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Have been listening for over ten years, ever since my father showed me this beautiful collection of stories when I was small. He’s no longer around, but I continue to be amazed by the content here. I was blown away by ‘A Box, a Pocket, a Spaceman’. Thank you, all of you who make hearing gems like this one possible.
Escape Pod tends to run fun and funny stories, though occasionally you'll hear darker and more serious fare. I've been enjoying this podcast for years, especially the Hugo nominees they've sometimes run. A favorite fun story from the archives is "How I Mounted Goldie" (actual title is longer). A dark and fascinating one is "Run, Bakri Says." Mur Lafferty and Alasdair Stuart are gems.


Top notch SF that everyone can enjoy. Makes my Friday commute so much better. Thank you to everyone involved and keep up the good work!
Gorgeous. Simple as that. Every story is powerful, and every one will take you to new places.
Escape pod is my first choice among all the story podcasts that i listen to.
The production value is great. I like the hosts and most of the readers are pretty good, but like with any story podcast the stories themselves are hit and miss. I’m not fond of Young Adult fiction in any genre, and there’s quite a bit of that here. But that’s just my personal preference. That being said, I look forward to the stories every week and support them on Patreon.
I have been in denial for a while now It started pretty slowly when they started adding stories with far left progressive politics. Now it’s every story And it’s not even well written propaganda It’s mostly crap I’ve been a fan for more than 10 years And miss story time when it used to be genuine
This podcast is very obviously a labor of love made by people who are passionate about good science fiction. No ads, no annoying “personalities”, just a new short story every week with a short intro and outro from the producers. Some of the stories on here have stuck with me for years. Give it a listen!
I like this podcast. Interesting stories, every once in a while I will skip one. Good audio quality. Love the intro and exit music. Worth your time to listen if you like Sci-Fi. Try it!
I wish I’d found these sooner. Became a patron so I can do my part to make sure the stories keep coming.
I’ve been listening to Escape Pod since the second year, and I’ve been a regular supporter for 4-5 years now. I love that they have a mix of lesser-known, up-and-coming, and heavyweight sci-fi authors and, with a handful of exceptions, the production quality is superb. The stories they choose are real diamonds. And I’m highly amused by the 4chan dudebros who are crying because they found out sci-fi isn’t 100% straight, white, or male. Because, you know, the world isn’t. Sci-fi has always been about what could be and if you aren’t curious or willing to be a bit uncomfortable, it’s not for you. That’s cool-they can miss out. But you shouldn’t!
Started listening several years ago and was a great way to hear a selection of Science Fiction. But, that was the past and the current incarnation of this podcast is garbage. Just a bunch of pretentious SJW’s trying to shove their viewpoint down your throat. Having the correct views or being part of a “oppressed” group has become more important then being able to write a good story.
I want a fun escape not a bunch of intersectional nonsense. SJWs have ruined this. Nice production tho.
It would be nice to hear what the host is saying but the music is so loud that it is hard to understand their words! The stories are very good though. George
Each and every show I listen to sticks in my memory and flavors conversations and thoughts for weeks and months following. Appreciate the variation in styles, themes, authors and perspective.
I’m a huge fan of escape pod and have been listening for several years. Their range of story types severely expands my world of listening and the quality of their episodes is top notch.
The team at Escape Artists is not in pursuit of a cheap thrill but deep stories that enthrall us, sometimes allowing the chill of space to creep into our bones and sometimes letting us feel the warmth of a new sun circled by twin planets in galaxies far away. Open minded on genders, race and class. A rye laugh occasionally.
Great stories, with fantastic narration
I love this podcast and think they do a great job curating the stories. If you love sci fi or just short stories, subscribe!
One of the worst narrations I’ve ever experienced! The narrator reading so fast it’s giving me a headache. There’s absolutely no way to comfortably follow Waze talking about! I’m very disappointed in Escape pod for putting out such an inferior product! A second time.
I have been a long time devotee if Escape Pod and love the stories they have brought to me over the years. That being said the near constant battering of identity politics has soured me to their content. I want fiction for escape from the crazy world for a while. I am sorry to see them go as they have been a big part of my life on the road, but I need to for my sanity.
This podcast helps me through my brainless day job, which I do 6days a week. Love the wide range of themes in sci-if. Any chance this may come to Spotify?? Cheers!


