Reviews For The Original Theme Park Podcast

I felt it was about time I left a review. If you are a casual serious or do your research coaster boy, this show is for you. Mike and EB are two of the most entertaining people on this planet and will give you an hour of laughter. For all of those on the fence about listening, I highly recommend you do and I personally believe that this podcast has got something for everyone!
I've been looking for a better theme park podcast and stumbled upon They do a good job of pacing the show, moving from topic to topic, and keeping things fun and interesting. It's been a real treat as I've been training for a half marathon and need something to occupy my mind of the long runs.
This is a long running podcast geared toward the amusement industry as a whole, not just Orlando and Southern California. The Park Hopper segments are geared toward promoting smaller, non-corporate parks with their own unique charm. The podcast has evolved over the last 13 years, and all podcasts from episode #1-2005 are available. It will take months to binge through the entire catalog if you want to catch up!
This is my favorite theme park podcast. I love Mike and EB's spin on all the latest news in the theme park industry. This show is a hybrid of a new cast and a campy variety show.
One word. Fabulous, just fabulous. I love the use of characters to keep the podcast fresh. When your tired and want to relax, just sit down and enjoy the Coaster Radio ride.
Don’t let the name deceive you, is the perfect podcast for the average theme park fan. A ton of great content and two great personalities. If you’re a fan of parks in general this is the show for you.
Mike and EB consistently provide fun content about different theme parks around the country. It’s a nice alternative to all the Disney podcast out there.
Coaster Radio goes back to the earliest days of my podcast listing and it’s only gotten better with every passing year. My love of amusement parks brought me to the show, but Mike and EB’s banter has kept me listing for 12 years.
The show is very funny and informative for both coaster fans and non coaster fans.
So I listen regularly to at least a dozen podcasts. is my favorite. I've been listening to this podcast weekly since season 2. I think it's been over 10 years I've been listening to Prince Mike Collins and EB. Their show is funny and informative. And I've become more of a coaster enthusiast since listening to the show but when I started listening to the show I really wasn't a coaster boy. But even though I wasn't a coaster boy I enjoyed the show because of the banter between the hosts. Great podcast hosts can make any subject interesting and that is what Mike and EB do every week. They have created a great show but more importantly they have created a CoasterRadio community. I've met so many incredible people because of their show. We get together a couple times a year for CoasterRadio meetups. Next meetup is coming up next week (Oct. 13, 2017) at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The show is a audience supported show with much of the content being contributed from listeners. So, give it a listen. I'm sure you'll love it. I know I do. 10 years and counting.


By Bgiese
Well produced and very entertaining. Great amusement park podcast. Lots of theme park news, tips and reviews.


