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Latest podcast appears to be from 2010. Are you still in business? If not, why is this still showing?
Thank you Lou and Sheps for all the casts. We are sorry to see you go. You guys were the best.
As a Cubs fan, it's great having a podcast dedicated to the team. The commentators seem knowledgable and are generally entertaining, although occassionally dry. Do not buy the Cubs Masochist clothing. I purchased a shirt, and they were quick to take my money, but I never recieved the shirt. I even emailed them a few times through their site and never recieved a response. Extremely disappointed.
This is the best cubs podcast by far. The guys are funny, insightful and informative. Most of all, they will keep you entertained. Off-season or post-season, this is a MUST download.
Cubscast has been my favorite podcast every since I started listening to podcasts a few years ago. At the time I was trying to get back into actively cheering for my Cubs. Listening to Sneech, Lou, & Sheps not only helped me catch up on my favorite baseball team, but they also helped me fully enjoy being a serious Cubs fan again. When the Cubs are bad, they manage to keep you from wanting to shoot yourself, and when the Cubs have a season like 2008, they keep on having fun. Their show is truly entertaining, while still providing up-to-date info on the Cubbies.
I have been an avid listener of Cubscast for three years, and I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the unique team of Lou, Sheps, and Sneetch. I am a Chicagoan who has been living in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, and even from 9000 miles away, I wouldn't dare go one week without my dose of Cubscast. Here in Malaysia, there are exactly ZERO telecasts of Cubs baseball (no, WGN doesn't quite reach this far!). My only glimpse of our men in blue came during the All-Star game. With Cubscast, I get everything: humor, updates, commentary, and even the keen insights from three guys who obviously care as much about this team as I do. If you're ever wondering if there are Cubs fans in Asia, wonder no more -- I'm out here wearing the colors with pride. This IS the year!! -- Malaysia Greg


By KevinG
Seriously this is the future of broadcasting. These guys ride around in segways and have silver suits.
Awsome content and contests. The best way to stay up on all things Cubs.
I've enjoyed this podcast for a couple years now. Anytime I need an extra dose of Cubs talk (I live in Arkansas), I turn to Cubscast. The production quality is great, especially considering these guys are scattered across the country from each other. The topic is always timely and relevant. A+ podcast!
The best sports cast around from 3 guys who obviously bleed Cubbie Red & Blue. Smart, funny, and insightful. They often have interesting interviews and commentary. Check 'em out and GO CUBS!
Cubscast is great!! I discovered this Podcast near the beginning of the regular season and immediately noticed how good these guys are. Sneetch, Lou & Sheps have a wealth of knowledge and are very good at sharing it. Great Podcast. Keep up the good work!
these guys are great and really know what they are talking about. go cubs!
Cubscast is put on by three Cubs fans, three times a week. They do an excellent job covering the team and their insights/analyses are often hillarious. As a displaced Chicagoan living in Ohio, I don't know how I ever got enough Cubs coverage without these guys.
This is the best of all the Cubs Podcasts. Witty and informative, it serves as an essential part of the season. Three episodes a week, all about 30 minutes and free - what is not to love. If you are a Cubs fan, this is a must download!
Cubscast is the greatest Chicago Cubs Podcast out there. If you would give your first born child for a World Series Title at Wrigley, then you'll love the Cubscast
Lou, Sheps and Sneech provide some great commentary. Despite being a "labor of love", they give you a lot of information that isn't just available by reading Chicago media or mainstream media. They have a great perspective on all things Cubs and give you a feel like you are sitting around shooting the breeze about the Cubs and having a beer with your buds.
I've listened to a lot of podcasts and Cubscast is my favorite podcast ever! I never miss an episode. Sheps, Lou, and Sneetch are very knowlegeable and passionate Cub fans. They all have a great sense of humor. Listening to one of their podcasts is like hanging out at your favorite Wrigleyville watering hole with three witty die hard Cub fan friends.
These guys have a passion for the Cubs that borders on an obession. They watch each game and report on the Cubs for all of us! Thanks guys! Love the humor and the insight!
