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The show is this week in tech you used to hold true to the title pleas return to your founding. When you do you’ll return to a 5 star podcast
I really enjoyed this show prior to say 2017...after most became another “let’s denounce Trump every 15 minutes” show. I get it though, the show is in a very liberal area of California and I guess they feel the need to repeatedly remind the listeners how dumb Trump is. Tried listening again yesterday 11/9/2020...same ole same ole. I get it, you hated Trump. I had to turn it off after about 30 min. One can only take so much of smug/ condescending guests. The folks Leo has on as guests seem to be continually trying to one up each other on how virtuous they are. Please, Please, Please can you return to talking about tech?
always a good listen for news in tech
It used to be a great podcast. Now it’s just barely ok and often annoying when hosts start making political comments that are totally uncalled for. If I wanted to listen to a political podcast I would go elsewhere. Opinions of tech journalists about technology are valuable but their constant ramblings about politics are out of place. Unsubscribing after so many years of enjoying it.
Geez. I’m interested in tech news but not snide remarks that insult millions of Americans who happen to believe in the policies of the Republican Party. It would be one thing if this was an unbiased approach to each party’s view to a tech related subject but, this is just generalizations without substantive content. Long time listener, canceling as a subscriber. A bunch of elitists.
This show would be so much better if the hosts didn’t constantly interrupt the guests and would listen.
Not really a news show. More of a random conversation that sometimes talks about tech news
They continue to talk about things they know nothing about, yet lay their judgements on the table regardless. Opinions without facts turn me off big time, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it foolish, it makes you foolish.
I’ve been a listener/viewer since 2007. Great content and great guests. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in tech and also be entertained, this is the series for you!
I’ve been a listener for 13 years but no more. Political conversations involving tech every week now. You must not be aware that many in your audience are conservative. You manage to denigrate more often than not. This network was so very informative and entertaining. It has become upsetting and insulting.
This show got me into podcasts way back and I’ve tried to stick with it. It’s no longer about tech but the politics of tech, and from a very progressive point of view (not that that’s bad, it’s just very one sided and gets pretty old.) I’m moving on...
Love Leo. Informative. Entertaining. Though I don’t usually get through the whole show I listen every week. What happened to Dvorak.?
This used to be a great show. Lately, maybe more than a year or so now, the guests speak of anything but tech. It’s filled with slanted rants that give no opposing opinion. I didn’t mind the liberal slant for a while, i even found common ground among some of the most liberal guests, but it’s become much more abusive, which is odd for people who consider themselves “progressive” and “tolerant”. Owen is the worst, spewing outright hatred rather than giving and thoughtful input on the topic at hand. What shame to have such a great listen devolve into political divisiveness, but I guess that’s the way we’ve been heading for a while now.
The host ad guests insert politics at every opportunity. I’m dropping my subscriptions to twit shows after listening for a decade.
Have not been listening to TWIT for a year and was not impressed today. I’m old enough to remember when guests used to have a discussion and different opinions on subjects. Now the show sounds like a perfect example of the bubble or confirmation bias. All guests are agree even on most divisive and controversial topics like politics. That’s probably not a TWIT-only issue as the level of general public discourse deteriorated recently. So people in tech are afraid to take positions even slightly different from allowed in their bubble. To be clear I give credit to Leo for bringing up few facts in the conversation. And it’s really priceless to see how some guests have to deal with reality. But it happens very rarely and it’s doesn’t spark any discussions.
With no proof turned into a group speak podcast no valuable information anymore
I am an OG TWiT listener and fan from the Screen Savers days but I finally had to unsubscribe as I get zero valuable tech news from the show anymore, it’s all politics. And no I am not a conservative, I just think my tech news show should be about tech and not hours of hosts political views not matter what they are.
What used to be an excellent tech news and analysis program has become a contest of who can disrespect the President of the United States while mumbling a few tech buzzwords.
Too many interruptions of guests
The show is now 90% politics with a nod to tech here and there. The contempt shown towards people with conservative opinions makes this show unwatchable.
Cracks me up how all the conservative snowflakes are clutching their pearls over this show. It’s a great tech show with some political truth thrown in for good measure. All the Trumpanzees need to get over it.
