Words of Peace (Podcast)

Reviews For Words of Peace (Podcast)

Gracias por brindarnos la oportunidad de ver y escuchar a nuestro dulce Maestro Prem Rawat, su mensaje me da claridad y alegría.
I am amazed about how this message has always been available. Now it is so much fun having Prem Rawat's message available in my I-phone all the time, wherever I go. It is so refreshing! Thank you all for all your kind work! Viviana
make sure you listen to the message in these podcasts from Prem Rawat. It is so important today to clearly experience what is right with the world because we get so many messages about what is wrong. Enjoy!
I just found out about this podcast. I've never heard anyone make better sense of life!
Not only is peace possible it is necessary!! Without that true feeling in ones life you are missing the greatest gift of all.The people who have received his gift know the difference between being alive and really living.
in the finest tradition of a storyteller with the sweetest feeling of compassion and generosity this is my favorite podcast hurrah !! for prem rawat hurrah !! for the internet revolution that allows us to stay in touch/make contact so conveniently
Many thanks go to Prem Rawat for sharing his universal and timeless message of peace in this new and exciting format. Each episode of "Peace is Possible" is a virtual treasure chest of fresh insight and ancient wisdom that both inspires and delights the heart.
The more I listen to Prem Rawat, the more I want to listen. The message he gives is consistently one to direct people to go inside and have the experience of peace within. This is where real peace lies.
For those that *know* that their heart wants peace, Maharaji (as Prem Rawat is widely known) through this weekly podcast will remind you that finding that peace is indeed possible. On my iPod shuffle, this voice of hope resonates deeply within me. It does wonders to my morning walk and to my day.
I love this podcast. It soothes my being to hear his words of peace because it reminds me of what my life is really all about. I enjoy the reminder to stay on track. It's like an oasis in a desert. But unlike an oasis, which can be hard to find in a desert, this oasis is easily found on iTunes, ready to quench my thirst for meaning.
At last a message of peace that is neither religious, nor political, nor vacuous poetry. Just plain inspiration to find peace and freedom within. Prem's words are inspiring, practical, they make me feel good. I listen to these on my way to work, and they make my day. Keep up the good work, Prem, we need more of your message.