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By .K.C.C.
I love catching Science Fridays in the car, super interesting and informative.
One of my faves.
Can’t listen to this any more with its terrible liberal bias. I just heard the episode after Biden took office and it’s pretty bad. Hope they wiped all the drool off their desk after that one. Why not just tell us about science stuff and not alienate half the US. I might stop by later once all the fawning has died down. Oh yeah and please don’t have a COVID update every episode. It’s getting super old. And climate change too. BORING!! But 10/10 for pushing the liberal agenda guys. Doing that pretty well. You’re defiantly alienating half the country and only preaching to the converted. Not mad here, just letting you know how to improve and get a wider audience. Or just change the name of the show to Liberal Sci Fri. Doesn’t have a good ring though. Sorry..... Oh wait, Bi-Sci-Fri for Biden. That’s money right there. I’ll give you that one for free.
It just totally wrong. Stop burning fossil fuels now. Stop traveling stay home. Is he living in the real world or a fantasy one. Any real Green new deal without Nuclear Power is unrealistic. Take back the world as he put it. Does he mean going back to dark ages We have finally have mankind to survive the world from its harsh environment. Or does he mean renewable energy. Which polluted more to make energy and its battery, windmill, etc than fossil fuels. The only short way to do mass reduction of carbon is Nuclear energy period.
I get so excited when I hear the voice of a new Science Friday play on my podcast list. It’s a true cerebral flow, full of interesting and mind expanding topics and passionate guests. But the show still brings it back down to Earth and makes the topics easy to understand with real world sense, even when the show may focus on out of this world topics, including black holes and dark matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a gem.
I love the in-depth study of science that impacts our daily lives and amazing scientific discoveries that expands our views. Ira’s genuine enthusiasm is contagious. His guests are interesting and cutting edge. I feel it keeps me informed with what is going on in the world of science. It is my regular Friday routine!
If your tired of all the politicised science in this podcast, try SpaceTime with Stuart Gary. It is a much better science podcast without all the political commentary.
Political platform
Thank you so much for covering these topics which are the most important scientific stories of our times. Climate change is here and now and will dramatically affect humanity in the future. It is not covered in great depth by much of the media. Failure to cover the biggest pandemic of our times would be scientific malpractice.
Feels like im sitting through a lecture on politics I would rather hear about new discoverers and such rather then hear about bidens plan or trumps plan on climate change
For those complaining about the format, this is the radio show put into a podcast for those of us who can’t listen when out local station plays he program. I have been listening to this program for a ver long time. It is one of my favorites. I am so glad o can find it here so I don’t miss it because of my work schedule. I appreciate the covid updates. It is current and rapidly changing science. I appreciate the added social science updates. Science is wide ranging. I get so much information here and can delve deeper into what interests me.
The content featured on the show is often interesting but it is spoiled by the guests that somehow pass editorial scrutiny. The summer book recommendations are one of the highlights of the year. However, SciFri decided to open their platform to the known racist Sarah Olson Michel to recommend books. Her hateful rhetoric on Twitter should have banned her from being a guest. Really disappointing that no editors called this choice of guest into question.
This has always been my Go-To science podcast and continues to be even more so today. Disregard the 1 star reviewers who refuse to see the perils, i.e., climate change, pandemics, will have on us and our descendants. Ira and his guests speak truth and it hurts their tiny brains.
Could the probes sent by Russia contaminated Landers.
So sorry I found this to be yet another liberal political platform. Try staying on the supposed focus of science and less on the politics or rename your program.
Recently the show seems to intersperse quite a lot of culture war errata rather than actual interviews and stories with actual scientists talking about scientific topics. SCIENCE Friday. C’mon people, get it together!
Never miss an episode.
Apparently the comments section is being trolled by right wing snowflakes. AWAY!! GO BACK TO FOX NEWS
I’m not sure what’s going on there, but Science Friday’s quality has really been slipping lately. Far too many over-produced “reports” by writers for pop-science magazines, and not enough discussion with actual scientists. Most recently, the coverage of Covid has been atrocious and biased: the same, half-true, panic hot-takes I can read on the New York Times, while important, detailed discussions of what we know and don’t know are missing entirely. I don’t need a podcast to reiterate what I can get from headlines in the mass media. If this podcast doesn’t stick to the details of the science, I’ll listen to something else.
I thought this show was supposed to be scientific and without bias
There is proportionally FAR TOO MUCH space news in comparison to other podcasts.
I’m going to comment about October 16th, 2020’s show specifically but this is a bad trend the show has been going in. First half of the show had news stories about black holes, then microbes on shipwrecks and then Covid news. Awesome! That’s why I come here! Second half had some lady talking about how American tech companies should be more like Chinese companies and then a review of a book where the Aztecs used !!!!MAGIC!!!! to not get colonized. Ugh. Is this Sci Fri or SJW Fri?!?!?!?
