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Helen Lewis struggles with her own preconceptions and is unable to escape her world view when interacting with her guest.
I have a handful of podcasts I listen to religiously, and this is one of them. Sometimes they are in discussion format which I would dock maybe a half star for befcause they are not nearly as compelling as the debates, but even some of those have been gems, like the interview of Mariana Mazzucato. The debates are almost ALWAYS interesting, informative and stimulating of thought and further discussion. Commercials are kept to a minimum.
Especially in the day and age. The moderator is sharp and always on point
I’ve never been so indignant as I was listening to the truly clueless young lady( she called herself snowflake) talk about the emotional stressors of University and racism sexism, and whatever else she sees. I wish she could to speak to the real hero’s and heroines that broke the barriers in the 50-70s. They withstood extreme injuries both psychological and physical so that now people like her can whine about the minor inequalities of life. I personally have been exposed to genuine unfairness in school while growing up. The way to succeed is not to whine, but rather become an expert at your craft so that no one can ignore you. Thank you Jackie Robinson, Ghandi, MLK, Rosa parks, and all the others that endured true stressors and overcame.
Panel of different sides of a topic that discuss their different points of view while maintaining a civil environment. There’s an audience that poses questions to challenge the panel members points. Very thought provoking, and worth your time.
Very insightful. Engaging. And worth listening to.
The interviews and debates are almost always insightful and fascinating, but I question giving any ear time to Anthony Scaramucci. He is the square root of intelligence, spouting nothing but empty talking points and gas lighting the interviewer. I enjoy hearing a conservative point of view, but not one devoid of any true thought. I listened to the first five minutes and, when it became clear he was providing nothing new or of substance, deleted it.
With a simply enormous range of topics, this is a show that never fails to engage my interest. The experts are knowledgeable and the moderators always bring out their best. As an American, it is especially interesting to gain outside perspective on the current events in my country. Yet, as an avid anglophile, the topics specific to Great Britain hold a great deal of interest as well. Erudition for all - a worthy listen.
The podcast could be titled civility squared. If you have an open mind and want to be exposed to both sides of critical issues this is the podcast for you.
Amazing to always hear two sides to the story with intense but civil debate
They do a great job selecting very knowledgeable speakers with different opinions, and do a great job keeping the debate moving. Enjoyable debates!


A very disappointing program. The interviewer was clearly more interested in presenting her biases than in hearing Jordan Peterson. She interrupted and questioned his responses constantly. Mr. Peterson showed the restraint of a saint. I was impressed by his civility. If this is typical of Intelligence2, it should be renamed, unless it refers to the use of intelligence to support personal biases in the face of reason.
I find it usually difficult to write a negative review of a podcast because podcasts tend to be more authentic. This one however is the opposite, listening to the Jordan Peterson interview made it clear intelligence is not the correct name for this podcast. It was like listening to the Cathy Newman interview all over again. These people are clearly believers in identity politics, collectivism and intersectionality. They’re goal is to vilify Peterson because they can’t rationalize the truth with their belief system. I found it frustrating, sad and pitiful. Clearly these people are unable or unwilling to take facts into consideration when they contradict their beliefs. This is one of those media sources that should not be trusted without a lot of research on whatever information they provide.
Rarely have I felt so appalled that I need to turn off a podcast or radio show. This latest episode is one of them.
Love hearing both sides of every relevant issue
Quality topics and speakers
Lots of good episodes. But many misses too.
I learn a lot from the debates, even with the occasional dud debater.
Always enjoyable
The Debates are excellent, and John Donvan's fast mind and clear delivery help the debaters keep on track and engaged in the effort of addressing the question to be resolved. Many thanks to the producers of this tremendous series, as they have created a treasure.
I might sound like a reverse hipster, but the US version really is better. The talks are OK and the debate topics can often be entertaining, but the moderation is pretty bad. They're a little too laxadasical about enforcing the rules. Also annoying is the habit moderators have during audience Q&As. They take three questions at once and have the participants answer them in a seemingly random order. Often both I and the debators have trouble remembering the questions.
If you're like my ex-girlfriend and like debating, then you'll love this podcast. (That wasn't really a jab at her she was just a speech major and got really into debate.) The show is a recording of a live debate with incredibly smart and qualified people arguing for or against a movement. It's formatted very well with normally two people on both the affirmative and negative sides who have opening remarks, a rebuttal, audience questions, and closing statements. The audience questions are usually the best part in my opinion. There is also a poll taken from the audience before each show about the presented statement to see if they are for, against, or undecided. They then take a poll of the audience towards the end of the debate to see which side has persuaded more people. The topics they debate are usually relevant, controversial, and interesting. Great stuff to help you form your opinions on specific important issues. Personally, I don't like to listen to a lot of their episodes in a row or too frequently because I have to be so engaged while listening. Also I don't like confrontation...but I do like learning and in turn this podcast even though I'm conflicted. There's also a version of this podcast that is specific to American issues usually about government policies of recent events. Definitely browse the topics they debate and download an episode or two to listen to when you need to get your learning on.
They have lots of great topics, really good discussions, but their adverts (in the USA) are inserted without regard to their impact. You lose part of the material while the advert runs. This is really bad and irritating. You can miss important points. It destroys the continuity of arguments. I would have given 5 stars but for this "feature".
A great podcast, but like everything else PBS, is becoming a platform for ads. And not somewhat classy ads like PBS Television, but divorce lawyers and tailors. I fear this will progress to inane but controversial subjects for discussion, such as celebrity goings-on, to try and drive ad revenue, but for now it's bearable. Only just.
I like this podcast but lately when I play it it skips to the next episode after ten minutes, I go and set it back again and after ten minutes it skips again. real bummer. please fix
You'll learn about many serious topics. Helps open up minds. Being British, it can sometimes be boring. But give it some listening time and you'll come away impressed.
The topics they debate are so interesting and totally in the moment. I can't wait each week to listen to the new ones, from both the UK and US based platforms! :)
I find the shorter podcasts -- less than 1:20 -- almost worthless; even frustrating. The topics are always quite interesting but too complex for brief treatment. The speakers are (with few exceptions) well informed, cogent, wonderfully articulate: a joy to listen to. But a one-hour (or less) format means very few points on each side ever get raised, and none properly rebutted. So what, with more time, could be a satisfying intellecutual exchange ends up a frustrating collage of quips and sound bites.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for balanced, informative, and often entertaining discussions on hot topics.
This is a rare treat. Indepth, nuanced, sometimes humourous but always wonderfully articulated debate. My only gripe is that they do not include the full broadcast, including the result, which is really frustrating as it so riveting.
I love listening to this podcast when I'm not busy or even just relaxing after a long day. IQ2 deserves five stars!
It's gives the true feeling of sitting in the Oxford union benches.
This is a great podcast! Also check out Intelligence Squared on NPR (Oxford style debate on American shores. This podcast is updated a bit more frequently than NPR's.
Such great talks and debates to listen to