Reviews For Killer Innovations with Phil McKinney - A Show About Ideas Creativity And Innovation

Excellent practical useful
Great to listen to to spark creativity.
Whether you’re well established as an innovator, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Phil does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of unlocking creative energy to build a thriving business - and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
The most important part of innovation
Informed and considered ideas and methods. Just right audio bite sizes for thought and use.
Phil is a great host! He's very knowledgeable about the right questions to ask to his guest to make sure they are engaged as they provide information that will be valuable to listeners like me. Definitely a podcast you should subscribe to!
If you haven't take business 101, this is for you. After listening for a while it feels like is the same content over and over, and a lot of it is common sense info. The only thing to rescue is some of the interviews.

By jrupe
This is the only podcast that I find myself taking notes from. It's consistently highly valuable, and time well spent.
Phil highlights all things innovative in this can't miss podcast. He and his expert guests offer incredible advice in a very informative and inspirational way!
Phil is one of the most admired experts in technology. He cares about not just technology, but how we can use technology to advance our lives, our careers, our causes. He helps me make sense of where technology can make difference.
After listening to a few podcasts, I found the content to be very practical and immediately applicable. Enjoy most the tutorials and methodologies. Great Job.
I've been a listener since Phil's original podcasts when I was using iPodder. His weekly shows are humble insightful slices of motivation to get out there and be innovative. You can do it!
As an innovation consultant, I often laugh with Phil's examples, laws and insights as a reminder that I'm not crazy and my clients aren't impossible. Innovation is tough. Phil highlights the right stuff and brings inspiring guests to help us all be a little more brave. Subscribe to this if you love the future and want to change it.
Phil has been paying it forward for several years with his podcast, blog, book and radio show. A must listen if you want to learn to become innovative and really start to think differently.
Phil brings to the podcast an intense focus on practical innovation topics and insights into emerging technologies. He offers process innovations, creative views of technologies, and a down-to-earth style that is engaging and entertaining, as well as informative and useful. I find myself jotting notes when I listen to Phil’s podcasts because he offers gems that are a-ha moments. He is a valuable resource for experienced innovators and those who are beginning to play in that space. Phil is a national treasure and we are lucky indeed that he is so open and willing to share.
Really happy I found this one. Great information and advice, and unique perspectives brought together here. Looking forward to hearing more. Definitely recommend to anyone interested in leadership and innovation
I travel often and this is the first podcast I play. I listen to episodes several times and take notes. He doesn't have any fluff, so everything he says is worth listening to. He's been there before, and it shows.
Really good to get you thinking creativitly in an organization.
I'll listen to the latest chapter while I go for my walk, and his talking points are always interesting, and spur me to work as soon as I get home. Because of his podcast, I'm paying more attention to things around me in order to learn natural laws and how I can apply them to my own services and be more innovative.
Phil is doing us all a real service by reminding us we all need to stay creative in what we do. Even if we are not in product development, we all need to think creatively in what we do and increase our value to our employer, business, or personal life. The subjects vary greatly, so try some older podcasts too. The content is great.
At first I sampled a few different podcasts based on the subject heading and relevancy to my existing projects. I learned so much stuff that I decided to start listening to the podcast from the beginning. I am continously impressed by the rich content and useful tools that Phil presents in his podcasts. I have recommended the podcast to many of my coworkers and friends. Recently, I put together my own portable innovation toolkit based on Phil's list and ordered several of his recommended books. I cannot rate this podcast highly enough and encourage you to try it because it is well worth the time.
This podcast has helped me get outside the box and has led to me challenging my current thoughts as well as focusing my innovation energy. Listen to the podcast (older ones too)and I encourage you to take him up on his offers to meet in person. Phil has been very enlightening for me.
This is one of the best business podcasts out there. I appreciate the time and commitment Phil takes from his busy life to produce this show. It is chock-full of useful information, and there is no hidden agenda. Thanks, Phil!!! - Jonathan Wolfman
Phil's podcast is great for the content. His podcast is not stuffed full of entertainment like factors (background music, sound effects, podsafe music, etc.) I liken his style to one of those classes I took in college where my attention was captivated purely by the interesting discussion and information being shared. If Phil could pump-up the energy level I would have given him 5 stars. Phil never talks about whom he has worked for but I know he is (or was) pretty high-up with Hewlett Packard. Give it a listen if you think of yourself as someone who thinks and lives on the cutting-edge.
... Phil needs to learn to 1) cut out the name dropping and silly "I was at meetings with important people all day" junk, and 2) learn how to say everything he needs to say in 15 minutes instead of 30. You don't need to say "I haven't moved forward with the completion in the finishing of the book"... you can just say "I haven't finished the book".
Phil does not just identify current innovations, he trains his listeners how to become tomorrow's innovator. Phil does this in a broad scope so anyone from any industry will certainly benefit.