Reviews For Las Vegas Podcast: Five Hundy by Midnight

Adults only please. Their language is not for anyone under 21 and in some cases under 101.
Not sure if it’s a covid thing but Tim’s negativity and anger has gotten worse from show to show. Appreciate the pod for the detailed news and info.


This podcast is literally trash. Absolutely terrible.
If you like a podcast of a middle age couple who are frequently drunk complaining that everybody doesn’t cater to them this is the podcast for you. Their summary of news gleaned from other sources doesn’t make up for their profanity and rudeness. A lot of their callers are often helpful.
Love the podcast and have been listening for a few years. Lately the sound quality has been weird. It’s hard to hear Tim, like maybe he’s not talking directly into the mic? Idk, still good but hard for me to hear.
Great show if you loveVegas. Entertaining and informative
I still regularly listen, but almost never make it through the full episode. Most of the listener phone calls (except the bathroom review guy... Alfonso?) are uninteresting and drone on way too long, and if you listen anytime after August expect a lot of VIMPF talk. Otherwise, Tim and Michelle are entertaining and put out a quality podcast.
Very arrogant host who has no reason to be. Have fun staying in your downtown garbage hotels.
This podcast is great. So much Vegasness is delivered almost every week. This guy should write a book.
This is my can’t miss podcast each week. I have been listening for several years now and find Tim and Michelle interesting and entertaining. The info is great and delivered very well. They have created such a following - I even recognize some callers now. Would love to join them for VIMFP - someday! Keep up the great podcast...
Show has been on for years and is consistently great. Tim and Michelle will be a part of your week for years once you start listening.


By Jlo536
Look forward to downloading every Sunday.