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I’m an independent videographer and freelancer. I love gear and learning about it and technique. This podcast is a great resource on learning about new gear, techniques, what’s on the horizon, where the industry is going and helps me navigate all the trends. It’s become a must listen part of running my business.
Being a post production editor at Columbia college Chicago I have gained so much information that pertains to not only my field but things that never crossed my mind. The interviews are so interesting and in depth , all industry professionals who all have a depth of knowledge that make my time with Digital production Buzz something to look forward to!
These guys are the real deal If you're digital filmmaker, corporate shooter or NLE Editor you'll want to hear every episode. I've listened every week for years. John Holser
Fantastic sound quality, fantastic content, chapter markers (why is this not mandatory for all podcasts?), this is the best of it's kind anywhere!
Someone's mic is way too hot or the mixer is introducing some distortion. Bad audio is "fatiguing" and you guys are way too good at what you do to have bad audio.
Please remove the advertisements and switch to MP3. Other than that it's a good podcast.