Reviews For Airtalk

I have been listening to AirTalk for over a decade and the show has continued to impress me all these years. Larry is one of the most level-headed, intelligent, and gracious hosts you can find. Larry avoids bias and presses both sides of the issue. Years ago the time slot changed and I was not able to listen on my commute but I now listen to the podcast everyday and I contribute dollars to KPCC quarterly as my gratitude for the quality programming of AirTalk. -Matthew, Windsor Square, Los Angeles.
But I hate Libby Denkman so much that I’m taking away two stars and cut some of my funding to Kpcc. Bring back Heddy Lynn Herdys and get this clown Denman off the show!
Larry is a master, if not the master of his trade. He gives balanced, un-biased , and extremely informative shows covering a wide range of topics. I listened to Larry daily when I lived in SoCal. I listened to Larry daily when I lived in the Basque Country. I listen to Larry daily now from NoCal. Great show. Absolutely essential listening. Thank you Larry!
Air Talk is consistently entertaining and informative, not only one of the best public radio talk programs, but one of the best interview programs, period. Host Larry Mantle is fair and knowledgeable. The program doesn't just feature famous guests and the usual suspects talking heads, but guests who are actually experts in their fields even if they are not household names. Because Mantle can easily pull a range of guests from the leading universities, institutions and businesses in the area, from UCLA to JPL to Cal Tech, Air Talk can easily move from local California stories, such as features on the housing crisis, to cutting edge interviews with leading scientists and researchers. Most of all, I appreciate that Air Talk's political coverage is free of any pre-digested political bias and consistently seeks out the best, most engaging guests and interview topics, not merely the most notorious or popular. Whether you agree or disagree with a speaker, you will rarely come away from an interview thinking that an interview subject did not get a fair hearing. The Friday programs, featuring a film critic roundtable and interviews with film makers, is a delight, especially film critic Charles Solomon's informed and affectionate discussions of animated film. Along side Terry Gross' "Fresh Air," Larry Mantle's "Air Talk" is essential listening, never heavy-handed and always engaging.
You couldn't ask for a more even-handed host than Larry Mantle. He makes every show a delightful, informative journey. Make sure you contribute to KPCC during their fund raising drive (I don't work for them, BTW). Thanks!
Honestly, is anyone more knowledgeable and less pretentious than Larry Mantle? He is the perfect radio host for the knowledge-starved Angeleno. Don't hesitate: download this.
Larry can speak intelligently about almost any topic and his interviews are always interesting. On AIRTALK one can listen to civil, informative discussions without the intentional misinformation or anger found on many AM radio programs.
Just have to say Larry I love your show, and now the podcasts! Just a suggestion though. It would be nice if you included a little info about each hour's interview. That way I don't have to guess at which show I want to hear over, or just listen to period. It does take some time to download an hour's interview, and I feel this will save folks some time. Thanks
The show itself is wonderful. I am sad, though, at the limited selection of podcasts available. I am particularly interested in religion-related conversations and was hoping to download the discussion with Bart Ehrman on 12/28/05 and the panel on Evangelicals and Politics on 1/20/06, but they are not available. I am sure that there are financial concerns for the station, but I personally would have benefitted more from the service if there were more episodes with intelligent discussion on religion. Thanks anyway!