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And everything else on this podcast; but I highly recommend this recording because it really helped me understand anarchist struggles and philosophy.
Great free way to hear a lot of historically important essays and listen to some interesting ideas to boot. Looking forward to more
A one of a kind podcast! A wonderful collection of essays and a wonderful expression of true anarchy as a "liberation of the human mind". Recommended to all
real anarchy is NOT utter chaos. though i am a huge punk, anarchy & punk are NOT in true* relation usually. excellent pieces... wish uploader would share more! :) no masters! no nations! united we ALL stand


Won't let me download it says server not configured properly
The government WILL NOT win with this podcast!!!!
Substance & Meaning
This shows that anarchy does not need to have it's ideas in punk sadistic pyros. That it is to show that a lack of govt can help in short term but it will break us as people up if we do not go to communism or to a republic not this democratic republic. So it shows that "smart" people can wave the black flag with pride.
This is a great podcast, one of a kind. Most of it is dedicated to recording famous or influential anarchist writings, such as the Emma Goldman Essays, though there are some original works here too. Though some of the audio varies in quality (this is especially noticable if you listen to several works back-to-back, the differences are never extreme or particularly bothersome. In general, the readings are very good, especially the Letters from Insurgents series, and the personal favorite A Hitchhiker's Audio Tour of the U.S. Occasionally the reader will struggle with or mispronounce a word, but this more often elicits a smile than a moan. Overall, this is a valuable resource for emerging anarchists or people interested in the philosophy of freedom. The only downside is that the author seems to have stopped releasing new recordings as of last year. A pity.
Download this podcast or the governments win. Honestly, this Podcast would be great for anyone that is smart enough to be Anarchist.


great podcast. very interesting, would be good for anyone interested in anarchism.