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By Gydian
I am so exited its back and will rock your earbuds. I love this guy.
I really wish this podcast had not come to an end. It was amazing, and inspirational. Do yourself a favor, download and listen, and don't forget to support Patrick in anyway you can.
Patrick is one of my favorite writers because he weaves his tales with grace and intelligence. The way he injects humor makes it entertaining, but he also provides multiple thoughtful views of the world and human nature. How to Succeed in Evil is my favorite, but this podcast is incredible. The best audiobook voice I have ever heard as well. Thank you so much for your work, it has definitely changed my life.
I just came across this and love it. Intelligent, humourous, thought provoking. How to succeed in Evil is brilliant. The Vampire in My Attic is hysterical. I am on my way to listen to all the episodes. His reading is terrific and uses audio effects to great effect without them overwhelming or interfering with the story. My Nazi car trouble is fabulous. I highly recommend this podcast.
It is always hard to admit that one has a problem with addiction; Patrick McLean is mine. I took my first hit when I mainlined “How to Succeed in Evil.” At this point, I am a full blown junkie. His short stories are quirky and always deliver a chuckle if not an embarrassing guffaw. I love this podcast, and if you are craving some deliriously funny storytelling or poignantly witty commentary, you’ll love this podcast too. Watch out, contents may be highly addictive.
This is the one that bumps all the others when it appears in my list. Patrick's combination of writing and excellent, calm-as-the-incoming-waves reading style are simply not matched elsewhere. Subscribe, listen and you will be glad you did.
The Seanachai Returns Oct. 15
My only complaint is that he doesn't publish enough! His melodius voice alone is worth the listen, but what ever he chooses to post - I hang on every thought-provoking word. I hope NPR is smart enough to grab him up!
I love your podcast, Mr. McLean. I've seen your web site and I think you've done a great job. I could learn a lot from you, such as the way you tell your stories, and how you format your plots. I have only a few podcasts because out of all the ones I've seen, there are only a few I liked. However, I like to listen to your stories over again on occasion, and there are some older episodes that I never got to listen to. I understand I could go to your web site a listen to any of them, but I want to have them on my iPod. I used to have a collection of the older episodes, but I accidentally set my settings to, "Keep last 10 episodes" and now I've lost them all. I'm sure that all your iPod listeners would be very happy if you added all (or most) of your previous episodes to the podcast. If you read this and/or take this into consideration, then thank you.
I love this guy. No shame in saying it. He has mastered the art of the short story. Not the fifteen-pages-in-your-high-school-lit-book type. The I-could-probably-tell-this-to-my-buddies-in-less-than-five-minutes-even-if-intoxicated type. Those stories. Those splendid kernels of humor, tragedy, and mystery. His audio segments, awesome. His video, incredible. Subscribe to this, now. The only downside is that they don't come every day.
I've told everyone I know about this guy. I've posted links to his site on messageboards. I've emailed friends. I strapped my iPod to my husband and made him sit still until he listened to it. You get the picture. I'm on a mission. This podcast does three awesome things: it entertains, it encourages critical thinking, and proves that great writing still exists, even in this short-attention span/electronic age. I'm a comics fan so I love the How to Succeed in Evil narrative but the other episodes are gems as well. Fun to listen to, mull over, and discuss with others. I'm thinking of "Blame Abraham" when I say this but there are certainly others I could mention. Subscribe, Listen, Tell a Friend.
I have only recently discovered this podcast and I'm hooked. Mr. McLean proves that even in the age of reality TV, the art of storytelling is not dead. Well Done!
You come to expect, no hope, for another cast from the seanachai. Entertaining audio with an escapist bent to it.
A great story meets a great storyteller, you need to subscribe to this podcast.
Just amazing. Start at the beginning, with the first show!
GrEaT!!! I do not know how else to describe it. He is an awesome story teller. I have told all of my friends about this podcast. One even got iTunes just for this one podcast. Amen to The Seanachai. (I memorized how to spell Seanachai i loved it so much:)