I enjoyed the episode on iOS 12. It probably won’t matter much difference for me. I have a Mac because they’re easier to use and less prone to problems. I’m on my third Mac and my previous macs one lasted 5 years and the other 7. I like my iPhone and iPad because apple products work well together. I realize that they do that for that reason. I use photos for organizing photos, and do minimal tweaking of photos. The iPhone is the camera that’s always with me, but I prefer my canon rebel for shooting. The one thing that I don’t like is the only editing I can do on iPhone or iPad is stuff I’d rather do on my iMac. The stuff I would like to be able to do on my iPad, love keywording or geotagging I can’t and have to do them on my iMac. In this apple has it backwards.
I really enjoy this show. Yes I’ve learned a lot about the art and science of photography but it is more than that. Chris is a really nice person with a fun perspective on photography and life. I just enjoy hearing his perspective
Chris is entertaining and really makes me think. I look forward for each episode and learn a lot. I listen on the way to work and enjoy every minute. Chris is a great communicator and puts things no matter how complex into terms anyone can understand. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or pro, this show has something for you.
I’ve been with Chris from way back in the first year. Tips from the Top Floor is one of the photo podcasts that I never miss. Chris’ style is laidback yet informative. With Chris, it feels like a conversation, not an infomercial.
This is a fantastic podcast. Very well produced and easy to listen podcast. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to learn about photography. Thank you Chris!
Great podcast. Highly recommended for all photographers.
Podcaster brings me into his own experiences thru his show and is easier to feel right next to him while listening. No self-serving or a commercial laden podcast here!
Chris is able to put together a very informative photography podcast with great variety, making it much more interesting and relaxed than the usual "one theme" boring podcast. Excallent job.
Just started listening figuring it would be yet another all digital process podcast and was delighted to find the host covering film as well. I tried many photo podcasts where the hosts are so consumed with digital they have referred to film as a dead medium and said completely false statements such as Kodak being out of business and such. Unsubcribed from them immediately! I shoot both and love both and it is refreshing to hear both mediums talked about with respect.
This podcast really helps me have a broader knowledge of photography and seriously cuts down on wasted time on the the internet. I'm learning while I complete tasks. Other podcast seem to be more about what's new and their own commentary and thoughts. I feel like a good balance of learning, entertainment and news have been struck here.
Chris's podcast is simply the best, especially for those who love to continue learning about photography. Chris always maintains a positive, upbeat attitude and treats all guests very respectfully. Chris has a wide and deep breadth of knowledge in the photography space and I enjoy learning something new from every episode. Keep up the excellent work Chris!
The host is charming and engaging without being too long winded about himself. The information is useful. It's not just a bunch of spec reading, and he often points out the limits of his knowledge. Overall, a useful podcast for an enthusiast-level photographer.
Chris gives great opinions and advice on how to better your photography! A pleasure to listen to! If I could rate a 10 star I would.... Thanks Chris for all of your tips!
“Tips from the Top Floor” is my favorite photography podcast, and I listen to many. Host Chris Marquardt is not only a knowledgeable and experienced photographer with in-depth technical expertise, he has a charming and friendly personality that puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to him. He is infinitely patient and supportive and never makes his listeners feel stupid for asking the most basic photography questions. He also does not mind repeating his advice for new listeners. Give him a listen and I bet he’ll become one of your favorite podcasters too!
This is a wonderful podcast about the real techniques of photography. Not just endless gear discussions like some other shows. Chris shares his experience and his passion and reminds us all why we got the photography bug in the first place. A wonderful show.
Great info from a true pro and it's really entertaining.
Thorough and informative answers to a variety of photography questions. Gets right to the point and doesn't waste time.
Have been listening for a couple years and appreciate the positive energy and enthusiasm from Chris. Highly recommended!
Have been a fan of this podcast for years. Always some great content and very practicle in his appraoch. My son did a web article on Chris and he was very giving of his time. Great Guy, and a Great Photography. I have a number of his backgrounds cycling through my desktop backgrounds.
Great, sensible info and tips from a pro. Thanks, Chris, for keeping on keeping on! And, yes please, add more film-related segments to the mix. Your Fim Photography Handbook is a stunning achievement. Congrats to both you and Monika!
TFTTF is a wonderful blend of technical knowledge, science and ocasional thoughts on artistry delivered in a fast, breezy style. Chris tells you what you need to know to make your own decisions about technique and gear. The joy he takes in his work comes through. If I had to choose one podcaster to have a drink with, it would be Chris.
I was looking for a show that just helped with tips and tricks on photography and this one just nails it for me thank you very much for being the go to Podcast for so many years.