I discovered this podcast last year and look forward to every episode. I highly recommend it to any Cubs fan. You'll quickly find yourself addicted to the witty banter, the regular featured segments (including the exclusive 'Down on the Farm' reports from minor league announcers), and finding out what the 'answer' is everyday. The outtakes that sometimes appear at the end of an episode are always worth a chuckle, as well. The hosts are three guys you can easily picture hanging out with and talking all things Cubs. Great, great podcast.
This is a great podcast for all Cubs fans. I usually end up laughing at the whole thing. Lou, Sheps, and Sneetch are very funny with all their jokes.
Lou, Sheps and Sneetch are lots of fun and always interesting, and they know their baseball too. They are guys I'd like to hang out with if I still lived in Chicago. Down south, it's all football and basketball - nobody pays attention to baseball (much less the Cubs) unless the Red Sox are playing the Yankees - *yawn* Thanks, guys, for delivering a little slice of home 3 times a week!
I love this podcast, I don't get to see all of the Cubs games so I count on CubsCast for all my Cubs news. Keep up the good work guys. Don't write them off because they're orphans.
Lou Sheps & Sneech are well informed and have 24 TIVO's between them. They often review games from the out of town feed, which is interesting to say the least. I've listened to the other Cubs casts (no pun intended) and this is by far the most comprehensive analysis of the team at that point in time.
Where else can you find insightful info from actual fans, not PR hacks? Where else can you find detailed summaries of recent games, instead of short highlights? Where else can you find useful reports on the minor league teams? Where else can you find bad Mario impersonations, Geovany? (Okay, everywhere for Mario, but the rest?) If you are a Cubs fan, download this and enjoy. Thanks for the great work, guys.
Great combination of humor and cubs info. I am a huge fan of the "down on the farm" segment. The only constructive critisism i can think of, is the unhealthy man crush the crew has on Hoffpauir.
good and funny but they get a little cheesy at times it's ok to cuss every once in a while
This podcast is a very entertaining and insightful look into the progress of the Cubbies. The 3 hosts each bring a different and often humorous perspective on all things Cubs. I always try to find time to listen to each show.
It doesn't get any better than this. Lou, Sheps and Sneetch offer insight into the Cubs from a normal Cubs fan perspective and never disappoint. If you are only going to have one Cubs podcast, this is it. Period.
Cubscast is a great podcast and essential listening for all diehard Cub fans. The trio of hosts do a good job of breaking down games, analyzing the team and forecasting upcoming games. Cubscast is especially useful for folks who, unlike the hosts, are not able to watch the entirety of each game.
I actually have been looking for a podcast this good for the Red Sox (my #1 team). Cubs are #2 team and this podcast is making the games that much more enjoyable. Humorous and informative.
These guys are really true blue cub fans. They have a great knowledge of the Cubs, good perspective and can be very humerous. I think it is easier poking fun at the Cubs when they are losing which makes for a more entertaining podcast. This year they proved me wrong because they are just as entertaining and more fun when the Cubs win.
If you're looking for a well produced Chicago Cubs podcast by true fans, loaded with first-rate analysis and humor, this is it. Lou, Sheps and Sneetch play perfectly off each other resulting in a balanced program - never too bight-n-shiny and never too doom-n-gloom. Out of the dozen or so podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, this is the only one I am sure to keep current. So, my first question to you today is, what are you waiting for?
Lou, Sheps and Sneetch are the reason for the season!!!
Smart, funny, uniquely entertaining and a fresh take on the game of baseball and what it means to love it. Hosts Lou, Sheps, and Sneetch not only offer the nuts and bolts information that makes any cubs fan worth their fandom, but they also provide interesting commentary from their own distinct perpectives that is hilarious as well as compelling. These guys represent the best things about the various kinds of cubs fans that are all over this great country. A no doubt must-listen for any cubs' fan - but would also be enjoyed by fans of the game of baseball.
