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This is a tech podcast stop the trump bashing (he is your president deal with it)! Some episodes are looking more like the Young Turks than the TWIT I know and love! Please Please Please get back to covering tech.
My go-to podcast, my “desert island” podcast, the ONE podcast I could not live without! I follow tech news with it, but it’s also highly entertaining. This Week in Tech was the first podcast I subscribed to … oh, it’s got to be at least 16 years ago now, it may even be 18 or 19 years ago … and it’s followed the same format the entire time: Leo hosts a roundtable discussing tech news, everything from venture funding in Silicon Valley to European anti-trust suits to factory conditions on the Asian continent to legislation in the USA’s class-action-friendly states to international product releases, software bug fixes, tech tips, tech tricks … the gamut is covered, and it’s all usually pretty funny, too. Advertising is non-intrusive, the show length varies according to how much they cover, the stable of panel participants is wide and uniformly well-accredited … I’m glad I found this podcast first, it’s aided me personally, and has benefited my business as well, where I make purchasing decisions and provide IT solutions. The world would be a poorer place without TWiT, and my life would’ve turned out quite differently too. I hope TWiT continues for decades to come: three cheers for TWiT!!!
Remember that Southpark episode with the San Francisco progressives who savored the smell of their own farts? That’s essentially the current state of this podcast. The fun and informative days of people like Dvorak or Calacanis are long gone and we’re left with mostly hack journalist types who hate conservatives more than they like or actually know tech. I’ll hear an exception to this now and then but it’s rare. I’m a Leo Laporte fan going all the way back to The Screen Savers. But, oh boy, has this ship been sailing in a bad direction lately.
It used to be about tech. Now very political.
I have listened for years now and I am sad to say that the host is allowing to much false political speak. I have had enough and can not listen anymore. I enjoy political podcasts, but I did not come to TWIT for it.
This weeks past show was just a long one sided political show calling the president a nazi, typical npc language, orange man bad...blah blah blah
I used to love this show. Their sponsor page was always the first love I started when trying to find new tech products. Unfortunately though the show has become far too political and any excuse to attack Trump or conservatives are jumped on. A quote from today’s podcast after talking about how inclusion is important “I could never be friends with a Trump supporter”. It’s been growing and growing but today was the straw that broke the camels back. Bias is far too prevalent with only like minded people complaining about the very thing that they are actively doing themselves.
Boring. ZZZzzzz.
The never ending interruptions from Leo makes this show feel fragmented. Guests can’t finish one sentence before Leo “the almighty”jumps in to interrupt.
I miss the days when "This Week In Tech" actually talked about tech. They really need to change the name of this podcast to "This Week In We Hate Trump". And to hear their lame justifications, like "Trump uses a phone and a phone is tech so therefore it's OK to talk about Trump" is pathetic. Waste of time.
They deliver tech news. Clearly they lean more left when they talk about the blending subjects of tech and politics. A couple of people that are cringy to listen too: Amy Webb and Brianna Wu. Webb owns the conversation regardless of who is speaking and barely respects other people’s point of views by essentially ignoring them and Wu starts most of her sentences with “If I get elected to office...” as if it is is her political viewpoint show. For the most part the guests are great and have informative info and opinions.
Episode 713 Earables was the biggest waste of my time. Leo’s on vacation and this episode was just so very awful.
I just wanted tech news.
Leo’s guests aren’t even trying to hide their obvious government bureaucracy and legislation excitement. The whole show takes on pensive hushed tones when they even stray into the vicinity of anything resembling humor or “right wing” ideas like freedom and responsibility. A total disappointment.
I really love TWIT. Been listening for years. I'm always entertained and always learn something new when I listen to the show. Thank you Leo and crew for what you do!
If you're willing to hear a group of liberals go on a anti-trup rage, this might be for you, but if you want a tech podcast, you're only gonna get about 3 to 4 minutes of it, and those 4 minutes is gonna be about how great apple and google products are
Let me summarize the last episode: - Social networking is inherently evil - Zuckerberg is worse than hitler - The internet hit its peak with email and RSS - Since we feel this way, everyone else does too, which is why Facebook/Google and the like have lost 80% of their users. (oh wait... they didn’t? You mean old tech writers don’t actually represent most people? Shocking!) The show notes make it seem like they are going to have an intelligent discussion about technology and the the tech industry. But it’s really just a bunch of grumpy old men (and occasionally women) complaining about how much they hate the developments of the last 10 years. Look, real conversations absolutely need to be had about tech’s role in society. But leave your indulgent self-righteous soapbox at the door. Oh well, I’ll keep looking for a smart podcast to listen to.
