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I just listened for the first time and These guys talked about everything but Linux. Ubuntu 20.10 was mentioned a few times in a 2 minute segment. The rest of the show talked about repairing a 3ds, Indian food, circuit breaker issues in the one hosts home, and who knows what after that. I turned it off. There is no format. There are long pauses and one host maybe said 3 words the whole time. The audio quality is not great either. One host sounds like he is talking through a drive through speaker. I think these guys are knowledgeable on a lot of tech stuff, but should focus on creating some kind of solid format and change the show name so that Linux isn’t in the name since they don’t talk about it.
I see the good reviews are old, so maybe this was worthwhile at some point. Long silent pauses. Very little actual Linux talk - like 45 minutes without the word being mentioned. Basically it's a few dudes throwing adolescent inside jokes to each other. Jokes that have nothing to do with the podcast title. A typical gem - host 1: "Hey did anyone see the new Superman movie?" The other host's replies: "No". Great stuff guys. The more I search for a Linux podcast for adults, the more convinced I am that Microsoft and Apple are funding the few that currently exist.
I listed this week (April 19,2013) the first segment was a libertarian screed on the the gold standart and the virtues of bitcoins. The next segment was one of the hosts talking about his job options and plans for the future. I gave up after 30 minutes, I went to their forum and noted the sparcity of comments and concluded that this is a vanity show without active listeners. I can't comment on the hosts knowledge of linux as that topic was not broached. Don't bother.
This is one of the best linux related podcasts available. Standout interviews, relevant discussion, and humour make this show top notch. In the world of Open Source, Free Software, and GNU/Linux this is an excellent show. Another bonus... It's streamed Live over the net every wednesday night. Chat with the hosts as they interview the guests and then download the podcast version the next day.
This is one of the best podcasts. They get great interviews. Plus its real people, not overpayed professionals. Its fun, they complain. Its great. At least try it.
Starting before others and on a shoestring budget (without shoes or strings), these gents have put together a thoughtful show on the state of all things Linux. With their fingers firmly on the pulse of the sick Windows patient, these geek doctors are prescribing Linux. Get your Linux fix every Wednesday evening. Now I'm hungry. Where's the Hoagie guy? Regards, Terry G. West Hills California