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I am reviewing to give the feedback that I’m finding the new-ish format with breaks every quarter of an hour so difficult to listen to. It is so frustrating that just as the introductions end and the conversation warms up and really gets going — there’s the music again!! It is so painful to have to listen to the hosts repeatedly cut the guest off (albeit graciously), multiple times in the show, and then the guests lose their train of thought and have to repeat themselves. Not to mention — sometimes there are so many topics covered now in the forum it’s hard to keep up with who the guests are and get any thorough analysis!!! Please, I beg you, change the format back to 1 break at the half hour mark, and thank you in advance! Also, I would give the moderators, who are all excellent, 5 stars. (Krasny and Mina Kim are the best of the best and I’m sad that Michael is retiring.) I feel very spoiled by their superb interviewing skills and their perfect radio voices; in fact, they’ve ruined me for most other podcasts bc I get annoyed or easily tired of most other podcast or program hosts’ ticks and habits.
I’m a longtime fan - so great to now have as a podcast. Love Michael Krasny and Mina Kim as hosts, covering the topics of the moment with great guests.
Journalism is not dying on NPR, it is decomposing. Used to love it, but Trump derangement syndrome got you bad. A lie every five minutes — deleted.
Delegating important proposition coverage to Bay Curious is the poorest decision ever!!! Katie Orr needs major vocal coaching to be a podcast host. She has so many verbal ticks such as vocal fry - it’s just unbearable to listen to and a shame. The Allen Price gal could also use some coaching. We are used to the fine tuned voices of Nina Kim and Michael Krazney. Really disappointed that you outsourced this important discussion.
I love Michael Krasny and I love Minna Kim! I left SF and continued to listen. Back in the Bay Area again, it remains a stellar, relevant, articulate and thoughtful show.
Idk what crawled up Larry’s posterior. Keep doing your thing and giggling, Mina
Don’t listen to Larry mansplaining! Hey Larry it’s just your opinion, man!
Great example of what you’re prone to, Mina. Listen to the Elizabeth Warren episode you so capably steered. Serious issues, and an appropriately sober tone during the first 2/3 of the broadcast. And THEN. When you laugh during the question you’re asking, it communicates a lot, and all that laugh-borne signaling is bad for the content, quality, and direction of the discussion. You’re laughing at yourself, with yourself, and it tends to demean the topic. It is humble, granted. And human. But it quickly becomes excessive. You’re way too committed to your craft and prepared for your work to let things slip like this. My hunch is that no one around you brings up this weakness and the opportunities it presents for improving upon your excellence and your command. Because if you get the message on this, you’re sure to be more intent on overcoming it than any mere listener like myself might readily understand. Relax, sure. Be personable with guests and callers, definitely. But in the end, neither of those worthy ends is served by giggling.
While Michael has an incredible breadth of knowledge and geniality with guests and callers, I cringe when he is interviewing solo female guests. Often his questions lack depth and insight, and he interrupts and makes way too many inane (useless) comments and “Dad jokes.” I don’t say these things lightly. Five stars for Forum otherwise.
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Makes me sad to say this as I am a huge fan like everyone else, but after hearing the Tony Morrison interview, MK should retire.
I want to report that on Wednesday 10/2/19, the podcast under the title of Paul Tough on ‘How College are or Breaks Us’ is also the content of From ‘Borowitz Report’ to ‘Retro Report’: Andy Borowtz on Unpacking News Through Humor. While the later is a very good show, I would really like to listen to the one regarding college. Would someone please make the correction and post the Paul Tough’s interview? Thanks.
Thank you KQED for the consistently good Forum and for offering it as a podcast!
Krazney is great
Forum is the best current affairs show I have ever listened to. It is my go-to place to get informed on what’s important to know.
Does this podcast not include the local Bay Area topic matters? If not, why? It’s the reason I subscribed...
I've listened to Forum for over 10 years. I love the show. They have great guests and smart journalism. I was a regular radio listener and now I listen to the podcast every week.
Krasny is a smart guy, and is well prepared. But he interrupts way too much. It's especially painful when he has a brilliant guest who needs more than 30 seconds to answer a question and Krasny breaks in as if he's not even been listening. This is really his one sin, but it is a big one, and it happens way too often.
Only kidding, Michael.
No matter the topic, Forum is always fascinating. I love the breadth of subject matter and the even-handed perspective that Michael and his guests offer. I listen to Forum every morning and always feel like I learn something new and interesting.
Some great programming that you can take in your pocket, listen to whenever and wherever you are! This is for those times when you can’t finish listening to a show on your commute! Subscribe to this podcast and you won’t regret it.