Tech or politics?
I was looking at reviews- and thought it hilarious how 12 years ago people where trashing the show and saying it was over. Great personalities giving a banter-full friendly conversation about tech. It’s like the backstage tech talk news program- but told by friends in tech talking tech. Helps me stay up to date and ahead of the curve on latest tech news. I miss John C Dovark on the show- he was a great cranky geek.
If you are into technology you will love this pod cast. Leo and his guest talk about the currant state of affairs in the technology field Often one of the host "usually Leo" will play devils advocate, this takes the conversation rather deep but always fun to listen to.
There are many options when it comes to tech podcasts, but this is the original and I find that it still offers great insight and perspective when it comes to tech issues and gadgets.
Great listen on the way to work.
Really in-depth, educated conversations with smart people. Podcasts about tech, tech news, device reviews, current events, user tips and tricks, etc. They often have reporters and other subject matter experts on as guests. There is also a video version, one of the few available on Podcasts. Or, you can watch live on TWIT.TV and even chat with the stars and other viewers live. The production values are fabulous — meaning really good cameras and microphones. Editing is at a minimum, shows are long, and they keep it real. This is my absolutely favorite podcast network. P.S. For a few years they did a 24-hour New Years Eve show that was amazing. They had people video-call in from all over the world to celebrate the new year. They did live music segments, science demos, lightsaber fighting lessons, etc! It’s worth digging up and playing it again.
Leo brings you the latest in cutting edge technology. Last Pass and Texture are two if many products Leo has introduced to me and I am grateful.
Turned into complete garbage. Best economy since the 80’s and Trump is incompetent? Whatever. I’ll tune in to CNN if I want to hear this crap. Stick to tech, Leo. Been a fan since techTV, but I’m out. Later
Just listen to the first 20 minutes of episode 680 (8/19/18). Laporte is so biased. One of his three guests on this episode actually disagreed with him regarding Elon Musk. I’ve listened to this show for years, but for the the last year and a half, I check the show notes first and look to see if the episode is going to be more about technology or politics before listening.


Cool podcast.
Supposed to be a tech show. But sick of all the little attacks in the POTUS.
I’ve been a listener for close to 5 years now and when considering whether or not to listen to a new episode I’ve got to think... “Do I want to hear about the latest in Facebook, Twitter, social media in general, or politics?” I understand that some of the lines are beginning to blur but the length at which these subjects (some of which don’t belong regardless) run, they should be given their own podcast. Can we just strictly get back to the nuts and bolts of technology?
Leo constantly laughs at stuff that isn’t funny. And Andy goes on for five minutes at a time when he could just state his point of view in two minutes. Plus, you never know what Andy’s point of view is because it goes on forever and ever and ever. Also, not crazy about Leo constantly humble bragging about his travels.
More ads than an FM top 40 station.
I enjoy this for tech. It’s funny how you complain about Governmental interference with net neutrality, free speech, security, etc. When it comes to firearms, it is clear you don’t understand. I challenge you to buy a firearm online, at a gun store or a gun show without a background check. You need to look at violent crime in general. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Just like my computer didn’t write this review. I DID. If you done trust an inanimate object, maybe you really don’t trust humanity. I realized I was being lied to after I moved out of California. Now I have put faith back into humanity.
I've been a loyal TWiT listener ever since its inception, but I can't stomach it anymore. The ad reads are just out of control. They come along like every 20 minutes and are often 3-5 minutes of droning drivel. Leo has run his network and this, his flagship show, into the ground. It's telling that the quality of his guests have really gone downhill and almost all of his old regular guests now avoid him like the plague. This is a sinking ship, might as well jump off, folks!
Staying up to date can be tough in the tech world, however Leo and TWIT put together a great show that’ll keep you in the know. I highly recommend this show, and if you enjoy it, give some other TWIT shows a shot.
Interesting and worth a listen.
Sadly, the show takes at least two+ hours to get there. Gotta sell those ads no matter how much (or little) news there is. I still listen but fast forward through all the filler. Which seems to be increasing.
