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As how extremely important Covid is and how it has impacted our well being and way of life, it will pale in comparison to what will happen to us all and our well being and if the conspiracies and anti-democratic forces in the Republican Party are not addressed. The Republicans have embraced a man at CPAC that incited an insurrection on our government as their leader. If this country loses its democracy to the the authoritarian Qanon republican party, we will look back and see that Covid was such an important issue, but it wasn’t what ended up destroying our way of life. And this show seems to not take the Trump authoritarianism very seriously... get on the case Josh.
This show at least tries to cover multiple angles.
Bland discussions due to the lack of diversity in political viewpoints. I’m a registered Democrat who mostly votes independent but I clearly see the lack of conservative representation in current media. Sadly, this podcast is no better. Try harder...intelligent, thought provoking voices are out there...you just have to actually want to listen rather than living in an echo chamber.


Love this podcast. I get excited for it like I got excited for Saturday morning cartoons. Keep up the great work KCRW
I haven’t really listened since she left because the “left” cohost who replaced her was pretty awful.
As a proud moderate i’ve enjoyed this show for years, but no more. The panel is clearly biased toward the left and ever since Rich Lowery departed, I can’t even tell who the rightward columnist is anymore. This show used to be a forum where people from both sides could come, hear a vigorous defense of their side but also be exposed to ideas from the other side - a very healthy thing. You’ve lost your rightward audience. They will now retreat farther into their echo chambers while this show becomes “Left right and center” in name only. America continues to polarize. I’m disappointed and moving on to other podcasts.
Good conversation about opening schools. Given that the overwhelming preponderance of scientific evidence shows that opening schools can be safe and that the true impediment to getting them open is the intransigence of the teachers unions (and Democratic enablers), I think it is time for parents to organize a property tax strike. Open the schools five days a week for in person education or do without property tax revenue. I promise this would focus the attention of all parties in a profound way.
Are you comfortable in your life? Is politics mostly ascetics to you? Do you want to hear three different opinions that a basically the same things with different wording? Would you like to hear about the most recent lazily written book about population growth during a pandemic? Have you run out of your sleeping medication and need something to allow you to finally drift off? Well Left Right and Center has now been updated to fill your needs. This show used to be great Rich and Liz where the last line up that actually was listenable. The quality of co-host has fallen from there. The current lineup is so bland and boring it will put you to sleep. Men from think tanks that must specialize in trying to get Americans disinterested in politics so they can pass law making the American flag just a taupe bed sheet. These people have nothing interesting to say. The unfortunate part is we know Josh Barro isn’t to blame because all the presidents’ lawyers is great. Please just find a left and a right that are interesting and sit to them. I would say Megan McArdle should be the right, but I would be saying that just because I think it’s funny listening to her struggling to say something coherent (look up her writing about how she “knows” the struggles of being poor while living in her parent multimillion dollar NYC apartment its a good laugh). The lineups since Liz and Rich left just aren’t working. A show I used to drop everything to listen to is now so boring I normally lose interest at the 30 minute mark. Finally, please stop having people on to promote their books in the second half. Yglesias’ book about 1 billion Americans was a low point. No one even asked him hard questions about his ridiculous book, nor put him to task about the idea of increasing our population in the current COVID pandemic. The effort I put into writing this review took more thought than that drivel. He is a prime example that even Harvard makes mistakes.
Really good one tonight. Substantive, interesting, and intelligent dialogue.
I used to love this show. The current lineup of guests is not an even balance of the arguments and doesn’t engage in much of a back and forth. These conversations used to be substantive, but lately the guests seem disengaged with the subject and content with talking past each other. I would almost be okay with that if there were a strong voice for the Left but that’s simply not the case. Mid 2020 (if memory serves me), they made some changes and Josh told us to have patience with the lineup. My patience has run out.
Read the description for the Friday after Biden was sworn in. It says nothing about whether or not the policies he is promoting are in themselves divisive. Just because you call for unity does not mean we shouldn’t exam what’s being promoted by the person calling for unity. I listen to this podcast on the regular and they have (and should have in most cases) covered the terrible things trump has done but that’s literally all they do on this show. So either get better people to support each side or just cave to the all the left wing reviews about how this show is right wing propaganda
They don’t seem to ever have a conservative viewpoint on here. Not sure where they’re getting their “right” pundits from but I have yet to hear a conservative opinion on a subject. It’s a shame because I like the concept of getting to hear all sides on a subject in one podcast. But that’s not this. I’d suggest just listening to both a conservative podcast and a liberal podcast instead.
I am actually unsubscribing from this show. To say this is "Left, Right and Center" is a joke. It is at best Right with a host and "left" that do there best to be nice and not speak bluntly. They are unwilling to have an honest discussion in the effort to remain "civil." If the left person isn't willing to call the attempt coup d'etat at least insurection you really don't have an honest person in the room (Center or Left)
My favorite panelists were Liz Bruenig and Meghan McCartle. They each have the right amount of fire, well-researched intelligence, and heart, that really make for a satisfying listen. Most other panelists are pretty blasé, (but I usually listen anyway.) Josh Barro is a great moderator. For those complaining that “the right” isn’t represented—there’s a thing called the Overton window. People who call themselves “right” in America today would not be recognizable to the Right a generation ago. They actually have become (put into historical context) theocratic extremists with bizarre ideas so divorced from reality that no respectable show should be giving them a platform. If you want that, go to breitbart. If you want classic right-wing perspectives, you WILL hear them on this show.
Center, center, and center.
