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When I was getting into the hobby Mark was the voice of reason in the hobby. We disagree on certain games, but you really feel like you're having a conversation with a friend about games.
Mark is the grand-daddy of the boardgame podcast genre (he would insist a couple other shows beat him out of the gate). His show is the progenitor of countless others in the past decade. And yet, his show is still the best. I discovered BGTG when I was new to the hobby, and now, years later, I'm not sure whether I gravitated toward this show because it matched my own tastes, or whether instead Mark's interests were what shaped my own tastes. Chicken-or-egg perhaps. Of the hordes of imitators that are out there now, Boardgames to Go remains my only must-listen upon each episode release.
Great, easygoing podcast. My favorite boardgame podcast by far. Mark does a nice job going over tons of games weather he likes them or not. Guests are always great when they play off of each other.
I love listening to Mark and I look forward to new episodes. My only complaint is that he doesn't release episodes often enough, but I have been subscribed to him longer than any other podcast.
I love this podcast. Mark and his guests have great insights into board gaming and I really like their perspective. Now that I've burned through every episode available, I find myself wishing that the podcast was being released more regularly/frequently because I want more!
Mark Johnson is just the most easygoing and pleasant host you could want for a low-key, consistently engaging podcast like this one. And it's one of the few board gaming podcasts left that's completely free of advertising or self-promotion.
But Mark is, still I did not hold that against him and I checked out his podcast. I have heard half of the back log now and it's just great he is so pleasant to listen to. I really don't know anything about the topic of the show (I just like podcasts) so I wish the descriptions of the rules and game mechanics were more in depth, but Mark has pointed out that that might bore regular gamers which I am sure is the vast majority of his audience. The "all about" shows are the best for me because of the detail they give. I bet Mark is a great boss....hey can I come work @jpl Keep it up P.s. I just listened to a show recorded in 2006 where Mark said he would not be doing this podcast in five years ..... WRONG :) -nongamer
Probably my favorite board game podcast. Just wish they came out more often.
Mark Johnson is a veteran of the boardgame hobby, and he has the perspective and insight that goes with all his experience. If you want fluff and high production values, look elsewhere, but for solid and though-provoking boardgame content, tune your iPods here!
Thoughtful and interesting commentary and an excellent source of information on board games. I only wish episodes came more often!
If you are enjoying the current renaissance of boardgames (both Euro and American), this is a MUST listen. Mark is very consistent and professional in his approach to this podcast. All of his shows are well-researched and carefully produced. It comes through loud and clear that he enjoys doing these podcasts and he enjoys his hobby (and he's a good family-man). I like the All About shows and the shows where he is interviewing other gamers. The Mike Siggins show is a gem. In particular, I can relate to Mark's challenges of sharing his hobby with his family, from having your non-gamer wife observe her shrinking shelf space to getting annoyed with your own kids when they don't have their "heads in the game." Great job, Mark...keep'em coming.