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Very funny for the most part, just needs to take less days off and keep promiss's about weekend shows more even if it is Distorted lol
This show is as advertised. It distorts your view. When I see a crippled person rubbing their feces on themselves I don't get disgusted or feel bad. I laugh and call the voicemail line to tell Tim the wonderful news and email pics or video if I can. This show. It's hilariously disgusting and I can't stop listening. So spread the distortion and help keep Timmy Boo Henson on here by signing up for the super freak side show!
No one should listen to this, ever! Offensive humor with nothing sacred. I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!
Love you Timmy boo. Keep up the incredibly disturbing work!
I started listening to DV back in 2008 and I've never looked back. I've had his soft supple voice whispering in my ear for 10 years.... he's made me an awful person, and I love it! Milky..... milky....
Hands down best podcast, smart, funny, stupid, gross. Me and the wife spend every night smoking a bowl and listening.
The original careless fairy of podcasts. Tim walks you through not only the most absurd, but also the most disturbing the internet has to offer. His recent rendition of Aerosmith will ensure he will have plenty of chances to showcase his flawless rendition of Stephen tyler for years to come.
Tim Henson's podcast is snarky, uncomfortable humor and shocking. You best bet for guilty pleasure, like enjoying a prostate exam way too much.
Not for the faint of heart but Timmy-boo is hilarious!
This podcast has changed my life in so many ways. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. Tell all your friends and family about this podcast and spread the distortion.
Tim is a comedy genius with absolutely no shame, and absolutely no filter... he says what you say to yourself inside your head when you hear news stories about people doing f**ktarded things, but can't say out loud because you'd get fired and ostracized. He is willing to make fun of absolutely anyone...there are no targets off-limits to Tim, even himself. Especially himself. The show is profane, disgusting and crude...but somehow not low-class and trashy. Tim's actually a decent guy who sometimes seems horrified at what comes out of his brain. Hope it lasts forever.
He always has funny commentary about strange news articles from around the world but never takes him self too seriously. The odd combination of topics and his unique personality always leads to tons of laughs. This podcast is not for close minded people but everyone is always welcome to spread the distortion.
Tim, the host, is an absolutely fantastic caster. His delivery and style is outstanding. I've been listening to the podcast for years. Tim never fails to make me laugh and have completely engaged. The show well, I'll let it speak for itself. Give Distorted View a download, I promise you won't regret it.
This podcast is devoted to the Gods of laughter. If you want to worship at their alter. Timmy boo is their chief priest. Namest day.
Its time to bring legitimacy back to Raymega. It's time to bring legitimacy, the info-pagentry, info-tainment, the well being manufacturing ways of presenting media like back in the day and twenty years ago. It's time to bring legitimacy back to Raymega and make every moment of the life count to make it card because every moment of your life is ultra. Every moment in your life is ultra. It's time to bring legitimacy back to Raymega.
On a scale from 1 to 100 Distorted View is over 9000
Everybody seems to be throwing hissy fits about their "feelings" and being "pc" these days. If you're sick of all the spineless babies and enjoy some good old fashioned insensitivity, distorted view is for you. We all should take life less seriously and spend 30 minutes a day laughing at the things society tells us not to laugh at. Tim Henson is a media darling and I would tongue punch his fartbox any day of the week. DV is as hilarious now as it was when I started listening in 2007. JIGOO TIMMYBOO
timmy is without a doubt the funniest person doing a podcast he has a great sick sense of humor
...and the strain is so strong that Valtrex can't keep the outbreaks at bay. I plan on buying a lifetime subscription for my first-born child; lots of life lessons on Timmy Boo's shows which will later serve as a moral compass for the developing child's personality. What would Timmy Boo do?
I just discovered this podcast through a online friend of mine. I am glad I did I get great laughs almost everyday. Totally NSFW plus the Sideshow Exclusives for paying members is ever better. Great job Tim Henson!
Been listening to this guy for a couple of years now. Very entertaining and he is always comming up with new stuff to talk about. Just don't listen to it at work unless you have earphones on! makes the commute to work a lot more entertaining! I'll keep listening to him for as long as he keeps doing the podcast.
Timmy has been doing this long before podcasting was popular. He won't ever say it, but he's a professional and a comedian. I love the show.
This show is awesome. It's all the stuff you're not supposed to laugh at, but secretly do. I've been listening for years and this one never fails! Great podcast.
For those who love the terribleness the world has to offer, this is the best podcast i've heard that deals with it a funny twist.
Love this podcast. Tim Henson is a talented genious. I have no idea where he finds all the stuff he airs on his show, but I hope he never stops!
One of my first downloaded podcasts, it's still the best. It may not be for everyone, it should be. You won't get any butts from me. Keep Timmy going --- Timmy, keep going.
Tim has set a standard in podcasting that surpasses most that have a lot more resources at their disposal. Well done Tim.
I love you Timmy Boo!


By DG wiz
Nasty, crazy, stupid, funny and nasty
Full of Jahgoo goodness!
This is the best most sickest show ever i love you timmie boo
This show is funny. It touches on subjects that you typically wouldn't talk about in polite society. Open your ears and your mind.
Love this show!
I'm back!! Doing my distorted duty and giving my Timmy Boo a great rating! This show is awesome and I've been subscribed for 5 years now. Take 30 minutes out of your day and laugh at the things you shouldn't. Give it a few listens, you won't regret it!
With audio that will make you wretch out load! Completely vileand insane.LOVE IT!
The funniest, most creative, and enjoyable non-politically correct podcast EVAH! I can let go of my fine sensibilities for 45 minutes a day... no one is spared his comedic wrath. Or comedic rash, for that matter. JIGOOOOOOO!!!
I've been listening to Distorted View for about 7 or 8 years and I love it. I've been a Sideshow Member for most of that time and DV is the only podcast I actually pay for. Thanks, Tim for providing such great content for me to listen to while working on my comics. :)
He cracks me up. Trashy? Juvenile? Disgusting? Yes to all these and many more filthy, filthy things.
Come for the sinful curiosity and fleshly desires !
Love this show! It's the only podcast I look forward to!
I have been listening to Tim’s show for almost 10 years, and still love every minute of it. Tim pulls no punches and holds nothing back, he tells it like it is without sugar coating it and does it in a very funny and entertaining way. There are some seriously bizarre, twisted f@@ked up things going on in the world and this is your best source to hear about them. Tim is always witty and fun to listen to. He also has the voice of an angel (if that angel had swallowed a box of paper clips) when he sings. Embrace your inner freak and listen to this show, you will be so glad you did. Jagoo.