I have listened to this episode 17 times already. We need more DITRH! Dave, Mike and Tim are unstoppable together! One of the best Podcasts ever!


Love you miss you need you
More please.
This podcast annoys the living crap out of me. Nobody on it is remotely likeable.
Love to listen while at work. Makes you think while still being very funny at times.


I like all of the people on here, but they're supposed to be doing different subjects each episode and it always feels like they circle back to the same ones. They're funny and make good points. I like that they quote sources instead of just saying opinions.
This used to be my favorite podcast and then Dave ruined it by going waaaaay off the rails. Great job Dave.


By AdamSTL
Fascinating! Can't stop listening!
Just found your podcast today. I'm so addicted to it! I recently became interested in flat earth and listened to it first. Then I started at the beginning and will be listening to them all! Great work fellas....keep up the good work.
It has been years since I have had talks such as this specific episode. I have been looking for others to talk with I have checked out many of the episodes and I am absolutely grateful For this crew. This episode has made me Laugh at work and laugh in a way that I have not laughed in years. Nevertheless keep it up looking forward to further shows I play your content in public places (loudly) and it helps me start talks about everything others are oblivious to 😎
Love this show! Knights of the golden circle have been missed on there little break! However, I'm re-listening to this podcast!!! Comedy, Conspiracy, Truth, The Big Three, & The Third Thing! ❤️❤️ miss you guys hurry back !!!!!!
I've been listening to this podcast for about 2 months (off and on). I'm brand new to "waking up" and my new way of seeing this world is due to Tim, Dave, and Mike. I love Tim's opinions and the fact that he sticks to his personal beliefs no matter what anyone says; Dave gets a little too far-fetched for me sometimes, but I still love to listen to his point of view and how passionate he becomes when challenged; And Mike.... He is the best part! He asks the questions I would ask, brings comedic relief to the serious environment, and calls BS when he thinks he hears it. The three combined make for an awesomely entertaining listen. Thanks guys, keep it up! -Jessica from little tiny Davenport, OK. :)


Very good podcast that puts out information and how to process it in your own individual consciousness. Great to have three different viewpoints on all these topics that are controversial.
I thought I was going to be treated to a good debate with evidence for and against. What we get is two guys who submit detail upon detail to a third guy who is unprepared to discuss the topic. Four episodes in I realized that the whole cast is designed to drive traffic to the website. Stars for production quality only.
Put on your tinfoil hat and get ready for some laughs!
After one episode, I was hooked.
This show really tickles my rabbit hole!! #Team3rdthing


Never stop
Hours of entertainment and fun, The group has a great dynamic and I've been listening from the start. #4ththing
I love the show .Best place to get the real fake news lol.
All 3 of these guys sound gullible in their own way. When they drunkenly argue, the show is almost unlistenable. But the calmer shows are enjoyable. Overall, too much A.D.D. and not enough facts. Cannon's jokes are extraordinarily pretdictable. But he does make himself laugh.
Everyone who is part of this podcast is crazy but there also fun so 4/5
I've been listening to this podcast for almost a year. (Binge listened to catch up) I wish there was an hour show everyday. Can't get enough of Mike, Tim, and Dave.
I started listening to the podcast in 2015 and I loved it so much that I needed to go back and listen to all the episodes from episode 1 to date. The knowledge and insight that Mike, Dave and Tim bring to the table about all things conspiracy is amazing. I feel that thanks to this podcast I am no longer "asleep" and I think anyone who would like to "wake up" Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole is the best place to do it. Thank you Mike, Dave and Tim for such an amazing show!!! We are all better people because of the three of you!!!
Love the podcast. Makes you laugh and have your brain explode all at once….so…its pretty fun
Never stop doing this podcast it is perfect. David Weiss has convinced me that the earth is flat simply because it has cooler implications for humanity. 7 stars!
Hilarious and spontaneous are two good words to describe the podcast. All three of the guys provide real emotions and reactions to conspiracy theories and real world scenarios. All three guys are unique in their beliefs but still are able to provide a podcast for people to wake up. Love it all and recommend it to anyone and everyone who is tired of living a mundane life.
Just not good
These guys are great! They may sounds crazy at times but they sure know how to put a quality show together. Mike, Tim and Dave have great chemistry and are one of the best podcasts Stand Up NY Labs puts out.
Funny, inspiring and endearing. Very intelligent podcast that's worth listening to all over again
This podcast is a strange combination of Conspiracy, Cosmic Consciousness & comedy.. But even if you’re only into comedy you should start listening because eventually you will also be drawn into Conspiracy and Hippie Sh*& if you continue to listen, which you will, because you’ll have to. Dave is SO knowledgeable about the conspiracy world that even though you want to shut him down, you can’t, because he has good evidence to back his claims so eventually you’ll be watching his videos and realizing that you’ve become “awake” and you’ll want to tell everyone you know. I love Tims amazing stories and Mike’s hilarious jabs during the show. I don’t think this show would work without each one of these guys.. I love each one of them, have been listening forever and will continue to follow the liberty men on their journey..
These 3 F*cks are beyond hilarious. Each episode is just entertaining start to finish. A must listen if you a conspiracy kook or a shaman in training. Best podcast out of New York, even though this is the only New York podcast I listen too.


By Toefr
I guess I like you all equally.
I listen to the show for Dave. He is a quite brilliant man and makes the show a hell of a lot of fun and interesting. Tim needs to stop with his spiritual garbage every three minutes. Here's the fourth thing; you're an interesting group of Jews who don't seem bought and paid for.... Good show keep up the great work..... Especially Dave. #teamdave
After this week's episode, I found that this show can be really a mixed bag for me. Mike's great as a moderator for Tim and Dave. The show is at its best when actual conspiracy is being discussed. It's at it's worst when Tim is prattling on about consciousness and drug use. I don't know of any other podcast that can make me laugh out loud while someone is saying that Sandy Hook was a fraud. Give it a listen. Maybe you'll like all the spirtual mumbo jumbo talk?
Highly recommend this podcast. Great blend of truth and comedy. Thank you Dave,Tim and Mike for doing this. I love you guys!
Download immediately!! This is so much more than a podcast. I love and respect each of the guys who make this happen and why they're doing it. What I've learned from these guys has lead to huge changes in my perspective and the way I interpret information. The dynamic is perfect and the presentation is incredible. You guys are awesome! Thank you all for putting your time and energy into this! Next party, I'm there :)
Whether you're a conspiracy theorist or oppose one, the arguments will keep you entertained. Highly recommended.
I'm totally hooked
Mike, Tim and Dave have a great dynamic. never boring.