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I just recently found this podcast and am enjoying it greatly - whether it is the music, some inside information, or the Rocky Fortune series, this podcast has it all. Thank you for keeping the memory of Frank Sinatra alive! It has taken me back to my early years of living with my grandparents and how my grandfathe used to love listening to Frank Sinatra. I wish he was still alive so that I could share with him these podcasts as he did the music and movies of Frank Sinatra. So thanks again!.
I am a new subscriber , I heard about this podcast while listening to Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. And I am sure this will be another great tribute. Brian keep up the great work..
Just finished your "Can-Can" episode, really loved it. Your shows are helping me get to know "Frank" better than ever. I'm a life long Sinatra fan and I thought I knew all that there was to know about him. I do have a problem though, each time I listen I need go out and buy a DVD or CD. Found Can-Can on Amazon. Not sure how long I can afford to listen to your podcasts.(just kidding) Love the shows, please continue them.
This was the first podcast I ever subscribed to and still is the only one that I wait for the next episode to come.
Brian Noe's The Frank Truth is essential to podcast listeners just as "Sounds of Sinatra" are to radio listeners. It is an podcast that shows the broad spectrum of accomplishments by the late Frank Sinatra. Brian Noe brings out thoughtful insight, history and the wonderful kaleidescope of sounds brought by the entertainer of the 20th Century. Listen to it; love it; live it. Music from the era when Men were Men and Women were Broads.


My favorite podcasts are labors of love, and this one definitely fits the bill. Brian Noe has taken his fascination with Frank Sinatra and given it to the rest of us in an entertaining listen. Most importantly, he keeps the focus on the music, which is where it should be, as opposed to peeping into Sinatra's love life or, um, business dealings. Very worthwhile for all longtime fans of Sinatra or those just discovering him.
The Frank Truth should be a staple for anyone remotely interested in Frank Sinatra. This podcast covers everything from Frank's recording session history to album reviews to resources for even more info on the man and his music. The host, Brian Noe, knows his stuff, does his research and presents the information in an interesting manner—and he has an incredible radio voice to boot. The Frank Truth has helped me appreciate and enjoy Sinatra's music more than I did before I started listening, and that speaks volumes.