By PP1.2
I'm new at listening to podcasts and this one is my favorite. Thank you to the two of you for getting me through the long drives, keeping me entertained and thoroughly informed.
Coaster is not only an amusement industry podcast. YES, Mike and EB do an escellent job of breaking down the industry-it's attractions and personalities. What is excellent about this podcast is the dynamic between the hosts! Two friends exploring things they love to talk about, and having fun while they do it. If you are a fan of the amusement industry, this podcast is for you. If you are a casual fan of the industry, this is for YOU TOO. Give Mike and EB a listen-go to coaster before doing your Amazon shopping-love the show.
The original and also still the best theme park podcast! Too bad I missed the early years of this great show!
Two people who enjoy their fandom, uncover parks you might not know but will love, and make us have fun listening. Funny characters, silly games, but also actual information and serious discussions on everything from Disney on out. I look forward to this one each week.
As an in denial coaster boy, I love Mike and EB's podcasts about theme parks and roller coasters. It's the perfect mix of news, comedy, and listener segments. There are also character segments and off topic segments. This is still the best theme park and roller coaster podcast.
Love this show, have been listening for several years. I especially enjoy the interaction of the hosts. The podcast is the best place to hear about theme park news across the country not just a few parks in tourist locations. Great show, keep up the good work.
Coasterradio is not only the best podcast in the amusement park industry, it's the best podcast I've listened to period. It's so fun and light-hearted but informative at the same time. If you have even the slightest interest in the amusement industry you should give this podcast a try. It's my Friday morning tradition to start my weekend with Mike and EB.
I've been listening to these mofos for a long time. I keep listening every week.
I look forward to this podcast every week! Been listening for years!
Covers everything in the world of roller coasters and theme parks. So glad it's not only about Disney. I've listened every week for the past year. Funny, to the point, and great for all audiences.
Roller Coasters? ✔️ Jokes? ✔️ Fun? ✔️ General Theme Park-ness? ✔️ This is the Podcast for you! If your crazy theme park fan this shows got a lot of great theme park gossip and chit chat. I love the all the funny segments, they really make me laugh out loud. I've converted my fiancé into a theme park fan too via this podcast! It's great and it's not just for theme park fans. If you like podcasts and are going to a new to you theme parks you should try searching old episodes. They can be really helpful for insider tip about the parks. Give it a listen, you'll be hooked!
Hands Down My Fav Podcast! Love it guys!
Just listened to the latest episode and was excited to hear my live trip report was selected. I love listening to CoasterRadio. The show is fun to listen to and the guys are great. Thanks Mike and EB for having me on. Hope I can call in again with another trip report soon.
This show has been going strong for years and it keeps getting better. Mike and EB always find new and inventive ways to include the audience and their characters are lots of fun. The theme park information is top notch and their interviews are always interesting. Love this show!!
We love to tune in to listen to the latest news and informatoin related to the theme park industry! Each week, is our first stop, especially during long road trips to theme parks!


By Rel723
The podcast is awesome for amusement park fans
Mike & EB take pride in being one of the most interactive, listener-supported podcasts out there, and they're absolutely correct in making that claim. I started listening to CoasterRadio a couple of years ago, never dreaming that it would lead to meeting tons of new friends at park meetups and online. Each week I look forward to watching the show being recorded on a live look-in, participating in listener feedback questions or contests, or just hanging out with people I've met through the show. The casual, laid back vibe of this show keeps me coming back week after week. Highly recommended.
I figured that since I’ve been a loyal listener to for about 10 years it was time I finally wrote a review. Every week hosts Mike and EB produce an always entertaining show about theme parks, roller coasters and much more. The show finds a perfect balance by being informative without being too nerdy. You will learn and laugh. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough.
In a perfect world this would be a paid podcast, but what a wonderful world it is that it is free. If you like coasters or Disney or amusement parks or just laughing this is the best pod cast out there . Made by a couple of tv producers( a whole group in the early podcasts) they know how to make a good high quality pod cast that always sounds great. And is just the most fun you will ever have listening to a pod cast!
Great coverage of parks all over the country and all over the globe!
Most theme park podcasts either imbue themselves with news (Season Pass), a sense of a panel show (Parkscope in particular), or a history show (Wedway Radio), and just plain fun, like the also highly-recommended Orlando United Radio. Well somebody recommended CR to be alike, and the recommendation couldn't be more dead on. While OUR flirts with skits and only talks about the Orlando parks, Coaster Radio scans the entire spectrum of theme parks (mostly North America) and rarely excludes. This definitely seems to be the first and definitive theme park podcast, and takes the "radio" name to heart. Not only is the show polished by two obviously well-worn industry vets, Mike and the always-eager E.B., but it features Neil Patrick Harris as the show's announcer, they occasionally have ad breaks and like many crazy morning radio shows, you will be imbued with some surprisingly hysterical characters that infect the show with a surreal "1990s Conan O'Brien/Howard Stern" charm. Some are based on pop culture characters (Hagrid, E.B.'s impression of which will have you on the floor), some of which are characters of their own, such as Coasterboy, who despite sounding like Homestar Runner in a theme park, is a wonderful nudge at their audience. The message as always is to not take things too seriously, and CR never does. The show is mostly news-based for the bulk of episodes but there are some fun game show pieces and interviews here and there. It's also quite old (10 years) and has an acquired fanbase (I just started listening a month ago and I've barely scratched the surface), however it doesn't seem that Mike and E.B. have succumbed to the recent affliction that talk show hosts have been suffering lately, and are totally gun ho on a long future ahead. So feel free to start at anytime, you'll catch up quickly.
Very enjoyable podcast with heart and fan-appreciation for both the big guys and the small regional parks.
I first downloaded a few podcasts for a long solo road trip. Best decision ever! These guys are a riot. I found myself laughing in the car all while hearing about the latest theme park news as well as funny (or not so funny) things that people experience in theme parks. The podcasters have so much enthusiasm for the subject and it really shows. A must listen podcast for any theme park junkie.
I started listening to the show just a few months ago and i am hooked! Its a great show that provides insight in the amusement industry as well as comedy from the hosts. There is good interactivity with the listeners throughout the shows and with many well known people in the amusement park industry. If you are roller coaster or theme park enthusiast, the show keeps you informed about the new attractions and manufacturers in the industry. Even if you don’t know much about amusement parks, the funny and laid back nature of the show will keep you listening week after week.
I have been listening for about a year now. Mike and E.B. The hosts are very funny! They are average guys who love theme parks. It is great for people who love parks and have no friends who like them! My son and I met them at their first ever meetup at Cedar Point this summer. They really are just 2 guys who love doing this! They make everyone feel welcome on the show and encourage you to call in or email them. I have made some life long friends from this show and the events they hold. Download it now, you are missing out!
Great podcast very informative always look forward to listening


