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Fewer advertisements now, but instead if filling the time with insightful or informative or entertaining or useful information, the guests & host spend 50x more time than is necessary discussing a topic, then going back and forth telling each other how really really right they are about the obvious solution they all agree on. It lacks friction, there are almost never disagreements or competing ideas presented. The topics are only superficially discussed, even though they spend quite a bit if time discussing each topic. 5 years ago, this was my go to "tech" podcast, but now there are literally HUNDREDS of better options.
The content as I peruse through looks very captivating, but every time I begin an episode, it literally takes ten minutes to get to what we they want to speak to. Of course I can understand the multiple sponsor advertisements that you can either listen to or fast forward. I remember subscribing to this awhile ago and couldn’t figure out why I did. Upon subscribing again, it’s because I literally cannot wrap my head around how much time is spent off topic when all I really want is to hear the subjects provided in the subscription. My day is jam packed, would love this information in a more efficient and timely manner. Settled for another podcast that’s 30-40 mins of just straight content. Sorry!
This is a pretty good show, hits the high points of the news round up format. I don’t like the politics. I understand California and tech in general have a communist authoritarian bias, but I don’t really like it. I’m a capitalist libertarian. There’s even an occasional guest that’s running for office, so they promote her. I respect anyone’s right to voice their political opinions on their show, but I don’t necessarily like it. Also, Jason Calacanis is loud and angry. I skip episodes that he’s on.
Apple sorts the reviews with the oldest first, so the earliest are from the first year and now it’s been over a decade, meaning that someone will have to scroll through a lot to ever see this review. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to say that this is the best podcast ever, tech or non-tech.
I have listened to every TWIT episode from the begining but lately it has been an exercise in endurance and I am afraid that I cannot continue on. I remember looking forward to each episode and listening right away but now I cannot make myself finish the episode, even on 2x speed. Much of the content is political now and I already subscribe to "This American Life" so I don't need another weekly dose. I used to learn new things when I listened to the podcast such as new software, websites to visit, or a recomendation of some kind. Now it is the same content every week. I still listen to Security now but I willl be deleted my feed for TWIT. The show that finally got me was #639 and I had to stop when they began talking about curtailing free speech. Give it a break for once. I am done! So sad what has happened to this great podcast. Whoever is scheduling the guests has gotten lazy or else noone wants to come on anymore. I used to hear a new voice all the time and now it is the same cast or regulars. I even miss Jason Calacanis! Good luck to all.
Used to love the show, but it’s been a never ending stream of political commentary since the Cheeto was elected. I don’t listen to tech podcasts for more of the same. Unsubscribed.
Regardless of the topic, Leo finds a way to turn any discussion into a Trump bash fest! Very little tech talk, and it's really quite amazing to listen to the circuitous route that the various guests are taken on the way down the rabbit hole!
Hate the political bias


This used to be one of the best tech podcasts available. Over the last couple years or so it has gone downhill steadily. Leo’s ego and self indulgence has eroded the show to the point where tech has taken a backseat to politics, his personal aggrandizement, and his own personal agenda. Listening to Leo’s personal trips and exploits doesn’t help either. I am saddened too by the departure of some of his staff which may or may not be a result of his demeaning attitude toward them. He used to have some excellent female staff that gave the show more depth. I see some glowing reviews but fail to understand why. I wonder if among the casts available it might be the best of the mediocre. I have been a network engineer for 25 years. I have listened to Leo for 7 or 8 years. One additional note. Dvorak was sometimes annoying, but did keep Leo in check and provided a counterpoint, sounding board. Surrounding someone with a bunch of “yes persons” does no one a favor.
Love the tech talk, guest are too political.
This podcast was once amazing. It took a turn for the worse a long time ago but was still a worthwhile listen as recently as a year ago. However, this show is basically unlistenable at this point. It's essentially the cable news of tech news podcasts. It seems like guests with genuine knowledge and perspective are hushed in favor of what is essentially tabloid content. The episodes where Owen JJ Stone is a guest are even worse: he is completely intolerable. He frequently cuts off other guests and shouts over them with simplistic, poorly thought out, and poorly articulated opinions; apparently this is supposed to be funny and entertaining? As reveiwers have mentioned, this show has also become painfully and smugly political. Even during the times when I agree with the political consensus on the show, Leo and his guests represent everything that is wrong with the modern political landscape. I would highly recommend not giving this podcast your time and instead listen to another show (Tom Merritt's Daily Tech News Show is a great one, but there are many many others that are better than this.)
