I filld out the pod survey mentioned on the podcast It would not let me give ctual an honest answers. specificly when I answered that I listened to other podcasts, the next question was a large list of podcasts to check the ones that I listened to. Unfortunately I don't listen y\to any on the list, and the ones that I listen to were not on the list. Also, there was not an other option nor an none of these. It woud not send until did something. I ended up clicking on that i don't listen to other podcasts.
This podcast is a must listen for anyone passionate about photography. Been listening since 2006 and throughout the years learned a lot from what Chris is generously sharing. Thanks and keep up the great work!
Whether you are experienced or just getting started, Photography Tips from the Top Floor by Chris Marquadt is a great show. Even if nothing else, it inspires you to get out and make amazing photographs. But the show is so much more than that. It is help with tough situations and highly informative about everything photography related. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
The host is like that friend who knows more than you about photography, but you don’t mind because he always wants to talk about what you want to hear about, and he never talks down to you, and when he gets excited about something, you get excited about it with him. The episodes are just the right length and just the right frequency, and there are dozens (maybe hundreds) back episodes to catch up on because once you hear the latest two or three, you will get hooked and will need a fix of Chris, his voice, his gentle accent and his sense of humor more frequently than once a week. Danke schön!
This podcast is very informative and actually covers the image capturing process of photography instead of focusing on post-processing like others. I like Chris’s personality and the way he covers various subjects. Plus answering a voice question I sent shows he really cares about his listeners.
I really enjoy this show. Yes I’ve learned a lot about the art and science of photography but it is more than that. Chris is a really nice person with a fun perspective on photography and life. I just enjoy hearing his perspective
Chris has superb knowledge and shares this with everyone who loves photography. I enjoy the variety of excellent photography skills as well as his reviews on products, sites and shooting tips. I recommend you listen to this very informative podcast and soak it all in!!


Chris has such a wonderful presence in this webcast. Informative and positive. Lovely 30 minute episodes that can inspire and inform your next shooting experience.
I've lerned alot of useful stuff from this podcast, and smart buying! Great great maybe the bestestest out there
Chris is entertaining and really makes me think. I look forward for each episode and learn a lot. I listen on the way to work and enjoy every minute. Chris is a great communicator and puts things no matter how complex into terms anyone can understand. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or pro, this show has something for you.
The show is both entertaining and informative. Chris’ explanations are clear and concise, drawn from extensive experience. You won’t be disappointed.
I’ve been with Chris from way back in the first year. Tips from the Top Floor is one of the photo podcasts that I never miss. Chris’ style is laidback yet informative. With Chris, it feels like a conversation, not an infomercial.
This is the best photo podcast in the world- he is the most interesting presenter and doesnt get caught up in camera gear wars like the other guys. VERY worthwhile! None better!
This is a fantastic podcast. Very well produced and easy to listen podcast. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to learn about photography. Thank you Chris!
Great podcast. Highly recommended for all photographers.
I'm constantly learning new things about photography through this show. We'll produced and always interesting and relevant.
Very laid-back ..... but informative, well worth listening to.
Podcaster brings me into his own experiences thru his show and is easier to feel right next to him while listening. No self-serving or a commercial laden podcast here!
Chris is able to put together a very informative photography podcast with great variety, making it much more interesting and relaxed than the usual "one theme" boring podcast. Excallent job.
Chris covers great topics and is so enjoyable to listen to regardless of your skill level. Very practical and useful information in every episode. He's been on my weekly listen schedule for well over a year and will be for a long time to come.
Chris does a fantastic job bringing stories and tips covering all fields of photography. Information in relaxed and fun episodes!
Chris does a great job, he is entertaining and very knowledgeable. I love his pod cast and look forward to it. If you are into photography at any level and on any device, Chris is the guy to answer your questions.
Just started listening figuring it would be yet another all digital process podcast and was delighted to find the host covering film as well. I tried many photo podcasts where the hosts are so consumed with digital they have referred to film as a dead medium and said completely false statements such as Kodak being out of business and such. Unsubcribed from them immediately! I shoot both and love both and it is refreshing to hear both mediums talked about with respect.
This podcast really helps me have a broader knowledge of photography and seriously cuts down on wasted time on the the internet. I'm learning while I complete tasks. Other podcast seem to be more about what's new and their own commentary and thoughts. I feel like a good balance of learning, entertainment and news have been struck here.
Chris's podcast is simply the best, especially for those who love to continue learning about photography. Chris always maintains a positive, upbeat attitude and treats all guests very respectfully. Chris has a wide and deep breadth of knowledge in the photography space and I enjoy learning something new from every episode. Keep up the excellent work Chris!