These guys really enjoy their Cubbies and bring a fun look to the team. They have some good stories to share (sometimes not even Cubs related) which add to the well-rounded podcast. How they manage to do 3 podcasts a week during the season is just amazing! If you are a Cubs fan, you really need to subscribe to this podcast. Win or lose, this podcast seems to always put me in a better mood. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Go Cubbies!
For an out of town Cubs fan this podcast is a great source of excellent Cubs information. The variety of information and the humor of the three hosts is great.
I started listening to Cubs cast earlier this season, and it really is the most consistently good Cubs-themed podcast out there. Updated three times a week, listening to this cast is like carrying on a conversation with fellow Cubs fans. The guys are knowledgeable, but also keep a light, amusing tone to the proceedings. If you are a Cubs fan, don't hesitate to check this one out.
I don't miss an episode, these guys are quarky but devoted cubs fans who are pretty well informed.
These guys rock. Great insight onto what is going on at Wrigley. Living in Minnesota they give me much needed information that I cannot get locally. They know their baseball, and have great bits, such as the cubscast rewind as well as sell or buy. Only down fall is in the offseason where they tend to get a little stir crazy and very off topic. Overall I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Check out their website too, the message board is full of cubs fans to discuss todays hot topics
I love this podcast. I listen to it on my bike rides. They cover everything from current series and recent games, and even the Cubs farm league teams. I keep hearing about this .99 cent podcast they are going to have soon. Are they going to be charging for all of there podcast soon or what? Either way keep up the great work guys!
I've been listening to this podcast for a couple seasons now. It really hits the spot in a perfect balance of commentary and comedy. These 3 fellas do a great job and have a good chemistry and actually know what they're talking about (most of the time). I've tried other Cubs podcast but eventually stopped b/c they just sounded like a guy or guys just talking around a microphone. This is actually a show and it's done well. Congrats to Lou, Shepps, and Sneetch on a great podcast. P.S. They've actually read an email of mine on the show and played a recording I made on their phone line. That's another plus of the program-it feels like a tight community where we are all involved. Thanks Cubscast.
This is a very good podcast. It is done professionally, yet knows when to mix it up. They have 3 hosts, 1 local hosts who can comment on the local news, and 2 out-of-state, who know when the Cubs are getting national attention. They are funny, but always bring it back to the cubs. Great job, guys!!!
These guys exemplify what it means to be a cubs fan. Sarcastic, witty, knowledgable, and sometimes a little drunk? If you walked in on any baseball discussion amongst cubs fans, it would sound a lot like this. The cubscast guys comment on every aspect of the game, stadium, and chicago media. They recap games, discuss the team's progress, and critique (among other things) managerial decisions, player performance, signings, the minor leagues, etc. They're not professionals, but the cast is organized, well structured, and progresses well. They cast 3 days a week, so the discussions are always up to date and relevant. It's entertaining if you're not a cubs fan, but if you ARE a cubs fan, I highly recommend it.
This is one of the best baseball podcasts I have found. The hosts are fun, but are very knowledgeable as well. They make a perfect blend of statistics, game-recaps, supposition about the cubs, player info, and fun. Definitely worth your while!
Of the many podcasts that I am subscribed to, this one takes the cake...Being a lifelong cubbie fan, this show feeds the addiction that is part of every Cub fan.
A necessity for any Cub fan, either in Chicago or abroad. A refreshing, positive, and intelligent take on all things Cubs. A long overdue alternative to the local papers and national sports nonsense.
I've been listening to this podcast for a long time. Great podcast. Lou, Sheps and Sneetch are likeable, giving objective opinions and they shine on the ups and downs of being Cubs fans. I listened to them all throughout the 2006 season which was one of the worst seasons of all time, but they stood strong and reported on all the poorness and kept the hope alive. That kind of devotion makes this my favorite podcast.
These guys are great Cubs fans. Lou, Sheps, and Sneach are knowledgeable, smart, witty, and downright awesome hosts. Listening to them is always a good time whether they're praising the Cubbies, dawging the rest of the league, or conversing over something that seems somewhat unrelated to baseball whatsoever. This podcast is a must for any Cubs fan or any baseball fan in general.


cubscast is awesome! click yes if you agree.