The Joel Radio Podcast

Reviews For The Joel Radio Podcast

A comedy podcast by comedians. Veteran comics telling stories of the road, talking about pop culture and the world at large. Funny guys. Really. Worth a listen.
It's a brutally honest show that's not scared to go there. Great variety in subject matter. Find myself laughing out loud at work. Keep up the good job.
This is a really funny podcast. Give it a listen.
I quickly became hooked on this podcast. They talk about everything that interests me, from music to movies to food, and usually girls for good measure. It feels like the funniest daytime FM radio show you've ever heard. I'm sure it helps that I'm a 30-something white guy from Michigan, but I think that anyone who likes media out of the mainstream would enjoy this show. Hilarious. Give it a shot!
Corey and Joel is the best podcast that I have ever listened to. I have downloaded a couple others just to see how they were, and they all sucked. Corey and Joel have been the only ones worth the download. You should give them a try
G mad at coarie and jole, they wants to rid the world of homeless-g. Homeless-G nose abowt stufs like that! G gonna voodew kurss them! G still likka lissin tho!
This is my favorite podcast. This is an honestly funny show in the mode of Howard Stern or Don and Mike. Give this a listen. You'll be back.