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I put all my money in Mcdermott and ended up losing the house. I was forced to move in with my cousin Scott Taylor and we have a business now bootlegging carbon chaperone cds to try to recoup my losses.
Been a listener for many years. Love his view on the world. Such a funny show. Love you timmyboo This is the funniest thing you will ever hear! I promise!
Loads of over the top satire & ridiculousness, Timmy is here to offend people and make you laugh all at once. Just remember, don’t take anything he says seriously, he’s actually a decent guy! It’s just all part of the show! 🤮
Timmy Bo is a America’s sweetheart! I tune in everyday to catch up on my news and real world issues. I’ve learned so much from listening to the sweet sounds of Tim’s voice.
Lives up to it’s distorted moniker. Fantastically stupid show with a little bit of this and a lil bit of that. Not meant for the easily offended, but if you have a sense of humor and can shut off your conscience briefly, you will love it!
I think I’m coming out and it’s all thanks to Tim
Had me at pillow squirter. Keep doin you boo boo.
Love the show. Don’t know anyone in my life I could recommend it to because of the content (sad I know) but I’m glad the shows stuck it out through the years. I’ll have to become a sideshow freak eventually.
Love this show! If you are a stuck up prude person avoid this podcast, otherwise laugh away!
This podcast is amazingly funny! If you’re a “P.C.” Type person, do us all a favor and skip this! Cry over there...if you can handle how stupid people are and understand that life is kinda what it is and have a sense of humor...give it a shot!!! I’m sold!!! Great job!
I started listening to DV back in 2008 and I've never looked back. I've had his soft supple voice whispering in my ear for 10 years and has become an appreciated break from all the chaos am mayhem of daily life. Tim A pure hearted soul who shines a light on struggling artists, giving them the exposure they so deserve. Many have even gone on to do incredible things like Glen Miller! I can no longer stand it when I hear people slurping up... food, but that’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of entertainment.
Mort do klon nop ngher flapbleb “nom nom nom”. Ube skert alndh flanbdu harbody. NO PATOMAMES!!!
I’ve known this guy since TellMe back in ‘97 and his show just gets better and better. Politically incorrect and doesn’t give a hoot about being hImself. I miss your warm embrace. ❤️
This guy is nuts. In a good freaky way!! Keep it up bro.
Tim is a comedic genius. I was hooked after one episode.
It’s just vile. Some episodes are very difficult to listen to. An acquired taste. I gave it five stars because this guy has talent and knows how to offend just about everyone.
Few things make me laugh hard. Phil Hendrie is about the only show that I can think of in the podcast format. I’ve only listened to a few DV shows. Tim claims he isn’t a comedian. I have to imagine his listeners disagree.
Been listening for years and I cant get enough. Maybe one day i'll call into the voicemail line and vocalize my love for Timmy Boo
The best guy that plays the worst content
I'm pretty sure this is the guy from the show Wipeout, no?
I get all my medical advice from DV. They also helped me transition into who I was meant to be. Timmy is the shining beacon of light in this world of fake news. Speak truth daily, spread the distortion, soak them dungarees.
I’m 12 and I love this show. I have a censor on my phone so i know i’m not hearing everything but it’s a 10 minute show where he calls his mom once a week plays music and voicemails from his friend Haleys Comet.
Do you like wholesome, family-oriented, and educational entertainment delivered in a professional manner? Then this is NOT the podcast for you. But if you have an actual sense of humor and are not a total prude, then you have come to the right place. Enjoy!
Very similar to the wholesome programming of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. This is a great program for the whole family and great for those long family road trips! Highly recommended!!!
So glad that Tim is still going strong after all these years. The Sideshow is definitely worth it. But PLEASE stop shoehorning political bits into the show. It’s so out of place and NEVER interesting or bizarre or crazy, and seems like a weak attempt to just complain about politics. I hear political whining all day every day why is it being forced into DV so much lately????


By dequace
Obnoxious, grating, loud.. Trying way too hard to be edgy.
We play this show for all the kids at Sunday school every week they absolutely love it
It’s amazing to hear someone trying so hard to be funny for so long and managing not to land any jokes
But I kie it!
When listening to Distorted View I feel like a crackhead who, “got ‘hold of the wrong stuff.” This podcast is truly revolting, but I can’t stop listening and laughing because Tim is that hilarious. I’ve been a loyal listener and patron for over a decade now. Thanks for making me laugh through all the worst the world has to offer TimmyBoo! I love you.
Awesome daily podcast which shines a light on the dark and distorted. With one of the best and longest running podcasts out there, Tim finds the funny behind otherwise grim and sideshow like subjects. Great if you're into the obscure. Sign up for his premium podcast for even more Distorted View!
Tim Henson is simply the finest podcast host of our generation. Smart and funny analysis. You will laugh, you will cry, you will sing and you will scream. There has never been a finer podcast in the history of the medium. Thank you Tim, you have literally changed my life. I can't remember having any reason to live before I found your show, now I have 3-4 hours of programming to listen to each week to keep me going. Saved my life.
Ive been a listener since about 2004. Have been a Sideshow member pretty much since the beginning. Tim is awesome. You cant be a snowflake if you dont want to be offended. Not 100% is for me, have had to advance a clip here or there as it was too gross for me to listen to without vomiting. Tim's Mom is so great, I always love it when he has her on the show for one thing or another. My #1 podcast that I look forward to listening to. I've never found anything that compares.
There is a special person that let’s their freak flag fly and is willing to find humor in the most distorted ways. I was introduced to Timmy Boo through my husband a couple years ago and I’ve been a loyal freak ever since. Great audio, Timmy has a great podcast presence and there is definitely something for any freak you know in the thousand of archived podcasts!
This show is hilarious and ridiculous. Very offensive for sensitive little snowflakes. If you like your humor twisted, this is the show for you. And Timmyboo has a great voice.
Very funny for the most part, just needs to take less days off and keep promiss's about weekend shows more even if it is Distorted lol
This show is as advertised. It distorts your view. When I see a crippled person rubbing their feces on themselves I don't get disgusted or feel bad. I laugh and call the voicemail line to tell Tim the wonderful news and email pics or video if I can. This show. It's hilariously disgusting and I can't stop listening. So spread the distortion and help keep Timmy Boo Henson on here by signing up for the super freak side show!
No one should listen to this, ever! Offensive humor with nothing sacred. I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!
Love you Timmy boo. Keep up the incredibly disturbing work!
Hands down best podcast, smart, funny, stupid, gross. Me and the wife spend every night smoking a bowl and listening.
The original careless fairy of podcasts. Tim walks you through not only the most absurd, but also the most disturbing the internet has to offer. His recent rendition of Aerosmith will ensure he will have plenty of chances to showcase his flawless rendition of Stephen tyler for years to come.
Tim Henson's podcast is snarky, uncomfortable humor and shocking. You best bet for guilty pleasure, like enjoying a prostate exam way too much.
Not for the faint of heart but Timmy-boo is hilarious!
This podcast has changed my life in so many ways. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. Tell all your friends and family about this podcast and spread the distortion.
He always has funny commentary about strange news articles from around the world but never takes him self too seriously. The odd combination of topics and his unique personality always leads to tons of laughs. This podcast is not for close minded people but everyone is always welcome to spread the distortion.
Tim, the host, is an absolutely fantastic caster. His delivery and style is outstanding. I've been listening to the podcast for years. Tim never fails to make me laugh and have completely engaged. The show well, I'll let it speak for itself. Give Distorted View a download, I promise you won't regret it.