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Still the best tech podcast. Leo Laporte does this kind of tech discussion better than everyone else, because he is the OG.
The TWIT network of podcasts are my go to for tech news every week.
Too many guests with uninformed close-minded left-wing opinions. These people are the epitome of why we now use they to refer to half the country. Will be looking elsewhere for my tech news. Somewhere where they discourage discrimination.
I’ve been listening and watching Leo since I was a preteen. The team at twit has been around long enough to know the important facts that are left to the wayside, and are quick to sift out the bill. Best tech podcast since forever. Tech news for the tech savvy.
I have loved watching Leo since the Screen Savers days. It was great to find he had this podcast and watched it every week. But Leo has got to realize that most of the country does not think like his California guests. This is supposed to be a tech show. While politics has some involvement, this show has gone way over the politics line. Leo could tell them to stay out of politics. I am no longer subscribing to this politicized tech show – looking for a real tech show.
I keep trying to return to TWiT. I love Leo but he just can’t stay apolitical. Yes, technology and politics overlap but Leo just can’t seem to cover it without castigating those he disagrees with. I understand the abortion debate is strongly held on both sides. Referring to the new Texas law as Sharia is waaaay over the line. Calling our opponents Nazi’s or the Taliban is bad for our discourse and bad for the nation. I need a break from politics and the vitriol and the sniping. I wish that was TWiT.
A must listen!
In episode 825 the host mock someone who recently committed suicide and try and cover it up by reading the suicide hotline number at the end. They also go full on capital imperialist mocking El Salvador for trying to make choices to get out from under the boot of the US dollar. It is disgusting how these people behave and act as if they have virtue well dumping on the economically impoverished and people who commit suicide.
Can't believe I didn't know about this show until recently. Now I'm listening to several podcasts from the Twit network. Can't miss it! Even the ads are entertaining to hear.
I enjoy this show most of the time, but it just seems that it leans more left and highly unbalanced (politically and socially) of late. Almost every week they line up so-called “tech people” who only seem to want to bash big corporations for being big and push their own idealistic views of how they think these companies should be spending their money. Often times these so-called experts are extremely uniformed about the political and social ills that they’re preaching against and simply regurgitating the crap that’s been fed to them by the media. Some shows I just can’t finish due to the extreme Left leaning, Socialist views and opinions of some of the guests. I just wish they could keep it more about tech and leave their politics and socialist agendas out of it. If I wanted to hear that I would listen to a different podcast.
Huge Security Now fan where Leo sticks to the subject matter and largely let’s Steve deliver. This show is the exact opposite. I have subscribed two times over the last few years only to unsubscribe again. Leo - if you like to hear yourself talk and think everyone wants to know your political and social opinions then create a podcast for that. Keep tech, tech and your subscribers and ratings will soar!
I used to listen to this show every week. Now I cannot stand it. Every week it is Leo and friends railing against large companies and Republicans. All of the guests that offered any differing options no longer appear. I unsubscribed.
First of all the guests they bring on this show are extremely informative! This is a great place to catch-up with a constantly changing industry. The host though cannot get out of his own way. He constantly interrupts his own guests, makes assumptions for them, and doesn’t listen to what they have to say. I know this is reviewed really well and rightfully so, but I can’t take the awkward sense of supremacy the host has while saying things like “I just really don’t get this” or “is this even a tech story?” while his guest walks him through the impacts of his own industry.
This podcast is informative and entertaining. Some episodes are OUTSTANDING! Whenever Amy Webb is on the panel, Leo should keep his mouth shut until Amy Webb stops speaking. He inserts his thoughts when they are not helpful or necessary. Kevin Rose was on this episode as well as Amy Webb. Leo should do the ads, ask a question and let these experts speak uninterrupted.


Did I wait this long to listen to TWiT? I am an avid listener of nearly every episode of “Tech Guy”. Been following Leo since 1997 on TV. Then by serendipity found him on podcast. For the comments regarding “politics” discussions on his shows, I don’t understand their points. This is not a Y-7 rated podcast. Nor should it be. Leo is fantastic. If it’s his show, he is obliged to talk. Kim K. is the antithesis of a “tech” show. Leo has tech in his DNA. It’s his passion to communicate - very well - to his listeners. I literally have purchased a lot of products he discuses in his shows. Why? Because his recommendations are for the masses and purchases everything by himself (nothing given to him - aside from few advertisements). Excellent show! Must listen/watch. You won’t get any garbage from Leo. Real deal. Made me a “tech guy” for my family over the decades BECAUSE I listened to Leo.
It catches most of the weeks hot/interesting/Unique topics in tech + great different guests weekly ‼️
Would be nice if Alex and Leo would stop interrupting the other guests
Like the premise of this show, the topics are interesting and, well, topical, and the guests are diverse and intriguing. However, Leo clearly loves the sound of his own voice and constantly interrupts his guests. This detracts so much from the overall content I’m listening for. Please, Leo, producers, et al, allow the guest speakers to speak more.
Interesting guests and topics, and keeps it relatively fresh over the years. However Leo needs to pipe down a bit, and let his guests talk. Stop talking over them. It’s rude, and sometimes the awkwardness is palpable.
This is a very good Tex show really enjoy it
I look forward to this podcast every week. Yes, sometimes the topics get a little political, but they are still related to tech. Leo tries to not talk politics too much. This show gives me a lot of insight to the past week’s events. I don’t listen to any other news shows, unless they are on the TWiT network.
This Week in Tech is definitely the go-to tech podcast for keeping up on tech news. What's more, Leo Laporte is undoubtedly the greatest figure in podcasting and always keeps his shows, whether it's TWiT or any other, entertaining and insightful. I'll always continue to listen for as long as Leo creates these great programs. There’s no other tech show I love more than TWIT!