By Maxterp
Mike Collins and EB Rock!
How many podcasts boast a weekly vocal appearance by none other than Neil Patrick Harris? How many podcasts are willing to take a swing at Disney, but pinch its' hiney on the follow through? How many podcasts are the Original Theme Park Podcast (the name of the show is the name of the site, by the way) That's right Bruthers and Sistas, only one. This one.
Great show! Very entertaining and informative!
Mike and EB are great and entertaining. They cover alot of intresting topics and I love the funny characters too. Only possible suggestions would be to maybe cover themepark and coaster history sometimes? They always complain about lack of topics in the off season, but maybee some history could fill the void? Also don't care for much when they do shows that stray really far from themepark talk like the show they did on themepark weddings, and the idol experience at disney and so on. Otherwise, great show and one other thing I love is how the ENTIRE archive is in Itunes and not just the most recent episodes. This is not the case for most other podcasts I listen to. Having all the back shows right here makes it super easy to point and click and get them right onto my ipod for easy listening. Still catching up on the back shows while listening to the current shows when they drop.
Here's the best review I can give... I was driving to Hersheypark with my girlfriend (who is not a big coaster fan.) I played an episode of Coaster radio for her and she was hooked. She couldn't believe it was a podcast. She thought it was a real radio show. I actually think she has a crush on the guys. If EB and Mike can make a fan out of my girlfriend, they can make a fan out of ANYBODY! Keep it up, guys!
Light-hearted and very entertaining.
I live within minutes of Six Flags Magic Mountain and I love Coasters, these guys add to that love with this fun show and their great personalities!
This is the best amusement park podcast EVER! Seriously. I've been nice and tried out other podcasts. But this one is by far, the best one for amusement park fans!
Mike and EB know what they're doing. They could talk about the phone book and I'd still listen. Great, informative interviews, hilarious banter. They've been doing this long enough to get great guests on the show. I like to play this podcast in the car when my sister and I are on our way to spend the holidays with family. Even though she isn't interested in coasters she laughs at these guys....a true sign of crossover appeal. Keep up the good work!
Just found out about these guys about a month ago and I have already listened to over 50 episodes. It's funny and informative.
Very funny and fun eb is so funny cant wait for the next episode
I found this podcast not knowing what to expect, turned out to be the most fun and informative podcast I have listened to. Mike and E.B. have a very interactive show and really involve their listeners. They have good information not only about coasters but theme parks in general all across the globe. This podcast is good for not only kids and teens, but myself as a 38year old adult, lots of variety and interesting content. Keep up the good work, can't wait for what's in store in the upcoming seasons.