TWiT is supposed to be “This Week in Tech” but recently it’s become way too political. Leo’s naive liberal take on politics and his propensity to only have other liberals on the show is destroying the show. He also seems to be very ageist as his guests are predominantly under 40 years old. I very much miss John C. Dvorak being on the show. I guess Leo didn’t like having a guest commentator who didn’t agree with everything he said and would actually challenge him. Stick to technology!
It's a good podcast! I've listened for years until recently. I think Leo does a decent job of being fair and reasonable about politics, but his guests often only represent one perspective. At least he has a few Euros in there. As a conservative, I leave this podcast feeling unrepresented. But Leo is a good egg, so I'll keep trying.
I just wanted tech news.
Awesome show: Keeps me informed and entertained.
I listened to this show every week about 10 years ago. Life kind of did it’s thing, and I stopped listening. I just picked it up again, and the first 20 minutes was about Trump tweets and their disgust with him attacking Google’s ad monopoly. This is not what I want to hear from a tech podcast. Unsubscribed.
I admire LEO for his hard work and expertise. I want tech news. I can’t stand the OLITICS
To much babbling.
This is the show for you.
I'm a fan of the TWIT network, although I'm not a fan of all of it's shows. But, I find Leo Laporte and his group of TWITs just the right dose of technology with the right amount of fun and techno babble. While I'm not as geeky as the rest, I more times than not, find myself continually entertained, informed after listening, and wishing that the show was longer than it's average 103 minutes. I started listening to TWIT after what many other reviewers are saying was it's golden moment, but I wouldn't disagree with them more. My suggestions for new listeners are to grab the episodes with Molly Wood... she gives a good balance between the irate J.C. Dvorak, and loveable Leo. TWIT is now part of my regular listening routine of jumping from a week of audiobooks, to a week of music, to a week of podcasts...
And I don’t enjoy the subtle jabs at people who think differently than all the obvious political viewpoints of every journalist on this podcast. This is a good example of why people on the right don’t trust the media. Our voice is not represented. You are forcing us into the exile of the Fox News bubble. Have a more nuanced conversation, and don’t belittle people who think differently than you do
When the podcast actually discusses tech, it’s great. However, that’s just not what we’ve been given in months. Never mind that they are only discussing coronavirus right now, but even before that they couldn’t come up with anything better than discussing Facebook, politics, etc. It’s really just another poorly produced news discussion with a panel of people who kind-of have a pulse on the tech industry (but not totally), as if Leo read some headlines off of Gizmodo and said let’s discuss for 3 hours. Come up with some original content and talk about actual tech (maybe some fringe topics that I couldn’t get from every other news site). Otherwise this podcast is becoming useless to me. Also, it needs to be said that something needs to be done about Leo constantly interrupting guests. It’s as if he’s never had a conversation where he wasn’t the center of attention.
I would like to say that I have been a fan of Leo Laporte since the days of ZDTV, then TechTV, and finally TWiT. What was once a very informative tech news podcast has become a very political podcast with some tech sprinkled in. No matter what you think of our current president, not everything has a political slant. Other podcasts that I listen to have kept their political beliefs outside of the subject matter they are speaking about. Honestly, it is quite sad that a podcast that I listened to every week, I have unsubscribed from.
Been listening to these podcasts for a year now, and I absolutely love it! If you like tech, this is definitely one of my most highly recommended podcasts!
I trust Leo and his amazing technology experts. Ant Pruitt has been a welcome addition to the friendly atmosphere and I laugh while learning.
Concept of the show is great but.... 1) Only about 10 minutes of useful information per 60 minutes of airtime. 2) Liberal slant. I think Leo realizes his show comes across as Liberal and tries to curtail it but how many times have I heard Leo say “I don’t want to get political but...” and then says something Liberal. Sometimes his guests just can’t help themselves and reveal that they are far left. 3) Guests tend to repeat. Don’t want to hear from the same points of view over and over B-O-R-I-N-G.
I use to love this show but now it seems more political hate than tech. I stopped listening to “This Week In Google” because Jeff Jarvis’ hatred for the president has taken over the tech talk. Now I hear Leo talking to British tech people about our president. If you can’t support our president and country I can’t support you or your advertisers. Real shame
I love this show, sometimes I get bored because you don’t really move on to the other topics.
