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I have always loved the Jay and Kevin show ever since I was a little kid! I work in the woods, so most of my time is spent out of service and I don’t get Coyote Country as I am up near the Canadian border every day. I’m so glad I am able to download the podcast and listen, even if it is a day later!
I don’t have to worry about missing anything anymore! I can catch up by listening to the podcast. Keep up the good work!!!
I love her frequently you’ve been posting these podcast! It allows me to listen to the first hour when I’m normally sleeping but my husband listens to that hour on his way to work so we always laugh about it over dinner :-)
I’ve lived around the PNW and now I’m in Nevada but I have never found a radio show that I love as much as Jay and Kevin...AND Slim too! I laugh hysterically on a daily basis and thanks to the Podcast I’m able to hear you guys regularly. I adore your regulars and I always look forward to hearing Kevin’s news, including the blunders. You guys truly are funny, honest and all around good guys. Congratulations on your engagement Slim!!! I wish you all a lifetime of happiness. You have many loyal listeners but if any of you find yourselves in Reno this loyal listener will buy the first round!!
Only can catch the start of the show before I get to work so love being able to listen to it later in the day or the day after! Always want to text to things you guys talk about but then remember it probably would be a little late! But love the show and thanks for all the laughs!
I love this show. Funny and entertaining...even news worthy information! I've listened to Jay and Kevin since their beginning and followed them from station to station. I love the podcast way to catch up while on the road out of town. Don't know how I'd get ready for my day with out the boys Jay Kevin and Slim (Sean) ya
Thank you so much for the podcast it makes my commute from Coeur d Alene to Spokane everyday fly by!!
Love the jay and Kevin show! I listen to the podcast everyday to and from work. I wish I could listen live but I can only catch the first half of the show. So the podcasts are awesome!!! Best radio show! The best!
I am currently serving in the United States Army and am stationed in South Korea and rely on the podcast to be able to listen to this great show and would like to start off by thanking you guys for always making me laugh and brightening my day. On the subject of laughing, I am not sure which was funnier- Reba laughing at Kevin or no one laughing at TC's Valentine's Day poems. When it comes to selling leftovers please let Jay's wife know that I would pay top dollar for her baked potatoes from team dinners. However I would pay absolutely nothing for any of Warren's 3 seperate appitizers of Crackers, Meats and Cheeses. Also my next guesses for "What's In Bruce's Beard" are possibly the Great War of 1775 or perhaps his shame in Kevin and Monte for their lack of knowledge in war trivia. Except Bruce, nobody else NOSE when the Cival War was especially Monte! Also let Steve Hawk know that he is completely wrong because Sturgill Simpson without a doubt sounds more like a fish than a country musician. Hopefully this review can help get your podcast to #1 like the Gonzaga Bulldogs Men's Basketball Team. Final Thought: God Bless America and Go Zags!
99.9 is not only the station that this show is normally on in Spokane, WA, but also the rating I would give this show out of 100. Jay and Kevin have been laugh out loud funny together for twenty two years while producer Slim could be easily replaced. This show is so entertaining that hosts of other shows have to wear sunglasses indoors to hide the shame in their eyes. If people try and tell you that this is the number two show, please tell them that is FAKE NEWS because it is not only number one in your heart but in your podcast rankings as well. Occasionally they have a guest named Brandon that sounds very, very, VERY handsome and charming, oh and don't forget funny too. If you enjoy hearing Achy Breaky Heart and poop jokes then this is the podcast for you!


Love The Jay and Slim Interupting Kevin Show!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!


So funny. I love to listen every day
The best podcast ever! Helps me get through the work day and keeps me laughing!!
funny every single day :)
This podcast is most definatly one of the best. I have listened for years and they just keep getting better. And Ive listened to a lot of crap out there. This show has something they all lack..... Chemistry.
I listen to them everyday, and they are always hilarious. A must listen.
They are so funny every single day!