I've listened to Chris for years, I find his voluntary expertise interesting and valuable. To me, he is the "Clark Howard" of photography. I like is style, experience, humble & amusing manner, and I respect his globe-trotting tours and command of several languages.
Focus on photography, not gear acquisition syndrome. Well worth a listen.
Great host, interesting topics, well produced podcast. I'm a casual photographer and learn something from every episode.
Been listening for 10+ years and really appreciate the diverse topics (technical and creative). Chris is so natural, knowledgeable and open. He's not wed to a brand, a product, technology or approach. It's all about what works and aligns to your goals.
Just discovered Chris Marquardt and am just so stoked about this podcast. It manages to be very cool and unpretentious at the same time. I've listened to dozens of episodes in the past week alone and many of the topics weren't immediately interesting, but Marquardt always finds a way to communicate ideas in ways that are relevant, no matter what kind of photography you're into. His style is laid back and conversational in the fashion of a late night radio host. I also love it that he is based in Germany and speaks fluent English here. He covers basics and more complex photography including lots of talk about film. Great stuff!
Moderately interesting podcast I don't want to complain too much because there is a lot of information given out. The problem occured in episode 753. He starts the show by givving political opinions and instructions in the beginning of the episode. I will no longer be listening to this moderately valueable podcast.
This has become my favorite photography podcast, and I subscribe to several of them.
Chris does a great job explaining his photo tips. Love the enthusiasm and keeps pushing us to push ourselves.
I just started listening a week ago to TFTTF but I am hooked. Fortunately, I have the earlier podcasts to listen to and I am doing that two - three a day. The magic of the show is Chris , a techie full of deep scientific knowledge on photography who emphasizes composition, emotional appeal and point of view over F-stops and more expensive equipment. On top of it all, the show is downright entertaining.
Been listening to Chris for over a year after first hearing him on the Leo Laporte show on the Twit network. Chris' podcast is all about the art of photography and not about the gear. Many ideas and tips from this podcast.
When I stumbled on this TFTTF I just sampled a few of the podcasts. I really like what i heard so I started from the beginning. Soon i’ll be caught up to the current show. I’ve enjoyed listening and have learned a great deal along the way.
Just started listening! Love the show. Esp the gear talk. Would love to see the critique photo pop up on my iPhone during my listen. I have seen other podcasts use chapters and photos I'm just not sure what this entails and if it's maybe too time consuming.
You’ll enjoy this podcast if you are really getting deeper into photography and want to hear from a real pro who speaks your language. Not overly technical or preachy, just good advice. Sometimes the host is pushy a product or tour too much but you can fast forward over that if you want. Worth a listen!
I love photography but hate gear talk. Some is unavoidable, but Chris really keeps it in perspective and focusses on the craft.
Love the show and look forward to every new episode. Thanks and keep up the great work
Chris is informative and practical. His conversational style makes it feel more like a sit down with a mentor than a lecture.
After over 25 years of photography, I still find that I learn something from every one of Chris' podcasts. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in photography regardless of your level.
I've been listening to this show for a few years now! Very informational and funny. :) Everyone that is serious about photography should subscribe. One can never learn too much.
I am an amatuer photographer and have been listening to Chris for two years now. He always manages to inspire me and make me think about taking my photography and art to the next level. He can go over the most simple or complex things and make them understandable. Keep up the good work Chris! I mainly listen on my hour commute to work.
Hi Chris, thank you SO much for doing this show. I get a lot of helpful photography tips but also tips on marketing, podcasting and other related elements that are helpful in my day job (which in turn pays for my photography). I look forward to every episode!
Chris is a very humble and very knowledgable photographer. He answers listener questions thoroughly and in an easy to understand way. He also leads photo walks and workshops around the world. I hope to be able to make it to one one of these days. Thanks Chris for the service and inspiration you provide to your community!
You can always teach an old dog new tricks. Chris's style is unlike others and comes across well. I pick up tips from 99% of every episode I listen to. Even though I take a lot of available light sport shots I find suggestions that help me vary my style. I only wish I had discovered this podcast before his class in Alexandria, Va. I would have registered for that in a heart beat because it was within driving distance. Maybe next time he comes to the region I'll beable to take in one of his classess.
Chris is a terrific teacher and passionate photographer? Love this show, I get so much out of it. Thanks Chris!
Fantastic podcast.
This is my favorite photography podcast. I started listening about three years ago - I listed to each new episode, and I have listened to all the archives.
A fascinating and broad discussion of photography for all experience levels.