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been listening for a long time now. love your show
It can be addicting.
Very good podcast would recommend it to everyone.
I've only listened to a few recent episodes which start off well and interesting. And then he hits spirituality and religion, and just rambles on. Well, there's a few thousand other podcasts to check out, maybe I'll come back again later.
I've listened for years to Truckertom. I enjoy his podcasting on truckdriving and worldly events. I recommend him highly! Thanks Tom for the messages. It sure helps to break the boredom of my daily grind. Even my little boy knows your name.
If you like Tom & his pod cast, check out Blast the right. It's another great pod cast!
Tom is very smart and well spoken. Only complant is the god talk.
Strange I am a truck driver of many years and I look forward to Tom's show everyday. Instantly addicting and well worth the time!
EXCELLENT podcast,high quality listening presented by a man with lots of personal integrity who is willing to share what he has learned.School is in session and Tom is ready to teach common sense and character building class in an enjoyable format. Thank you,MBEAR
all this guy does is listen to rush and then distort his propaganda,
This podcast is the work of a real conservative. I don't agree with much of what he says for many reasons but I I'm not writing this to argue. If you think of yourself as conservative and want to hear what you think reflected back at you, you could do worse.
Beyond being one of the most prolific podcasters in the world. Tom will, keep you running for hours as you follow his adventure across the united states in his semi. Tom is one of the most intelligent individuals you will ever have a chance to meet. He is a beacon of light, and centers my energy. I couldn't imagine a day with out Trucker Tom.
I look forward to this podcast and enjoy listening, catching up with the latest crossing Tom's mind as he sees the world through a windshield.
Trucker Tom's credo says,Be Calm and Know..Please Enjoy! the adventures, and tales of a One man Band on the Run ! Here is a Scripture for no extra charge. I learned that the most important Day of my life will be the Day I die, from listening to Tom. I consider it an Honor to be his friend. Talk to you later..Paulo_ James 1:19-20 Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires (NIV).
Since listening to Trucker Tom I have gotten smarter, work wise especially Tom has life together in his thoughts and teachings through his Podcast, Trucker Tom's Podcast is a two thumbs up Podcast, best psych therapy on the Web too, I even got into Podcasting myself because of Tom, Thanks to Tom for being Tom, I appreciate REAL. Signed, Jeff Forester a.k.a. TruckerTwotimes on the more CrAzY side of Trucking, a Trucker Tom inspired and mentored Trucking Podcaster that knows a real life Hero when I hear one. Tom RULES
This was a great podcast...some reall food for thought
Great listening! I listen every day to/from work (1.5 hour commute each way). Tom not only has insightful but I also find his technical knowledge sound as well. I do a fair amount of road driving in my gadget car. Learning how he locates hotspots and the tools he uses while mobile is proving useful indeed. Good work!
great podcast with a variety of topics
Interesting podcast about current events and issues from the roads of America.
Tom is intelligent, insightful, funny and very soothing to listen to. His audio quality is excellent and his content is always interesting. A great podcast.
A very interesting podcast that shows the real life of a trucker. I find the details of his daily logs to be informative and well presented. He adds in information on the tech side of trucking and laptops. And he throws in his views of politics and culture as well. He is prolific and turns out the podcasts daily.
Great views from a guy on the open road who talk about everything from computers to philosophical topics, a little bit of everything!