Reviews For Coverville: The Cover Music Show (AAC Edition)


Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy listening at work. Thank you for all your hard work, and I can not wait till the next episode.
I love covers; always looking for something “new” - this is perfect! Apparently it’s been around a while - where have you been all my life?! If only you could release more of your back cataclogue?
One of the world's greatest podcasts. A must for music lovers. New longer format is excellent. And so much more. Thank you Brian Ibbott.
An endless supply of amazing covers. I have built an amazing playlist that impresses all my friends based off this Podcast. Of course I give credit to Brian.
Love this podcast, excellent music selections.
I’ve been listening to Coverville since 2005 or the beginning of time - whenever it was that podcasts began! This show is great! I always find new artists and songs I like.
I’ve been listening to Coverville since 2012. I was in search of a good music podcast and the concept of cover songs intrigued me. 5 years later this is really the only podcast I listen to. Brian is great host - funny, engaging - he’s probably forgotten more music than I’ll ever know! This show has introduced me to great artists (both covers and originals), rare tracks, and overlooked albums.
One of the first podcasts I started listening to in 2004 and still one of the very best. I did much prefer the 25-30 minutes versions to the new long form hour plus format, but Brian only has so much time (and this means I don't get to listen as often as I used to). It's a great opportunity to hear music you've never heard, and the podcast has turned me on to many MANY artists I might not ever have heard (or ultimately seen live).
This was the first and still the best!! Dis-cover did podcast!!


By BR0713
Interesting podcast topic. It's nice to discover new artists, (even if they have been around a while), especially when they cover songs by the listener's favorite artist(s).
This is one of the most enjoyable podcasts that I've stumbled upon. Brian obviously cares a ton about the content he shares in every episode and his enthusiasm towards the music makes the end product so much fun.
No surprise that Brian Ibbot and his Coverville: The Cover Music Show podcast has won Best Music Podcast 5 years running. Brian is a great host with more music trivia knowledge than anybody i have ever listened to. He does a fantastic job of directing and hosting the show and setting up great themes consistantly week after week. I could never get exposed to the many great and unique covers of so many wonderful songs and artist without listening to Coverville. Simply a joy to listen to every week, Coverville is certainly number one podcast in my book, music or otherwise. We are all really lucky that it's free, it certainly has value for me.
5 stars!
I listen to a lot of music podcasts, this one is my favorite.
We are psyched to find Coverville and it is so perfect for listening while we are touring. Brian SLB will be tuning in from the road. Thank you for the Top40 nod for our version of Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics. Sending you the love right back at ya on SLB Indie Trailer podcast too.
Brian provides a fantastic collection of top notch music in his Coverville podcast. A phenomenal resource for all music lovers!
This is a great podcast, I have found so much enjoyable music as a result of this show. Also, Brian Ibbott does a great job as host and is very professional.
How did I not find this earlier? This is a fun and interesting podcast for people who enjoy music discovery but don't have the time to dig for unique covers. Great for the morning commute!
Have a listen to this fantastic show. Be sure to sample a few different episodes before passing judgement; as the episodes sometimes focus on specific genres or artists.
Coverville was the first podcast I discovered, and it's the only one I've ever listened to. Eclectic, smart, funny, amazing, and amusing - this podcast gives me everything I want. Definitely worth the download!
The podcast is very informative, cool music.
This show is always fresh and interesting. If hearing metal songs covered as bluegrass, gangster rap covered as smooth jazz, and 50s rock covered as Punk sounds fun to you then you need to listen to Coverville!
I have just found your podcast! And it is brilliant! You sir, are the King of finding cover songs. How do you do it and where are you looking.
As a working musician and Radio DJ, I appreciate Brian's efforts to bring a steady stream of new cover versions of a myriad of artists... Very cool idea and mostly quite well-executed... I subscribe and auto-download, but the very nature of the program (which is way cool) has me occasionally reaching to skip a song. This isn't necessarily a reflection on Brian or the show, just the nature of a show with such a variety of songs, styles and artists presented. Hat tip to Brian as well for what must be a mountain of work, and he affords himself quite well on most things. The occasional typo or mispronunciation can happen to anyone, especially on a show of this magnitude and scope.
Brian does not take himself or the show too seriously, but at the same time pushes very hard to make it high quality and very entertaining. I highly recommend.
I find covers to be fascinating, and apparently so does Brian Ibbott.
It sounds like Jimmy from south park on this own podcast, and as entertaining.
I’ve been listening to Coverville from the double-digit era (like, #11!!). It is the one, the only, podcast to which I listen religiously. Brian might not always cover artists in whom I am interested, but he certainly provides me new and different perspectives on a variety of music. I have certainly expanded my music knowledge and library because of Coverville and him.
title says it all
I've been listenng to podcasts for at least 8 years and Coverville is the only one that I've continued to listen to consistently over that time period. Keep the great work!
Terrific episode!! Very clever theme - loved the diverse music!! Coverville is the best!
This is amazing, I feel like I am listening to gramps victrolla playing a 78 speed album with a tears for fears song. Keep up the great work Brian!!
What ARE you gonna do for the episode "1K".... Wait ! don't tell me I wanna surprize. Great job Brian!! I don't know how you find all this stuff....I Love it!!.. Wait ! Don't tell me ! I don't need to know....You do it so masterfully for all of us!! Greg (Gorgo) Pierson, Chico Ca.
amazing podcast, i love covers as long as they are done differently from the original. this show has a great verity of musical genres with original interpretations of the songs.


By abi2314
what a great show.
Brian is totally charming and his music choices are awesome!
If you really love music, you will love this podcast. True, you may not be a fan of all the covers but there are some real gems in almost every podcast. And if they are not to your liking, the podcast has tracks which allows you to skip songs. The backstories on some of the songs and artists are often as interesting as the songs themselves. I always learn something new about my favorite artists and come to appreciate those that are not a little more. The podcast features music and artists you may never have heard of while provoking both thoughts and laugh out loud fun. If you don't like this podcast, you don't like music. Get it.
Thanks brian for a great show!
Coverville is absolutely wonderful! I really enjoy hearing the creative variety of songs that I already loved. Brian your shows have become an necessity for me to listen to. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into Coverville and keep up the great work!
Love the podcast!
If you like music you'll love this
Nuff said.
the host needs to be more selective. Some of these covers are awful. Just because the original song was great (not always), doesn't mean that the cover is. I have heard way too many great songs ruined by what I hear in this Podcast.
Brian Ibbot does a fantastic job in everything I've heard him in, and congratulations on making the front page of iTunes podcast page!!
Take all of your favorite songs from virtually any genre or era, and then wrap them in a bacon flavored package. This podcast may be the best possible way to introduce, re-introduce, or revitalize great tunes for the musical masses. An altogether splendid experience.
Coverviille, will introduce you to many awesome artists, you might otherwise never encounter. Mr Ibbott can also be found on, 'The Morning Stream', which is flipping ace too. Mmmmm, Frogpants. If only local, traditional radio, was so good.


I love covers and always have... This show offers some great ones, but the host is so boring he sounds like the people you hear over the loudspeaker at a mall and tell you about deals
No lengthy review will do this podcast justice.
We all love covers and Brian delivers gems every week. I can't reccomend this highly enough. Hear your old favorites in a new way and discover new artists at the same time. It's practically perfect in every way.