I’ve been a regular listener since the Twit network started. Let’s be honest some weeks have more going on than others. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to find good stuff to cover. With that said over the last few years the hosts have become worse and worse. I listen to tech podcasts to learn something new and stay up to date in the world of tech. It’s sad that I know more about many of the subjects covered than the guest hosts. The discussions have become nothing more than self promotion of each other. They always have something new going on because whatever their latest and greatest project was, failed. The few that have succeeded constantly remind you how successful they are. Finally, TWIT has become a woke, TDS support group. Misunderstanding policies, not understanding business decisions is unforgivable. I expect that from my local news station, not a global news platform.


By Tossie
The main host tends to shut down debates, interrupt people, and make really uninformed and alarmingly ignorant statements like "nobody wants privacy int tech! Who cares?" ...Basically this podcast needs a lot of work and isn't that great.
This show used to really consider issues and talk them through. Now it’s just a platform for tech writers to make a name for themselves by overblowing issues - usually ones they only partially understand. I expect this kind of crap from members of Congress - not a tech podcast. And let’s face it: Leo is a totally shill for Google. The disparity between his response to Google “mistakes” versus that of any other company (Apple for instance) is stark.
Show is out of touch and filled with mindless babble. Definitely not the premier tech podcast it used to be.
You have “guests” for a reason, right? Please take a step back when they speak and be quiet and *actually* LISTEN. Don’t wait for your turn to speak, which is oh-so-obvious and painfully ungraceful. I don’t care about the political talk either way. Except for when Leo goes off on a “oh gee look at me being non-PC with that joke I made, now let me break it down why it wasn’t PC and how we used to be able to joke about anything and how things used to be”...that schtick works when you’re actually humorous or clever or providing insight.. and not overwhelming the “guest” (I keep using quotes for a reason, I don’t expect your frail ego to actually, really, truly attempt to understand) with interruptions and canned jokes. With all the competition in this sector, I can only assume you’re still around because of inertia. But the funny thing about inertia is *Leo interjects a pre-written joke here and excruciatingly explains it*
Update: Of late, this show seems to be parroting the latest socialist inspired trends in the news. It’s such an odd podcast and the anti-capitalism ranting and raving is borderline bizarre. ———————— This podcast's one saving grace is when they have Jason Calacanis on. He's great and I wish he was a regular member of the panel. I sort of grew up with Leo and I really want to like this podcat so I'm giving it another chance. Unfortunately, between the increasing commerical content (Leo got a new car... Leo is listening to another audiobook etc etc) and the idle personal chatter, it is becoming difficult to get through this podcast without hitting the fwd button. In the most recent podcast, it actually took John Dvorak (not known to turn down the chance for promotion) to query "so, are we actually going to talk about any tech news today?" Leo didn't answer the question. These guys really just seem to wing it and despite their years of experience, the show often seems ruderless and pointless at times. They also insist on forcing their political views into the show on a consistent basis and this leads to an unpleasant podcast with little focus.
Love this show. Leo alone is worth listening but the cast he has on for the week’s show never misses. One of my top five shows.
This show used to be fun! Since 2017, it has gotten so political and condescending as to make it unlistenable. Note to Leo...Just because something is posted on Twitter doesn’t make it TECH! Leo and his guests have become so hypocritical. They spend hours judging others and gloat about how above the fray they are. Oh please.
The show does a great job of having a variety of opinions on tech so it never gets stale.
My go-to podcast, my “desert island” podcast, the ONE podcast I could not live without! I follow tech news with it, but it’s also highly entertaining. This Week in Tech was the first podcast I subscribed to … oh, it’s got to be at least 16 years ago now, it may even be 18 or 19 years ago … and it’s followed the same format the entire time: Leo hosts a roundtable discussing tech news, everything from venture funding in Silicon Valley to European anti-trust suits to factory conditions on the Asian continent to legislation in the USA’s class-action-friendly states to international product releases, software bug fixes, tech tips, tech tricks … the gamut is covered, and it’s all usually pretty funny, too. Advertising is non-intrusive, the show length varies according to how much they cover, the stable of panel participants is wide and uniformly well-accredited … I’m glad I found this podcast first, it’s aided me personally, and has benefited my business as well, where I make purchasing decisions and provide IT solutions. The world would be a poorer place without TWiT, and my life would’ve turned out quite differently too. I hope TWiT continues for decades to come: three cheers for TWiT!!!