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Stick to science and stay out of politics. You are obviously biased. Jan 6 ,This was a protest to save or country from the communist left.
One of my fav podcasts.
I live this podcast. The hosts are great at questioning guests that help them elaborate on their research, findings, theories, etc. I also enjoy the various topics, for example “Bones”. Not a subject I have ever thought about, critically. I also appreciate the hosts’ own curiosities.
25% of these are great programs, well presented and easy to understand.the rest have become heavily biased and eventually have to delete them as my anger increases. I like to hear both sides of the coin, but not feel belittled because I don’t feel compelled to follow the leader. Please stay scientific like the earlier programs. Edit: 2020 brought nothing but political BS on this podcast. I can’t take it anymore. I just unsubscribed and deleted all episodes. Good riddance.
Love listening to these podcasts! Very informative about interesting subjects, especially love the space topics. 🚀
I wish I had come across this podcast sooner. Very fascinating and I like the format. Great hosting and guests as well!
A great variety of topics in science with very entertaining and engaging hosts. Always a joy to listen to!
The hosts are not afraid to challenge their guests with interesting, skeptical, funny and insightful questions. The topics are also more interesting to me than most, and their puns will give you a free groan a week.
I admire the makers of this podcast for not being afraid to take on tough issues through the lens of science and by presenting objective facts. In a time when we can’t look to our leader to help us understand what’s going on, it’s a breath of fresh air (albeit through an N95) to hear people talk about what’s provable/real and what’s plain old political hucksterism. No apologies to those offended by truth.


By Biff978
Sadly, this show, like so much of the science programming out there, has become much more political and a whole lot less scientific. It was once great, but no more.
Seth and Molly present well researched insightful science based stories that are always entertaining.
Max Brooks ? Worse show ever.
This podcast used to be great but now every other episode is some identity politics diatribe. Stick to science, please.
Science Friday was my previous go to source for science podcasts, until I discovered Big Picture Science with Seth Shostak et al. Simply the best on interesting topics and great questions and conversation.
This is my go to podcast for all things science. Entertaining and informative. I do like the humor as well they interject as well, however I am glad they ditched the little side skits they included in older shows - it was often times just a little bit too cheesy and drawn out.
I listen to lots of science podcasts but this is my absolute favorite. I hate the ones with four guys just shooting the breeze about Important Topics. I mean, I can do that myself. Big Pic Sci has great guests, great production values and the best hosts in radio. There. I said it. I think Seth Shostack(sp?) is hilarious and Molly Bentley is warm and witty. They’re a perfect team.
As a human who values understanding the world around me, I have enjoyed listening to Bi-Pi-Sci since I discovered it a couple of years ago. I have really enjoyed episodes that connect broad topics where I wasn't aware of the connections, or have provided historical context to topics that I have learned the technicals of already, but not the story of the discoveries. As a science teacher, I have found the "Skeptic Check" episodes to be partcularly valuable for highlighting topics where poor reasoning is on display, and modeling the process of breaking down and examining ideas.
Currently this is my favorite podcast. Nice blend of the hosts chatting with each other and then to interviews with experts on the topic. Super production values. And I cringe when they talk about experiments that are not experiments but are empirical research. There’s no independent variable. A situation is setup and observed—that’s a research project or study. If this podcast is doing science education, and I think it is, then the distinction between experiments and (correlational) research should be scrupulously honored.
The Episode “Math’s Paths” made my mathematician heart so happy!
One of the best podcasts - bar none. These hosts help unfold fascinating new science with casual humor and great interviews. BPS shares with us the joy of discovery through new facts and ideas about our universe. Will Stack Nashville, TN
I enjoy the fact that they have a lot of scientists on the front lines as their guests. These are often people working at research institutes or labs. Of course they also have authors and professors, but a lot of the time guests are working scientists. The topics are varied and Seth and Molly do a fine job of balancing the depth of the subjects. Lots of reviews indicate political bias. I’ve noticed it, and although I don’t always agree, I’m an adult so I don’t mind hearing other peoples’ opinions. It certainly doesn’t ruin the show for me. Great podcast!
I think this podcast is fantastic, always well researched and presented, full of pithy wonderment. Another gem in a golden age of free content.
