[Misadventures in Taiwan]

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The animations are good, but I just love the glipses into the culture, and Gem is AWESOME!
how about something on Yamingshan or other mountain and the Cherry Blossoms and BBQ Squid? There are still many unusual things about Taiwan out there- I really liked the segment on career training- since that is part of South Texas College.
Like listening to a six-year-old ramble on and on. Only interesting if you're looking for a case study in attention deficit disorder.
From the very first listen, I was completely hooked by the no-breaths free association. The videos that began appearing only made this cast that much better. To the reviewer who had complaints? Step out of the realm of "Chapter One: What Makes a Good Podcast?" and revel in the idiosyncratic universe that is Gem's.
Big ups to Gem for a fun and informative peek into life in the ROC. She has a great sense of the absurd (or least things that will blow the minds of Americans - e.g. pee popsicles). I get a real kick out of her down to earth vibe. Beyond pure entertainment I have also picked up a lot of information that was beneficial in my travels to Taiwan. This is one of my all time favorites!!