Good, well-read and interesting science fiction.
Dangerous decibels of star-shattering surf-rock. Fresh stories of improbable futures. Better than breakfast with whats-her-name.
One of the best science fiction podcast out there.
This was one of my favorite podcasts, but the new editors have an agenda and good storytelling is not the first item on the list. I was once a supporter but now feel I am not welcome to listen.
I am a longtime subscriber and I just love getting new, innovative science fiction every single week, right to my phone. The stories make you THINK and the narration is superb.
Escape Pod has had a long history of choosing bad stories with stupid endings, but it’s really accelerated over the past few years. After the original host went crazy (because reading a story into a mic once a week is apparently super stressful) and left things really started going downhill. From the irritating Mur Lafferty, who uses the most ridiculously pretentious sign-off (“Be mighty”) since Dan Rather’s “Courage,” to the vapid musings of Alasdair Whatshisface on the stories, to the series of nasal dweebs that read story feedback (and whom I always envision as fedora wearers), there’s not much to recommend the podcast. Not even the Voice of God himself, Norm Sherman, could save it. At this point, maybe one in twenty of the stories is worth listening to. Your time would be way better spent with other fiction podcasts—particularly Sherman’s “Drabblecast." UPDATE: The podcast continues to get worse. Now there's something called "Dibbeya" or "Dibya" reading feedback. It sounds "special" if you know what I mean. The stories are just awful and the production values are getting even more amateurish.
Every episode I am blown away by the quality of the selection and the narrators. The bonus occasional literary analysis and listener feedback it a treat too. I usually save up for a few weeks at a time so I can spend a whole day with escape pod.
Though I don’t like all the stories, they are all well written and well read in my opinion. Any stories I didn’t like were because of my personal preference. The only issue I have is that the sound level is too low on quite a few episodes so it’s hard to listen while driving. I love the show!
I started listening to Escape Pod in grad school, it was excellent entertainment on days I had mindless research tasks to perform. But more than just offering a way to help time pass, EP really opened my eyes to sci-fi lit that was sooooo good, I didn't know what I had been missing all my life! From classics to new talent, thanks EP for helping me survive grad school - excellent authors, stories, and readers!!
Now that the rest of the world has caught up to podcasting, I hope they'll come check out one of the original heroes of the genre. This is truly a listener-supported, community-made labor of love, and it's still going after a dozen years!
This is a must listen podcast for anyone who likes short science fiction. Seriously, why don't you already listen to it?
Captain Drake Learns his lines AUTHORS: Amy Sisson & Kate Suratt NARRATOR: Christopher Cornell HOST: Alasdair Stuart This story takes me back to my childhood love for reading. It is is as well written as any short story I've read recently. Amy and Kate's descriptive writing and Alasdair's narrative are par to the visuals one later remembers of George Lucas's scenes in Chalmun' Cantina or a 1930-40's scene from a movie showing conversations between characters. They're full conversations without going longer than a page or two. My favourite. Run AUTHOR: C. R. Hodges NARRATOR: Eden Royce HOST: Alasdair Stuart An original storyline and a very nice short story
I wish I could just hear well crafted short stories, that don't have to be so liberal. To listen to escape pod or pseudopod or to a lesser extent pod castle is to hear liberal agendas in story form. More and more often I find myself deleting stories after listening to a few minutes because it so obviously has a gay agenda, and is political instead of good.
There are plenty of free sci-fi short story podcasts out there. This one needs to be at the top of your list!
Amazing stories, scary, funny, thought-provoking, bizarre... Also much respect for actively promoting women and non-binary authors thru "Artemis Rising." What I always wanted when I used to read sci-fi and wish for more relatable, diverse voices.
The best part about short audio fiction? You'll actually get through it! As a kid I had stacks of unread anthology mags and fanzines that scold/tuanted me well into my 30's now I just load up a bunch of Escapepod episodes and listen on the road.
This has been one of my go-to SFF podcasts for the past decade. The stories they share help keep the short story community alive, and they bring some of the best writers, old and new, in the field.


By Kalthia
This is a staple pod cast for me. I am always excited when I get a new episode to listen to and I come back to this one again and again. I love the stories and the story tellers. This is the way story telling should be done, keep up the great work!
They present an excellent variety of scifi short stories. I love this pod cast
Do yourself a favor and start this show all the way at the beginning. Listen to Jonathon Sullivan’s “Imperial” from May of 2005, then go forward in time, and you’ll hear new forms of SF being born. This show’s greatest strength is the amazing variety of authors and styles they’ve been able to present, from works by the old masters, to tales from new authors that may well become your next favorites, to stories that went on to win international awards. Until they were spun off into their own shows, EscapePod also featured a bit of fantasy and horror in its earlier years. If you’re not charmed by a particular episode, don’t worry; The next one will be completely different.
This is a great place for some of the best science fiction short stories anywhere. Perfect for my commute to and from work.
Escape Pod is consitently one of the best short sci-fi podcast out there and they've been around since forever. The editors choose great stories that set this podcast apart from most others. I've been listening for almost 10 years and donating for the past 5 or 6 years. I've enjoyed so much great material from these guys over the years that it's ridiculous.


By gnosk
One of the best podcasts out there. Been listening since its inception. Be sure to check out podcastle also.
Been listening for a good two years now. Love this podcast. I am concerned for the future of this podcast... They are pushing the identities of the author over the relative quality of the work. Only time will tell if this is a wise decision, but I hope the podcast remains enjoyable…
Do you like sci-fi? Then listen to this podcast. Period.