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I listen to past shows and can’t wait to see whats gonna have me groovin every Friday !!
Love the show! Would love to hear more of the history of the band, set, music etc in the beginning of each pod
Another reason to to be excited about Friday! Always look forward to see what I will be jamming on my bike ride to work.
I have been listening to the professor podcast for years and it is the best period!
Just so hard to pick something to listen to, all good here the professor does that work for you.
“The Deadpod” is the best podcast for Deadheads! Rare, deep cuts. The Professor finds some real gems—shows from all different eras in the life of the Grateful Dead. Keep it going!
Takes me back!
I also agree with the other review above. Let us not forget the early Dead. Listening to the music of old it’s awesome to hear the transition from old to somewhat newer versions of songs.
Love starting the weekend a few hours early with a "fresh" show every Friday morning!
Thank you Professor Henrikson. We are truly blessed to be alive when this music graces the planet at the same time we do! Timeless. Hope you’re feeling better. Sunny aloha from Hawaii!!!
One of my favorites of all the podcasts I have listened to throughout the years, musical or non-musical. It has brought the Dead to life in my head, providing a great source to hear how they transformed musically from the 60's to the 90's. And having the Professor add his overview makes it even more enjoyable. Thank you Professor and keep up the great work!!!
I really look forward and enjoy listening to this podcast each week. Professor picks out fantastic shows with great sound quality
Listened for years. Always great show choices.
Great stuff!
With seemingly every GD show available for listening, it's great to have a well-curated selection, which allows me to focus on great shows I may not have listeded to otherwise.
Very friendly brief introductory commentary..all about the music! So cool to hear the collection of vintage archived classic dead tracks..I highly recommend subscribing if you are a dead head!
This should be on your cast list if you are a consumate fan and apprecitate the full range of the Dead's existence. Makes a Friday even better
...this podcast is an excellent way to feed him/her. Full sets of live shows spanning 1966-1995, lovingly curated by a man who calls himself "The Professor". I do not have the patience or level of interest to seek this stuff out myself, so I appreciate that the Professor does it for me. And I listen pretty much every week.
I am having a nice Sunday evening starting off with some good hash and this podcast. Thank you.
This is such a great podcast. Thanks for putting up all these wonderful Grateful Dead shows for us to enjoy. Keep on, Sunshine Daydreamers...
The commitment from the professor really shows through. Been able to experience the variety of shows throughout the different eras really highlights how amazing this band really is.
It's wonderful podcast..shows from every decade
Aloha, thnx for your time. I save to listen while on the beach, when applicable. Mahalo for the GratefulDead!
As a younger listener I'm really enjoying this podcast. Being born into a house of Deadheads I grew up listening to a lot of this stuff, but being able to hear so many shows and get a little background on them is really enlightening. I wasn't able to be there, but this really is the next best thing. I recommend this to all the younger fans who missed out on this incredible generation of music.
The Prof’s show selection is fantastic, it’s a must-listen for any ‘head.
Look forward to this awesome podcast every week! The Professor does a grate job choosing various shows, and also taking requests. If you haven't already, listen to this podcast. (R.I.P. Shakedown Stream itunes downloadable podcast)
I love the Deadpod! It’s so nice to have a new set of Dead every week that is selected by such a knowledgable Deadhead! I have recommended it to lots of local Deadheads and look forward to new episodes every week.
It's exactly what it says it is.
Professor, I’m long time listener and finally got around to writing a review. You don’t need it, you’re already rated highly, but I wanted to tell you what a great job you do week after week.
No way to improve on this podcast! It's comes up pure aces every week! The professor puts his all into it, and it really shows. If you love the Dead, this podcast is an absolute must!
This is a great podcast - the only one I regularly download. Love the shows you did up and especially Jerry Shows. Keep them coming. You're the best out there! I recommend everyone share with their friends. The bus doors are always open!
This is one of the only things the internet is good for. It is like the old dead hour when you would huddle around the stereo with a few buddies and some drink. Now i fire up the pod on my subway commute to work and relive the excitement of a new live show. The only difference is not having that little sound bite before the introduction to very seriously try to guess the year. I can't thank the professor enough and his passion and sincerity are truly reflected in the shows he shares with us. I even love catching his dog barking before he can get the words out. Thanks John, we love it.
We have been cruising through the Andes for four years and there is no better soundscape than the dead. We are turning heads one South American at a time. Thank you so much for keeping the boat afloat straight and true.
I remember listening to the dead hour on 93.1 wxrt in chicago at least 10 years ago. Every Sunday evening at 10:00 at night I would listen with friends and have a good time. Then that faded away and we where left with nothing. About 3 years a ago I discovered the deadpod and reconnected with what was lost years ago. Now I have a library of great dead music.
What else can I say but I absolutely love the Dead and the Deadpod. Thank U
I love this great collection of music.


I'm an English teacher in NJ and my students and I listen to you while we write all the time! I introduced many of them to the Dead. Keep rockin.
Love the shows from the early to mid 70's the most. In my opinion the boys are at their best!


By esgeal
The best!!
Great variety to explore all grateful dead times...
If you never got into the Dead, it may be that you never heard them in their full glory. John finds the best shows across all of the styles and decades of the Dead. Can't do better than listening in that full concert setting. The shows from '74 (4/27/12 and 5/4/12) are perfect examples. Thank you for bringing the Dead to "Life".
The Deadpod has made my appreciation for the music of the Grateful Dead grow exponentially. I have learned quite a bit about nuances of different eras & shows, and I have learned to love shows that I had not heard in the past. The Port Chester '71 & Winterland '67 really stand out. Every week I look forward to what is next. Professor, you could not possibly do a better job. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, taper-friend resources, and love of the greatest band and music ever recorded.
Thank you so much for all the great music you provide. I love your selections and always look forward to hearing your rundown of the show before you start it up. I am forever Grateful!
The Deadpod is the best podcast that apple offers I sleep to it everynight without fail.
What can one say.... The Dead always produced memorable shows! Wonderful memories! Jerry is the man. Thanks Professor!

By gpg
What a treat to get this every week!
I've been listening to the professor since I was in Columbia, Missouri in my college days back in '95. It was the same great show but on public radio and I'm so glad to have found it again on a podcast even though he moved from Missouri to Michigan, as I did back to Chicago after school. Thanks soo much for the great music all these years Professor! I still have tapes of you when u were hosting.
I love the fact that he does this podcast. It's always nice to hear shows and I love getting them downloaded to my ipod. He seems to play a lot of shows from the 70's and shows with Donna (obviously still from the 70's). I'd like a little more variety but this is such a petty gripe. It's good to hear the Dead from any era and I always looks forward to this podcast coming out.
That's all any Grateful Dead lover needs to know! The professor provides a great mix of dead and JGB concerts. The music hasn't stopped!!