I’ve been a loyal listener for a long time, but can’t listen any more. I used to really enjoy the science, but can’t stand the politics any more. The oct 9th episode became evident this show is now pandering to the radical left. No, I’m not on the right, just not radical left.
Remember the Colbert Report? Where Stephen Colbert would obnoxiously and satirically interrupt and talk over his guest? That’s happening here, only it’s not satire. Excellent guests will be interrupted for our illustrious host to bust in with I’M IRA FLATOW!!! Ok, got it. Shut up Ira. No one cares. Choose your show ID breaks better. You wreck your own show and make it unlistenable, despite good topics and guests.
Just giving you five stars just to counterattack any unnecessarily negative comments you may get
This has turned into another liberal mouthpiece, using science to mock and bully. For instance, why do you need to hate on white men and “euro-centric”. That’s not science, that just your opinion which is racist and wrong.
The episode about the Trumps contracting COVID was One of the best the coverages of this issue that I have heard!
In the past this was a good show to keep up with science news but now there is way too much political b.s.
Really! Inn a 13.8B ly universe? You let a guest say he observed a galaxy 15B ly away, without asking how.
I love this podcast because it doesn’t bend to the fake stuff conservatives are pushing. Science will always win over spin


How about cougars?
I have been a dedicated listener for the last five years, but lately, I have been extremely disappointed in SciFri podcast. It has become clear your program has switched to a more political agenda. It is also obvious your program sides ONLY with the Democratic Party!! Shame on you. I of thought this was a podcast of thoughts, research and views, from all aspects, not just one-sided; I guess I was wrong. Also, I am tired of hearing about Covid on this podcast EVERY WEEK! I know there are some important breakthroughs which should continue on this program, however Covid is worked into every conversation. Covid and Politics are all that you discuss anymore. We get enough of that on all other programs and Social Media. Enough already!! Because of this, I am pulling my subscription. I know I am only one, but I also know I am not alone.
Let’s talk about space or physics! I’m tired of corona virus!
The topics that are primarily being discussed are social not science anymore. It needs to be Science Friday again not Social Friday nor a Covid-19 podcast. Please replicate the „Nature“ Podcast which has a weekly corona free podcast and a podcast that discusses corona. I believe Science Friday can get back to its actually cause....
I finally unsubscribed. Just couldn’t handle being preached to about what politics to stand for. I am looking for news that gives me the facts and leaves decisions up to the listener, this is far from that.
I have supported NPR and Science Friday for years but the recent shift to self-censorship in science seems to far to me. NPR is happy to tell me I am born of privilege, because of things like skin color. I DON’T support NPR in broadcasting racism and you should pull support also.
I especially fascinated by the interview of Dr. Judy Holland with the effects on the brain’s chemistry when we connect socially and what other avenues are available when we are unable to connect. I have ordered her book on the subject. Thank you one and all for this and all broadcasts.
I always enjoy episode. Nice the hear information from the science world: explanations of our world & possibilities for enhancements. Thank you
Thank you for the great podcast! I always learn something new.
I have no idea why you can’t take the calls of the listeners other than yo pre-record the show now. There are other shows that still take calls. It is part of there show. Adopt their way of taking calls. You’re not going to get Covid-19 by taking calls through the calls. Wait Wait still takes calls but doesn’t have a live audience anymore. They went back to the old ways before that had live audiences. I may not be a person that calls but other people should be able to call in. You have shown that you don’t just take calls but still get questions from your listeners. I see no real need to cut out the calls just because of Covid-19. Work it out.
Science diction sounds like a show aimed at a kindergarten class! The Hubble Telescope nicely done. I will add a star to my review for that. Also, the Like disease that has infected NPR podcasts needs an immediate cure! Like...Science Friday...Like...needs to get back to interviewing competent scientists...Like...and STOP featuring vapid air-headed supposed journalists! Alchemy of us was a complete snooze fest! If I want personal interest stories, I will tune into This American Life where they actually have an idea of how to do that properly. Ira Flato please get the program back on track! I am embarrassed for you and your legacy sir!
It’s about science. That your political party and their corporate masters want to reframe this as something political, doesn’t change the facts. If you can’t handle the truth, then move on, and good luck, because you’re going to need it.
I listen to this a lot and the constant harping on climate change is starting to wear on me. Now the Corona Virus. More real science please. The segment about Mercury today is more of what I want to hear. Dinosaurs and scientific history please. Constant harping about climate and Coronavirus doom is not what I want to hear.
I used to love this show, but now find myself skipping over half or more of each episode. It is time for a new host and production staff because the current group has lost their way. The host politicizes essentially everything. The attempts to connect every single show topic to climate change is becoming comical, as is the attempt to blame every world problem on not enough money from the US government. Please go back to covering actual science rather than trying to be a political podcast. I am (so far unsuccessfully) trying to find another podcast for science news so I can move on from Science Friday, which I have partly done already.
It interesting to get a little background on common vernacular we all use without ever thinking about. I look forward to this and after having listened to teenagers try to explain the world their friends, I strongly encourage high school students to give this a listen.