I first started listening to Forum after having taken one of Michael Krasny's classes at SF State. He is a thorough interviewer, fair and balanced, and always comes well prepared on the topic with each guest. The show covers a wide variety of current events, politics, history and art. Thank you KQED for making this show available as a podcast so I can still listen even though I don't live in the Bay Area anymore!
Krasny is incredibly fair, even tempered and intelligent. Probably the best forum host in the country. Most talk radio rarely has both opinion-less hosts and gives equal weight to differing opinions. The Forum has both. The show's guests are, for the most part, great regarding the diversity of opinions. The show's topics are, for the most part, very interesting. Contemporary issues in politics, society, etc. spoken about in an ad-free show. AND THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO SHOWS EACH DAY!
Always engaging newsmakers however show tends to have overly Californian emphasis and specifically the bay area. This tends to limit shows appeal.
The show is up to date, has timely topics, and gets the best, most informed guests. Michael Krasney is one of the best radio hosts in the country, if not the best.
Last show is from FEBRUARY...
Good podcasts
One of the smartest shows around, always great topics, and guests, many pertaining to the SF Bay Area. Krasny is great, very informed and has a strong command on all the issues tackled on the show. He also uses great syntax Don't miss out on KQED's Forum!!
Lazy and uninformed, Krasney has all the spark of paste.
Good enough but the host tends to not be up to date on issues and guests seem to be equally out of touch. I live in the area and end up tuning in to this show because that's what's "on". If you are hungry to hear any voice from progressive communities (i.e., Obama supporters, et al), you will be somewhat frustrated by Krasny's forums. Callers can be as described by another reviewer (dingbats) but frankly, having tried calling in once, the gatekeeper at KQED tended to be such a grump and so judgmental, I can see how the sane community just no longer bothers participating as a general rule.
A wide range of topics well presented by Krasny. However, when the callers come in the content departs, as they ask meaningless and mostly irrelevant questions. I find myself stopping at that point unless the guest is especially great. The election related content is always fabulous.
I live in Bayarea. I listen to forum on KQED public radio in the morning while commuting to work. it is very informative, balanced and most importantly discusses the relevant and interesting topics.
Michael Krasny brings literature, the arts, politics, and current events to the airwaves and now to podcast. You can count on Forum to bring you in depth discussion of subjects that are important, and to bring to your awareness topics that you didn't even realize were important. He often has fantastic guests that are well known at the national or even international level. You probably won't care for a lot of what's covered, but with an astonishing 10 hours of programming a week, your mind is sure to find plenty of stimulation. This show is one of the main reasons I'm a KQED member.
I first heard Michael Krasny on KGO-AM where he stood out in the AM world with an intelligent, intellectual show that was unfortunately hampered by the commercial medium. Now he's on NPR, and things couldn't be better. He is one of the best hosts anywhere, and his guest list is terrific. He interviews with insight and knowledge and gets the most from his guests. Check him out! You, like me, will become a regular listener.
"Nobody does it better" than Michael Krasny. That one human being can be so knowledgeable on so many topics and have the eloquence to share that with the rest of us is a rare gift indeed. Forum is a "must listen" to anyone who in interested in stretching their mind and opinions.
I haven't lived in the Bay Area for over a decade, but I still listen to forum whenever I can. Even though it is on NPR in the liberal bastion of San Francisco, this is the most balanced interview show you will find anywhere (I'm a Republican-Libertarian). Even more importantly, Krasny is probably one of the most intelligent and certainly most well informed interview host on the radio/internet waves. From politics, to art, and to wine, I'm continually impressed by every show I hear. It puts Talk of the Nation to shame.
Krasny is a facile interviewer and a genial host. He is highly knowledgeable and handles both callers and guests with equal aplomb. His voice might initially lead you to believe he's a milquetoast, but there's steel behind that soft voice. Most subject matter and guests are interesting and engaging, but there is the occasional dud. Highly recommended!
Forum has been must-listen radio for me for years. Krasny is amazingly well-informed about an amazing array of subjects, but he's at his best and most perceptive when he's interviewing authors. Maybe it's his background as an English professor ... whatever the reason, he seems to really enjoy conversation with literary folks, and I'm delighted to have those conversations available to listen to at my convenience.
If there's a rock star of Bay Area public radio interviews, Krasny is it, and now he's web-wide. He's highly informed, and he takes on relevant and complex topics from local to international. Every segment delivers real information and expertise. So happy that I can get Forum whenever I want it now.