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One of my favorite things to do is go for a trail hike, and listen to this podcast. Ira conveys scientific ideas in a VERY palatable way. He makes learning enjoyable.
Love to listen every Friday or when I have a chance. Even when the subject doesn’t interest me that much, I try to at least understand what or why people study it. But I do not like it when you let someone bring their left wing political views into the conversation. All old white men are not radical rabid anti environmentalist racist. Like your last podcast with the Doctor from University of Alabama implied.oops sent this to soon. I also meant to say just because some people believe Aliens from space came down to help spread knowledge and advice isn’t racism. That was a stupid statement to let someone say
I can’t imagine the challenges involved in putting this program/podcast together. So much available material to cover from all of science and yet they manage present each topic with enough depth to inform an interested lay listener. I also appreciate that the issue of political push-back against the implications of scientific research is addressed. With so many critical issues on the on the line, none of us can afford to be ignorant.
At first, I was very impressed with the episode about paternity. However, in the back of my mind I was wondering how Ira was going to use this for political purposes. I found the argument that being a father is not just genetic but also social, compelling and I agree with that. However conflating the situation at the border with this is total fabrication and deceptive. Basically he implied, but not directly that taking blood test to determine paternity at the border was Nazi like and similar to what we did to the Chinese. This is a complete lie and fabrication to associate the two. He neglected to mention that there is a great deal of fraud taking place at the border with children. The only way to tell if the parent is related is true genetic testing. Again very disappointing to see Ira use politics again so deceptively.


Earth first was recently given a platform on this podcast. They are in environmental terrorist group. Self identified as representing the fanatics on the left.
As a former biology teacher I find Science Friday very entertaining.
I have stopped listening because the show become too political. Maybe Ira should take the lead that ESPN as taken on stopping to put politics where they don’t belong! Good-bye Ira.
First off I have to say I really enjoy the content you guys present, but the cutting off of guests needs to stop. It’s frustrating to be engaged in whatever the guest is saying and then the host just butts in to talk about a sponsor or some other triviality. I think it would be more beneficial to treat this show more like how Joe Rogan does it and actually have a genuine conversation without the confined time frame and other archaic media shenanigans.
This podcast is amazing! Ira is brilliant, topics are on the latest information, and his guests are incredible! Ira always stays on topic, with no BS! My son, a high school junior and I listen ritually! I haven’t found another podcast like this! Don’t waste your time looking any further!
This podcast has revitalized my love for science and learning. Science Friday is truly informative and educational. It has also prompted me to look into other areas and topics of science and share findings with my students!
As a scientist I enjoy the varied and up to the minute research!!
I love this program so much! I enjoy listening to this program. I ever skip any program. Ira, you are doing a fantastic job.


One of the best! #science
Yet another science news podcast that is slipping when it comes to the credulity regarding their guests, advertisers, and how they engage their listeners using social media (and other third-party services).
Great program but I stopped listening because it’s too long, I wish he talk less and makes it 1hour show. I just feel this new ideas would reach more people. Thx again
I love all the content. The interviews are very informative and I enjoy learning as I listen on my way to work. Thanks for all the great scientific stories. Especially the science stories of the space and the cosmos! Keep them coming Ira.
They interviewed a woman who said only 2 aborted fetuses have been used in vaccines. However, Stanley Plotkin a lead vaccine researcher stated under oath that 76 fetuses were used in just one study alone. So stating that only 2 have been used is grossly incorrect. I can not listen any more not knowing how much information they are giving could be incorrect.
I listened to Science Friday occasionally through the years, but now that it’s in podcast form I’ve become a regular! Host Ira Flatow is obviously passionate about communicating science to us non-scientists, and it shows. He asks good questions and keeps his guests focused on explaining their work in an accessible manner. Not every topic and guest is a home run, of course, but I find the vast majority of the topics and guests to be interesting and a way to open doors into knowledge I’d never otherwise have had. Kudos to Ira and all the show’s staff!
Finally sanity coming through media from Harvard nutrition. Thanks for having Dr Ludwig on. Truth. Reversed my own Type2 Diabetes with LCHF and intermittent fasting 2 years ago. But I ache for my generation that is still being misled by the low fat dogmas and for-profit commercial diets.
On Nov. 30, 2018 episode on climate change, Ira’s guest expert Bob was disconnected after what sounded like the building collapsing on Bob. Did he simply drop his phone that made that strange noise or did Bob get struck by a meteor? It seemed like Ira wasn’t aware of the noise and continued like everything was okay. So what happened to Bob?
I am such a nerd and this podcast makes my heart happy and leaves me with endless new curiosities too!
This show whether listening live on the radio or this podcast is terrific for a car ride is long and short. Enjoyable for my kids since they were five years old. And they listen now while in college. The show is also worth going to see live. The staff are fabulous and engaging and very personable.