Leo Laporte and his guests answer call-in Tech questions with intelligence and kindness.
This most recent episode is nothing but Leo hosting international leftists that have no concept of freedom. These hosts were disgusting idiots.
This used to be a show about tech , now it’s all politics all the time. If I wanted a political show I would listen to a political show. Unsubscribe and look for a new show on tech. You should change the name of the show to this week in politics and stop misleading people.
I look forward to listening to this every week!
TWIT is one of my favorite podcast. I have listened to it for over a decade and highly recommend it. As an IT manager, I have used numerous pieces of information that I have learned on the podcast in my job.
I used to listen to the news intro on The Tech Guy, and then one of my friends told me to try this to get up to speed weekly. I sort of liked it, but I also heard the politics other reviewers disliked. In my opinion, Leo seems to be aware of it now and trying to stick to tech with the understanding that some of the tech news is related to politics. I like his panel choices lately that seem to help balance the conversations.
Leo (and crew) were netcasting long before it was popular — and yet the show continues to be among the best sources of tech news and analysis available anywhere.
They focus more on politics than tech


I used to enjoy listening to Leo, but it seems like as of COVID (March), Leo spends way too much time talking about his politics and COVID than anything tech. Every once in a while, Leo will take a call and have a conversation, but even then, the content is generally uninformative and seems loosely guided based on what is being said in chat. It makes me sad to unsubscribe, but I have other shows that I can listen to in the two hours that this show occupies. Also, the other ‘hosts’ with their meandering irrelevant content could easily cut this down to an hour.
This is a great podcast that I’ve listened to for 10 years now. While the most frequent guests change over time, the rotation of guests/topics are great. Keep up the great show.
I’ve been an avid listener of this show for years but I find myself just not looking forward to it anymore. They constantly talk about politics. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they should not talk about politics. There are areas where tech and politics overlap, especially when it comes to regulation. But this show has become constant politics. Often more than half of the show is about politics and then Leo awkwardly remembers that he needs to steer the show about tech, back to tech. I listen to this show because I like tech and I’d like a break from politics for once. EVERYWHERE talks about politics and I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have one place to rest from it. But if you guys wanna talk about politics and neglect tech then do us all a favor and change your name.
The show is this week in tech you used to hold true to the title pleas return to your founding. When you do you’ll return to a 5 star podcast
I really enjoyed this show prior to say 2017...after most became another “let’s denounce Trump every 15 minutes” show. I get it though, the show is in a very liberal area of California and I guess they feel the need to repeatedly remind the listeners how dumb Trump is. Tried listening again yesterday 11/9/2020...same ole same ole. I get it, you hated Trump. I had to turn it off after about 30 min. One can only take so much of smug/ condescending guests. The folks Leo has on as guests seem to be continually trying to one up each other on how virtuous they are. Please, Please, Please can you return to talking about tech?
always a good listen for news in tech
It used to be a great podcast. Now it’s just barely ok and often annoying when hosts start making political comments that are totally uncalled for. If I wanted to listen to a political podcast I would go elsewhere. Opinions of tech journalists about technology are valuable but their constant ramblings about politics are out of place. Unsubscribing after so many years of enjoying it.
Geez. I’m interested in tech news but not snide remarks that insult millions of Americans who happen to believe in the policies of the Republican Party. It would be one thing if this was an unbiased approach to each party’s view to a tech related subject but, this is just generalizations without substantive content. Long time listener, canceling as a subscriber. A bunch of elitists.
This show would be so much better if the hosts didn’t constantly interrupt the guests and would listen.
Not really a news show. More of a random conversation that sometimes talks about tech news
They continue to talk about things they know nothing about, yet lay their judgements on the table regardless. Opinions without facts turn me off big time, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it foolish, it makes you foolish.
I’ve been a listener/viewer since 2007. Great content and great guests. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in tech and also be entertained, this is the series for you!
I’ve been a listener for 13 years but no more. Political conversations involving tech every week now. You must not be aware that many in your audience are conservative. You manage to denigrate more often than not. This network was so very informative and entertaining. It has become upsetting and insulting.
This show got me into podcasts way back and I’ve tried to stick with it. It’s no longer about tech but the politics of tech, and from a very progressive point of view (not that that’s bad, it’s just very one sided and gets pretty old.) I’m moving on...
Love Leo. Informative. Entertaining. Though I don’t usually get through the whole show I listen every week. What happened to Dvorak.?
This used to be a great show. Lately, maybe more than a year or so now, the guests speak of anything but tech. It’s filled with slanted rants that give no opposing opinion. I didn’t mind the liberal slant for a while, i even found common ground among some of the most liberal guests, but it’s become much more abusive, which is odd for people who consider themselves “progressive” and “tolerant”. Owen is the worst, spewing outright hatred rather than giving and thoughtful input on the topic at hand. What shame to have such a great listen devolve into political divisiveness, but I guess that’s the way we’ve been heading for a while now.
The host ad guests insert politics at every opportunity. I’m dropping my subscriptions to twit shows after listening for a decade.
Have not been listening to TWIT for a year and was not impressed today. I’m old enough to remember when guests used to have a discussion and different opinions on subjects. Now the show sounds like a perfect example of the bubble or confirmation bias. All guests are agree even on most divisive and controversial topics like politics. That’s probably not a TWIT-only issue as the level of general public discourse deteriorated recently. So people in tech are afraid to take positions even slightly different from allowed in their bubble. To be clear I give credit to Leo for bringing up few facts in the conversation. And it’s really priceless to see how some guests have to deal with reality. But it happens very rarely and it’s doesn’t spark any discussions.