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I really appreciate the thought and research that goes into this podcast. It’s always thought-provoking content and of course there’s knitting. The best combination.
Dr. Kelly strikes a nice balance between knitting content and useful research.
Kris Kelly is a very interesting mix for a podcaster. She shares her personal journey in life with a focus on knitting, letter writing, and reading. She also gives interesting lectures on psychology and how it relates to the fiber arts. I always learn something new that I can't wait to share with my family and friends. She is also just a really nice person and soon feels like a good friend.
What a great podcast! Dr. Kelly has great content, always something new or something to learn - it's not the same old, same old every week. (and knittingden is correct, she does have a great voice that is a pleasure to listen to)
Great podcast ! Very interesting!
I love this audio podcast. Kris (Dr. Kelly) has such a calm soothing voice it is so relaxing listening to her. And informative? Oh my, I've never learned so many new things from a podcast. Every week their is something new, and not just about knitting. She is reading the book Dracula right now and gives background information about the author and the story. I've never read Dracula, but I find myself wanting to now! What I also love about the podcast is if you are listening via her website, she actually posts pictures of the things she is talking about, including her knitting projects. It's really nice to scroll down the page and look at the pictures as she chats about them. I look forward to each episode. Kris is one of the highlights in my weekly podcast world :-)