I really find this to be a great podcast and quick, once-a-week check-in for key streams in tech. But please give Scobel his own show and let the other great guests talk more.
I used to love this show, now it is just marginal. The biggest annoyance is the political rants and innuendos (by host and guests), taking any chance to slam conservative views. This has gotten slightly better in recent weeks, but was almost unbearable for most of 2017. Topics are usually pretty decent and banter no bad, but it has seemed to turn into a slam Apple forum and slam Trump forum. Then there is JJ Stone who will go on a ridiculous tirade on anything because he thinks it’s funny and he’s a victim. I keep listening, hoping it will get better and the guests are quite knowledgeable.
I'm neither Dem nor Rep but their arrogant political views are inserted in almost every conversation. When they aren't complaining about politics and tech Leo spends 15 minutes advertising for one product or gloating about all the expensive devices/toys he owns. After listening to a 2hr podcast listeners literally only get 10 minutes of decent content more often then not added by the guest speakers. Depending on the guest speaker the content can be enlightening but 90% of every show lately is a waste of time.
Ever since Trump was elected this has turned into a political show with a tech twist. Sick of it!
Helps me keep up on relevant tech topics. Yes there are journeys into areas that are irrelevant but those are few and not worth stressing about.
I enjoy this podcast very much for its entertainment value and the number of guests whom are all interesting. Other reviewers indicate that the content quality has decreased but nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy the podcast.
Some of the more negative reviews aside... (just accept Leo as the older white guy he is - sometimes a bit sexist, sometimes interrupts people, etc)... this is a great podcast. Informative, snappy, sometimes a little obnoxious - you'll learn a lot by easy listening. Great for bike commuting.
Very political, no tech, extremely lopsided, all left wing apologist for being successful white people , completely off topic and out of area expertise.
If a podcast can jump the shark then that's what TWiT accomplished with show 622. 45 minutes of social justice warrior prattle before any real tech talk. Sort of the conclusion of a process that began with the banning of John C. Dvorak. Sad I enjoyed the show for many years but of late it's become impossible to listen for more than a few minutes.
Used to really enjoy listening to tech commentary from various folks with social/political perspectives intertwined. Has become more of a social/political with sparse tech commentary intertwined. Each guest seems to come on the show with a personal agenda.
Too long and too many advertisements
I enjoy the channel but they seem to getting more and more political in later episodes.
I know nothing about tech. Still love this show. Thanks Leo.
I really enjoyed this podcast but unfortunately the guests are too biased. Ever since the election, this has become a trump bash fast. I realize most of these "journalists" are fomr San Fran but at least be professional. You know it's bad when you ask your guests what they're up to and they respond that they have started a website to help the "resistance". LEO- please lose the discustingly biased snowflake cry babies and find some guests from a red state. Security Weekly is still good but most other TWIT podcasts have become Trump or Apple hate fests. I've unsubscribed and deleted this one. May try back in a year or so. FIX IT LEO.
You know, this used to be a fun and distracting way to learn about what was going on in the Tech sector, even if it is mostly about phones and their hate for all things Apple. Now, too much political talk and it is unlistenable, too much petty hatred for certain people that it has become shiek to them to make fun of how someone looks. In a microcosm, this is what is wrong with the world today, make fun of people you don't agree with, and don't invite them on if they have a descenting opinion and are willing to voice it.
This show is really dull. I'm wondering why they cannot get some more upbeat sounding hosts.
I love Leo and most of the crew but O'Docta has ruined this show for me.
As a tech enthusiast (vs a true techie), this gives me what I need to know. Often entertaining, my only complaint is that it often runs too long. An hour is good, when it goes longer hitting forward is tempting.
Tried the first few minutes of this (ep releases on March 26th). The introduction of Rob Read's book on fictional copyright was not contextualized for the listener, and no I haven't watched that Rick and Morty episode that's being talked about in comparison, so it would be great if someone had taken a second to explain the premise of the book and the episode and made sense for their listeners. Then they start talking about a congressional rule that's being voted on, and the host can't factually explain about whether this or isn't a law, if the President is supposed to sign it or if it goes into a review period (one of the guests is able to set the facts straight). Nonetheless, before jumping on air the host should have done their research. Unsure of whether I'd be wasting my time for the next two hours, this was the point where I jumped off.
