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great subjects and interesting hosts


This is a terrific program. It is enjoyably educational, and I love the variety of topics discussed. The episodes hosted by Joanna Rowell and Forrest Gulden are especially entertaining. -Jacob C.
I have been listening for years now and really love this podcast. Frank and Charles are great, the girl, uh, not so much. I find her irritating and the interviews she does boring. I tend to skip her podcasts but listen intently when she is not involved.
The interview with Dr. Harris was terrible. Why would you invite someone on your show with the credentials of Dr. Sam Harris only to confront him with really stupid questions. I do not know under which rock you found Dr. Covic, but I do not think she adds any value to your podcast. I have been a loyal subscriber to your podcast for several years, and I have purchased many books after listening to your author guests. However, I will never bother with your podcast again after your really poor treatment of Dr. Harris. By the way, The Moral Landscape is an excellent book.
You won't regret spending a half hour listening to this podcast. If you only have twenty minutes skip the grokatron at the end.
Okay, we get it, capitalism is evil. Can we get to the science now? These two spent more time laughing at nothing and talking politics than anything else, then their interview (the episode was titled The Dominant Animal) was even worse. Have you ever talked to someone about politics, and all they can do is repeat talking points from Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, or Michael Moore? It was kind of like that - political talk with no depth, no substance, and a complete inability to think on their own. I really can't say enough bad things about this podcast. I will say one good thing though: it's just a podcast and you don't have to hit the subscribe button. So don't do it, unless you really hate yourself.
Interesting science, though run of the mill considering everything else out there. Unfortunately, not everyone's voice is meant for radio, and these two prove it, especially the way they laugh at their own (unfunny) jokes, and slur every other word. C'mon, guys, seek out a speech therapist.
Devoting a whole show to some "Roswell flying saucer" huckster, shamelessly promoting his book, this is not science it is a joke. This show should be reclassified as entertainment.
A tremendous podcast; perhaps my favorite. One of the few science-related ones on iTunes which refuses to excessively dumb-down its material; yet, it manages to keep the material accessible. The topics are phenomenally varied, and universally fascinating; the structure of the show allows for numerous topics to be handled in a single cast, ensuring that regardless of where your scientific interests lie, you'll come out satisfied (not to mention stimulated to explore other areas). The hosts' interplay is wonderful: as a science/humanities double major undergraduate who's gone into humanities graduate school, it's wonderful to hear some good old-fashioned science-geek humor. Terrific podcast.
I listen to a lot of science podcasts, and this is one of the most informative of the ones out there. Some may not enjoy the hosts banter (the impersonations are just baaaad, sorry guys), but it's a lot of fun, the most well balanced, and they tend to get the best interviews
Berkeley Groks is a great way to keep up on bits of science while laughing at the geeky science commentary! Charles and Frank are just perfect as the two stooges of science. Thanks guys - you Grok almost like real Martians!
this podcast is great except i don't care for the music segments which are way long so i skip past them