Great podcast with thorough topics in scientific reasoning with fun sprinkled in....just because! Keep them coming!
This is a political podcast pretending to be about science. Lots of the scientific history is just factually incorrect. After hearing errors in seven of the eight episodes I listened to, I chose to never listen again.


A poem by Ogden Nash is about termites. The Termite.
You have a wide-ranging grasp of topics, and a wonderful way of getting the ideas across to novice or professional. So fully worth subscribing-to. I love listening to you, even at 2x speeds
I’ve been a listener going on 7 years. However, just like other media, I’ve noticed a political bias in some of their podcasts which I don’t feel belongs here.
Did Seth wake up on the wrong side of the bed the day that this podcast was recorded? He was very confrontational towards Sarah Cruddas. He seemed to want to contradict anything she said. He reacted as though any answer she gave was the wrong answer. Normally his interviews are productive and informative, but unfortunately this wasn’t one of them.
I’d give BPS 5 stars for their excellent subjects and guests if it weren’t for the relentless yuck-yuck, wink and a nod puns and a tendency to reach for greater accessibility by dumbing down the subject matter. I guess this tone is appropriate if their primary audience is children, but this adult finds it all a bit tedious.
Very enjoyable Seth and Marley are very funny and excellent podcast.
As a retired physic’s instructor, I’m greatly disappointed in the way, very important scientific topics, are discussed in these podcasts. Too often the topics of the podcasts are presented from a predetermined, bias viewpoint. Pure science is a quest for the truth. It is not a close minded presentation of selected outcomes used to support a particular point of view.
This show presents fascinating scientific information with humor and very interesting guests. They tackle everything from UFOs to microbes. This is one of the best podcast discoveries I’ve ever made.
This human endeavor is Pleasant,
I listen to a lot of science podcasts and this may be the best! Each episode is broken down into several different segments on a subject which is easy to listen to. More than that though the topics get pretty good depth, historical context, but are approachable and easily understood. I don't know if the government actually funds this podcast but I hope it does.
I'm only three episodes in and already can't stop thinking and talking about this podcast. Looking forward to hours and hours and hours of more! BTW, if you're looking to fill a science void due to the decline of radiolab over the last year, this podcast is for you!
Best science podcast ever!
This has been a go to podcast over the past several months. I randomly stumbled upon it and it hasn't disappointed. Great production, an awesome archive of episodes, and you'll more than likely learn something interesting you didn't know. Also it finds the perfect middle ground with explaining complicated concepts. The episodes never talk down to you but you never feel lost with what's going on. Just awesome and finally SCIENCE!
I'm really happy to have found this podcast. It's an excellent review of what we know and how we know it. Events, both current and historical , are reviewed to determine what happened. One feature is a regular skeptical review of conspiracies, ambiguous claims, etc.
I listen every week--amazing job distilling tough concepts into entertainment
My favorite podcast, period! Thanks Seth and Molly!
Interesting topics. Covered well. Informative and accessible and not just rehashing science that any science enthusiast has heard a million times. The hosts do a great job. It avoids the pitfalls that hurt a lot of podcasts. It's not excessively weighed down with irritating music and effects- though personally I think zero music is the right amount in any podcast unless it's a podcast about music. It's not over-edited. Just smart entertaining discussion
A great review of relevent science. Why are we on this particular planet? These are the un scene forces molding a place for life. Venus, our sister planet has no water and is hot enough to melt lead, but apparently started with water. What twisted the knobs on that planet?
Great clear show!!!! Awesome for a simple or advanced mind.
Seth and Molly have soothing radio voices and excellent production capabilities. The topics are always interesting. I appreciate how they're able to inject some humor into the mix. I eagerly look forward to episodes weekly. Love this podcast.
One of the best podcasts ‘out there’
Politically neutral topics are discussed at a high level. Anything with political overtones is viewed from a leftist perspective. Sad.
I have just receintly subscribed to the podcast, loved it. It has an NPR quality feel to it and very professionaly done. I learned of Big Pictue Science podcast via a blog post and didn't even know it was out there untill now, I look foward to listening to any new and upcoming podcast.