The host is charming and engaging without being too long winded about himself. The information is useful. It's not just a bunch of spec reading, and he often points out the limits of his knowledge. Overall, a useful podcast for an enthusiast-level photographer.
This legendary photography podcast is an informative and consistent resource for photographers who like to cut the grass with headphones on.
Chris does a great job of weaving together both technical, how-to, aspects of photography with artistic aspects. He gives great ideas on how to improve your picture taking using easy to understand terminology. I always get at least one nugget that I can use next time I have the camera in use. Thank you Chris!
Chris gives great opinions and advice on how to better your photography! A pleasure to listen to! If I could rate a 10 star I would.... Thanks Chris for all of your tips!
“Tips from the Top Floor” is my favorite photography podcast, and I listen to many. Host Chris Marquardt is not only a knowledgeable and experienced photographer with in-depth technical expertise, he has a charming and friendly personality that puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to him. He is infinitely patient and supportive and never makes his listeners feel stupid for asking the most basic photography questions. He also does not mind repeating his advice for new listeners. Give him a listen and I bet he’ll become one of your favorite podcasters too!
This is a wonderful podcast about the real techniques of photography. Not just endless gear discussions like some other shows. Chris shares his experience and his passion and reminds us all why we got the photography bug in the first place. A wonderful show.
A wide range of photography questions and discussions related in a thorough and positive manner that is valuable for photographers of all levels.
Covers a wide range of topics and takes questions from listeners. Covers different brands and gear too
Chris does an incredible job explaining various aspects of photography. His laid back and easy style makes me want to listen to more and more of his podcasts. My only issue is I have to find time to listen to the past 12 years of podcasts!!!
Chris always has interesting thoughts and comments about so many topics dealing with photography today. Great podcast I recommend it be on your list.
I learn a little something from each episode from this podcast. Chris has a friendly style that invites audience participation, and answers listener questions about photography.
No matter what aspect of photography you may be interested in, TFTTF will have something for you, as well as all the questions you never dared to ask. Chris has a happy and helpful mentality, and shares his tips freely. A fun and useful podcast for anyone interested in photography.
Great photography podcast! Very informative....I have learned so much! Thank you, Chris!
Love listening to Chris on a weekly basis. He always has something interesting to discuss
Great info from a true pro and it's really entertaining.
I have listened to every episode of Tips From the Top Floor for the last 2 years. Currently it is the ONLY instructional podcast on photography that is also entertaining to me. Most photog podcasts are news based, but TFTTF is instructional and crowd sourced. What I mean by crowd sourced is that listeners send their questions in and the host answers those questions in a deep and instructional way. The host Chris Marquardt is also an entertaining guy, a prerequisite I have for any podcast I listen to. Highly recommend for photographers of every level!
I've been listening for years and learned so much. Chris really explains things so novices like me can understand his concepts.
Thorough and informative answers to a variety of photography questions. Gets right to the point and doesn't waste time.
This is a very no nonsense and practical photography show. It is not designed to sell you more gear, rather it is set up to make you a better photographer. Great show!!!
The host has a pleasant friendly delivery and is knowledgable about photography. A very enjoyable listen. Some have criticized Chris' chatty delivery. I concede that he can be chatty, but his knowledge and advice is solid. His more recent focus on shorter episodes tells me he has heard the critics. There is a reason this podcast has lasted 12 years. It remains relevant and enjoyable.
Have been listening for a couple years and appreciate the positive energy and enthusiasm from Chris. Highly recommended!
As an avid photographer and podcast listener, Tips from the Top Floor (TFTTF) is on my must-listen list. Chris' podcasts are always useful, entertaining, and well-produced. You get everything from commentary on photography in Siberia in the wintertime, to clear explanations of how extender tubes work for macro photography. He also covers film in an intelligent way, which succeeds in being useful for digital nerds like me. A "must subscribe" photography podcast.
Chris is the best teacher and I love listening to him. From a pro video guy switching to stills I can say he really knows his stuff. Love this guy can't wait to one day meet him!!! Seriously if you like photography at all THIS IS FOR YOU!!! Also I usually buy all the stuff he brings on knowing it's good stuff. But you can find that out after you have listened for a while.
Have been a fan of this podcast for years. Always some great content and very practicle in his appraoch. My son did a web article on Chris and he was very giving of his time. Great Guy, and a Great Photography. I have a number of his backgrounds cycling through my desktop backgrounds.