Fewer advertisements now, but instead if filling the time with insightful or informative or entertaining or useful information, the guests & host spend 50x more time than is necessary discussing a topic, then going back and forth telling each other how really really right they are about the obvious solution they all agree on. It lacks friction, there are almost never disagreements or competing ideas presented. The topics are only superficially discussed, even though they spend quite a bit if time discussing each topic. 5 years ago, this was my go to "tech" podcast, but now there are literally HUNDREDS of better options.
The content as I peruse through looks very captivating, but every time I begin an episode, it literally takes ten minutes to get to what we they want to speak to. Of course I can understand the multiple sponsor advertisements that you can either listen to or fast forward. I remember subscribing to this awhile ago and couldn’t figure out why I did. Upon subscribing again, it’s because I literally cannot wrap my head around how much time is spent off topic when all I really want is to hear the subjects provided in the subscription. My day is jam packed, would love this information in a more efficient and timely manner. Settled for another podcast that’s 30-40 mins of just straight content. Sorry!
This is a pretty good show, hits the high points of the news round up format. I don’t like the politics. I understand California and tech in general have a communist authoritarian bias, but I don’t really like it. I’m a capitalist libertarian. There’s even an occasional guest that’s running for office, so they promote her. I respect anyone’s right to voice their political opinions on their show, but I don’t necessarily like it. Also, Jason Calacanis is loud and angry. I skip episodes that he’s on.
Apple sorts the reviews with the oldest first, so the earliest are from the first year and now it’s been over a decade, meaning that someone will have to scroll through a lot to ever see this review. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to say that this is the best podcast ever, tech or non-tech.
I have listened to every TWIT episode from the begining but lately it has been an exercise in endurance and I am afraid that I cannot continue on. I remember looking forward to each episode and listening right away but now I cannot make myself finish the episode, even on 2x speed. Much of the content is political now and I already subscribe to "This American Life" so I don't need another weekly dose. I used to learn new things when I listened to the podcast such as new software, websites to visit, or a recomendation of some kind. Now it is the same content every week. I still listen to Security now but I willl be deleted my feed for TWIT. The show that finally got me was #639 and I had to stop when they began talking about curtailing free speech. Give it a break for once. I am done! So sad what has happened to this great podcast. Whoever is scheduling the guests has gotten lazy or else noone wants to come on anymore. I used to hear a new voice all the time and now it is the same cast or regulars. I even miss Jason Calacanis! Good luck to all.
Used to love the show, but it’s been a never ending stream of political commentary since the Cheeto was elected. I don’t listen to tech podcasts for more of the same. Unsubscribed.
Hate the political bias


This used to be one of the best tech podcasts available. Over the last couple years or so it has gone downhill steadily. Leo’s ego and self indulgence has eroded the show to the point where tech has taken a backseat to politics, his personal aggrandizement, and his own personal agenda. Listening to Leo’s personal trips and exploits doesn’t help either. I am saddened too by the departure of some of his staff which may or may not be a result of his demeaning attitude toward them. He used to have some excellent female staff that gave the show more depth. I see some glowing reviews but fail to understand why. I wonder if among the casts available it might be the best of the mediocre. I have been a network engineer for 25 years. I have listened to Leo for 7 or 8 years. One additional note. Dvorak was sometimes annoying, but did keep Leo in check and provided a counterpoint, sounding board. Surrounding someone with a bunch of “yes persons” does no one a favor.
Love the tech talk, guest are too political.
This podcast was once amazing. It took a turn for the worse a long time ago but was still a worthwhile listen as recently as a year ago. However, this show is basically unlistenable at this point. It's essentially the cable news of tech news podcasts. It seems like guests with genuine knowledge and perspective are hushed in favor of what is essentially tabloid content. The episodes where Owen JJ Stone is a guest are even worse: he is completely intolerable. He frequently cuts off other guests and shouts over them with simplistic, poorly thought out, and poorly articulated opinions; apparently this is supposed to be funny and entertaining? As reveiwers have mentioned, this show has also become painfully and smugly political. Even during the times when I agree with the political consensus on the show, Leo and his guests represent everything that is wrong with the modern political landscape. I would highly recommend not giving this podcast your time and instead listen to another show (Tom Merritt's Daily Tech News Show is a great one, but there are many many others that are better than this.)