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Best La Liga pod. Sad it has discontinued.
The opening of every episode by Jon Driscoll are the funniest, most biting, two minutes of sports analysis you are ever going to hear anywhere on any sport. If you don't know the difference between left back, right back, halfback, fullback, and outback, or what's a 4-4-2 with a diamond versus the boring old 4-4-2, or why some teams cannot put the puck in the net, then Terry Gibson will straighten you out! This is one of the very few podcasts that takes the time to explain the game to dopes like me. An absolute must listen even if you are not following La Liga closely.
Driscoll & Terry provide the most refreshing, humorous, & honest takes on the weekly games throughout the league. They start from top teams in table & down. They also have regular guests appearances that make significant contributions. Love this show & the guys. Seem like guys who you would have a chat with. Indiana
Love the show. Huge La Liga fan which helps cause in the US the EPL is covered the most.


By cadbad1
I like
This is my favorite podcast on La liga.
They best thing about this podcast they don't only focus on the big boys but they give every team a chance
I love the way they cover all the twenty teams. No biased coverage for the big 2 like elsewhere. Exactly what the league needs in other aspects.
I like La Liga Weekly because it is one of the only La Liga podcasts. One thing I dont like is how focused the podcast is on Barcelona and Messi. They almost every week have on a reporter or a author who exclusively writes about Barca (Gulliem Ballegue).


I like the podcast and listen to it most weeks, but Sky needs to tone down the bit rate. A spoken word podcast needs no more than 92 kbps to sound professional and well done, but this runs at 320 kbps. This makes for long download times and unnecessarily eats up a lot of data on mobile phones when not on wifi.