I love the topics and the question and answer.
I have listened to this podcast for a long time because I find the topics interesting and I guess I don’t know of any other science podcasts. However I get the urge to turn it it off whenever Ira opens his mouth. Partly it’s his voice but it’s also his lame questions. He literally never asks any interesting follow up questions. Probably because he isn’t listening or engaged with what his guests are saying. Change the host! The times when there is a guest host the show is 100 times better.
Ira is a fantastic science communicator. Once he retires, he'll be leaving incredibly big shoes to fill. This show is low on condescention and full of recent science news.


Such a great podcast. Interesting stories every week.
Five stars but when I tried to rate it planning to check all the stars beginning from the leftmost it kept saying “submitted”. So several one star, two star and 3 and one 4 star reviews are fake news. This is in fact my one “ must listen” show.
Ira Flatow does an excellent job of interviewing guests on a variety of topics. His style is enthusiatic and engaging. I find the show covers a broad range of topics at the "right" level of depth. Thanks to Ira, NPR and the Science Friday team for a great show!!
The way he treats women who are invited on the show, is pretty gross. Talking over them, interrupting them, pitting their answers and explanations against the men who are invited on the show. Why won’t he let them finish a sentence?? Why is their information somehow less credible than the mens’?? Gross.
I love the show, but Ira needs to stop cutting guests off to promote a break. He cuts them off when they have 10-20 seconds left on their point!! Wait till they finish before you go to your unsponsored break
This is a unique show and Ira is unique and exuberant moderator. I hope WAMU will reconsider the excellence of this program. NPR is my go-to media -- and Science Friday reigns supreme.
Fascinating show. My only complaint being the interruptions to the guests. The interruptions are often due to being short on time. I enjoy hearing the interviewees’ thoughts as they are often experts on the subject matter. Nonetheless, I remain a fan of the show!
Too much political talk for my taste.
As a podcast junkie who listens 50 to 60 hours a week while I work, I have given many podcasts a trial run. Most never last more than an episode or two. This one made the cut, and I actually look forward to new episodes.
Been listening to every episode for 3 years. And I love it.
I listen to a lot of science podcasts and this is one of my favorite because of Ira Flatow. I used to watch Newton’s Apple and I love Groucho Marx, so I was already predisposed toward him. But I didn’t know how much he “makes” the show until one time I was listening to SciFri and they had a substitute host - I tried to listen but the wooden, waspy, bland delivery just held no appeal. I love Ira bc he actually gets excited, he asks dumb questions I am thinking myself, he seems unpretentious, and he always handles the callers with grace. I like to think I am a lot smarter from listening to this show-at the very least, I have been entertained!
Great topics, very in formative, but can you play some music to let the guests know Ira is going to interrupt them to say it’s Science Friday?
As a conservative I can’t help but feel unwelcomed by this show sometimes, this was one of my 1st podcasts but with all the other sciences i think it’s time that I moved on and tried some of the others. Might be back depending on what I find.
This podcast was so interesting & enlightening. Cancer continues to be so very complex but its very encouraging to hear the rapid advances with immunotherapy. This is a must to listen too.
This podcast deserves our $$ of support. It provides a critical public service in presenting science topics to a general audience.
I love the diversity of content and I learn so much. Great job!
I think they SF needs to come up with a format that doesn’t have Ira always cutting off guests because “we’re short on time.” He does this to callers too so that they can’t even get to their question. What’s the point of taking calls then? There are many shows I watch that have time constraints but they’re not constantly cutting off guests like this. I love the topics but they need to fix this format. Hard to relax and enjoy when you start hearing Ira’s grunts as he’s about to cut off a guest. Also, why not wait until a natural pause in the conversation before doing the “PRI” announcement? So many of these interruptions are avoidable.
This is a great show! I was so disappointed when my radio station canceled the broadcast, but now I can listen whenever I want. Whenever a new science fund is announced, I wait for SciFri to cover it so I get a deep understanding. Love it and Ira!
Dude does a horrible job leading conversations, and trying to control the length of his guest input. He always comes across as rude and awkward. Also, why do you need 3-4 guest to talk about a certain topic. Every episode at one point or another turns out extremely jumbled and awkward. Find a new host or teach him how to interact with guest without coming across as insensitive, not interested, or like an ocd control freak. This show puts commercial breaks above and beyond content. Unsubscribed.
This is the perfect podcast to keep you up to date on all the science news. It is very relevant and informative, the guests are extremely knowledgeable and the host is easy to listen to. I feel like it is always rushed though, the host having to cut people off or tell them to speed up. I also don’t like him having to say the name of the show in the middle of conversations, more often than not it interrupts the flow of the guest speaker. I always get a mental picture of the host trying to do his job and some director or higher person standing over him tapping his watch or pointing to a teleprompter that says “say the name of the show!!!”
One of the oldest and best shows in the public sphere. I never miss it
This podcast helps keep me up-to-date on recent developments in science. I like the in-depth coverage of science news. Thank you Ira and team!
I love this show. Always interesting. The Ig Noble Awards show is a favorite. Consistently silly.