Leo the primary host continues to prove time and time again that he has no real news of the latest tech. Typically out of touch and misreporting information about phone, media, and online tech news. Beware of you listen, the information contained in these podcasts is not usually correct.


By Griz1ey
I used to be a faithful listener of most of the TWIT shows but I started to tire of their need to inject their leftist political views into the conversation. I deleted all the shows and stopped listening for a few years but recently thought I would give them a second chance. Unfortunately it seems to be more prevalent now that we have elected politicians they disagree with. I do not care that their politics are left or right, I don't listen to tech shows to hear the commenters political views. Unfortunately I'm probably going to delete them again and not return. Time to look for new tech shows.
Could not go through what felt like 20 commercials.
I look forward to a new episode every Sunday.
Fun funny and super informative.
Long time listener but after 3 shows of complaining about mean people on twitter and the internet, I just can't stand it anymore. It's almost like the hosts expect the internet to be an echo chamber. Surprise folks, not everyone shares your opinions.
I finally got around to deleting this show...This Week in Tech? No tech here look elsewhere. This show is now a biased liberal backwater. The next time I have to unsubscribe from a Twit show because of lack of focus I am dropping the whole network.
On the recent Feb 19 show I heard Trump is a fascist, and Twitter is full of Nazis. At that point I turned it off. I hope this show can get back to the technology talk wihout all of the personal political opinions.
I've been listening to TWiT since the very first episode. It's a great round table discussion about the latest tech news, and the goings-on in the tech industry. Highly recommend it regardless of your level of tech-enthusiasm!
why would you have a tech show that continues to run into Leo's political views.. all the good guests won't come around Leo anymore..
I used to really like this podcast but I think TWIT now stands for This Week in Trump. The host appears to have contracted Tourettes where the pressure builds until he blurts out Trump. It's good to discuss how the president is affecting tech but half the show is overkill. It inevitably bleeds into other areas of politics that have nothing to do with tech, just political opinions. Ugh. I fast-forward though half the show which is sad because I used to enjoy the whole show. Oh, well. Time to look for a new podcast.
The production quality of this podcast is great and it has knowledgeable people on technology with interesting opinions. But it has become very focused on politics. That is just not what I am looking for in a technology podcast. I am looking for something that is just going to focus on technology, not constantly remind me what a political mess our country is.
I have been listening for many years. This used to be my favorite tech podcast but no longer. Leo has been slipping from tech into leftist politics for some time now and it is becoming much more pronounced now that we have a president with whom he disagrees. If you are going to do politics with tech, how about trying to include someone with a different opinion outside of the Bay area? Worth a listen, but if I wanted politics there are better examples.
I love the show. I've followed Leo since his early days of Tech TV. However, today's show spent an hour discussing the recent refugee ban. The discussion was one sided and condescending to non-democrats. It's a semi tech industry topic. But it would be nice to have an opposing view.
Listened to TWiT forever and never wrote a review. Probably the most difficult thing for podcasters is people stop commenting after the first dozen episodes. Leo does a good job trying to get a diverse group of hosts, good production value (except the over EQd voices and horrid Skype quality for out of the studio guests) and keeps the conversation on track through everyone's rants. Of course, being long running and popular, people dislike him, people have gotten fired, and like any corporation, Leo and Lisa do great keeping quiet about rumors. I'm just worried one day he will want to retire and Mike Englan was the only replacement I saw professional and focused enough.
I am tickled to see all the elitist hosts and guests squirm over the election of Donald Trump. My god the look at all the faces after the election was priceless.
If you want to hear where the fake political news is coming from, listen to this. This used to be a good tech podcast, but the host is pushing his leftist political adjenda. There are so many better podcasts now I have swarn off anyhting from the TWiT network.
TWiT, a show designed to talk to journalists about current technology trends, has very little tech to it anymore. It's now a radical liberal platform that discusses topics unrelated to tech. If you want tech news, TWiT is no longer the go-to show. I honestly don't think Leo even cares about tech anymore.