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Reviews For KPBS Midday Edition

This is a really valuable source of local San Diego news, and I would miss it a lot if it went away. There is one thing about it that I find frustrating, though: why are the sound levels so different between different parts? Often the interviewer in studio is more much quieter than the phone/skype interviewee. Field pieces are much quieter than host segments. Ads are much louder than everything else. I can't just set the volume and walk away without three minutes later either being unable to hear something, or else being blasted with sound. One episode is much quieter or much louder than the previous one, so when I fall behind a bit and my computer runs through the backlog, I get these jarring changes in sound levels in going from one episode to the next.
This is a go to for details and discussion about all of the important, latest developments in the San Diego, Chula Vista, Tijuana region. Thanks for such great journalism and analysis.
Quickly becoming a daily listen for me. These staff reporters do such great work. I enjoy the production and theme music upgrade. Keep it up!
Thanks for bringing KPBS to the podcast world so I don’t ever have to miss another episode of Midday Edition. I appreciate the guest selection, the short and succinct interviews, the thoughtful questions, and of course, the local coverage. I love hearing about the upcoming weekend highlights with Beth Acomando, and the direct smooth coverage presented by Maureen Cavanaugh. My only caveat is that I sometimes have technical problems. This week, for example, I stopped receiving updates. It seems the subscription canceled and stopped downloading episodes on its own, without me doing anything. This is not the first time that happens. Sometimes there will be no audio when I play. The volume is typically very low compared to other podcasts I listen to, like Marketplace. They are little technical issues that keep happening. I hope this gets resolved. Updated May 2019: I like all podcasts in one. Less commercials, better flow. I just have to select one podcast, instead of five or more, when curating my feed. Love Jade Hindman. I can hear her loud and clear in my car. More diversity-driven coverage. Thank you!
The podcast is broken up into small segments now too many ads have been added feels like every 5 minutes. Other podcasts have ads about every 40 minutes. Great podcast with Maureen but too many ads. I am unscribing. Will check back to see if they are removed. Please change
Maureen = ❤️❤️❤️
Love how the format is evolving! Great pace by great producers and the wonderful host, Maureen. ;)
Hey reviewers — thanks very much for your comments! I work on this podcast as a back-end specialist. I’m working to make it better @SoCalian and @KCSanDiego. I’ve heard from you and others about the tech issues facing the listeners. I’ve made a few changes and I hope you enjoy them. Thanks again! I hope everyone enjoys the new format our great producers and host, Maureen Cavanaugh, are working on, too.
The contect is great, when you can access it. But episodes listed will frequently be unavilable for download.
Very insightful. Tom Fudge is a great host and I am very grateful they take the time to produce a podcast. The topics they cover range from political to pop culture. Each subject is explored at a depth only matched by Terry Gross from Fresh Air. What makes These Days better than Fresh Air is the fact that Fudge interacts on a more personal level with guests and the wide range of topic. He is not emotional, just more relatable. One last thing, If anybody from the show is reading this. More Film Club of the Air!!!! I cant get enough of the trio of Fudge, Marks and Accomondo. It is by far the best and most interesting views on movies, actors and directors. You guys play off each other so well. Please, please more Film Club!!
Though the stories are generally San Diego based, even non-San Diegans will enjoy the news, stories, insights, and interviews on These Days. Download it now, I'm tellin' you!