If what you’re looking for is right-wing apologia and not challenging fascist propaganda, this show might be for you. I listened for years, but towards the end of 2019, as the Trump administration got less and less easy to defend, the guests did their best not to put Rich Lowry in the position of having to defend criminality or gross incompetence (which he gleefully did anyway, mind you). The host never challenges outright lies and I’m done pretending there’s some nobility in respectfully listening to fascist gaslighting.
Excellent podcast.
So refreshing the last couple of shows to hear Kellie Goff and other female panelists discuss current events! Unfortunately we are back to an all male drone on this week that lacks a female voice and perspective to keep this show interesting and balanced . Josh, I’m sure you can find at least one female panelist per week. To leave out a female perspective reflects male dominated culture which is oppressive and just plain dull. Get with it! Alan W.
Sabeel Rahman and Lanhee Chen both terrific additions, and great to have Josh back! I was close to giving up on LRC, but now I have hope it will again bring balanced, insightful and surprising perspectives that are in such short supply.
If only all news in the USA was like this show. Its devoid of all the tribalism, and the guests do their best to honestly engage with each other’s points. Plus it’s one of the only places you can find conservatives that make sense...
I have listened to this show religiously since 2005. It was a rare beacon of balanced discourse in a sea of biased media. But this summer it lost me. It seems to have gone the way of most other media in these times and has become completely one sided. Plus it violates the entire premise of the show, which is supposed to allow for civilized debate... Bring back Rich Lowry—a reasoned voice on the right—and give Christine Emba a break—who is rude and patronizing.
I have loved this podcast. I love being able to hear insightful perspectives from both sides, while having commentators who are willing to acknowledge their own party hypocrisy or failings. Emba is apparently incapable of all the above. Her unimpressive echo chamber commentary is grating and is a quickly sinking the show. For example, this week she asserted that the state of the USA pre-COVID-19 was not good—that the US, as a nation wasn’t doing enough to meet its citizens needs. Before COVID-19, the US was experiencing a thriving economy and the lowest unemployment rates since the 60s-70s. Not to mention the US is a first world country that offers supports and services to it citizens that the majority of the world’s population only dream about. Does this mean we should stop trying to be better? No. But if I were her I would have been embarrassed by how that commentary came across: inaccurate and uneducated.
Probably the most one-sided hypocritical, excuse -laden, blame shifting, deflection plagued episode I’ve ever listened to. Keli Goff definitely does not need to host LRC. I’ve never seen a journalist with so much left bias call themselves independent.
I’ve been an avid listeners for several years, however lately I’ve been skipping over “Left, Right and Center”. Emba’s palpable condescension has really turned me off. Particularly that it goes unchecked. As an independent, I love a fierce debate, however talking down to listeners is not working for me.
I always loved this show. My views always pulled from left, moderate, and right and i rejected being put in self perpetuating opinion bubbles. This was always my sanity check to find an intellectually honest discussion. But......... Its become left, far left, and insanely crazy left. Even radicals are being painted as moderates here. I find little thought behind these discussions any more. Just emotion and pipe dreams.


This show is falling off a cliff. I’m fairly close to deleting it. Left side needs more then give people money.
Christine Emba can’t help but race bait. Her tone is insufferable, and her arguments aren’t cogent. Honestly tried to like this podcast, but I can’t listen to Emba. Her tales are worthless.
Christina Emba is condescending and sarcastic at the best of times, and holds Democrats to very different standards than Republicans. She is frustrating to listen to and no one calls her on it. It is making it increasingly difficult to listen to. Most of the time, the “right” on the show feels more center than conservative. Especially with 12/4’s episode. The podcast feels like a liberal’s idea of “Left, Right, and Center”, not an actual view of what that looks like across the US. I want to keep listening, but not sure how much longer. The three stars are because this show was awesome, and I can’t rate it lower than that due to past episodes.
Love the show. Did not like Fridays one-off. More honestly I did not like it right now. There are “a few” things going on in the political world right now. I like to get LRCs take on things. I will appreciate Kelli Goffs culture show on Jan 21 but right now all hands need to be on deck covering the commander in chief subverting democracy. Also while I’m here bring back Rich Lowry. Don’t rotate the panelist just bring in a guest each week with a different perspective. Josh Barrow is great.
Great show. Listen avidly. The perspectives represented here range from far progressive left to center right. It kneecaps its appeal to political junkies who are trying to learn all the angles. Its probably just because listenership drifts left and would not tolerate a populist right panelist. Still a fun show to listen too. Josh Barrow is a gem.
You guys have ruined one of my favorite podcasts. It’s not even remotely the same show....why not just call it a new name and be done with it. Lame.
Can’t be sure what you’re getting week to week.
I really appreciate listening to this show, even if I don’t necessarily love all of the panelists. Given the division in our politics, this is not an easy show to produce, especially because we all have varying definitions of left, right, and center. While I think this show could do a little more to have right panelists that legitimately like Trump, I think it’s important to keep in mind that Trump doesn’t necessarily represent the values of the “right.” I’m disappointed that so many reviewers feel so comfortable panning specific panelists.
I listened to a few episodes, and I don’t know all of the left’s perspective. I do know the centrist and right’s perspectives. The centrist drifts to the left and the right is more centrist than right. Maybe this show should get someone who is grounded in the the ideal and principles of a real conservative.
I have really enjoyed listening to your show. However, Christine Emba really should be replaced. She is condescending and ineffective at advocating her position. Hard for me to listen to. Please replace her, and I’ll continue supporting this show.
Can someone let Tim Carney know that many, many liberals ARE Christians? In his comments suggesting that we all have people in our circles who have different beliefs than our own, he suggests that liberals have friends that are conservatives, Christians.... really? As though all Christians are conservatives? Please. I expect less reflexive assumptions from people on this podcast. Do better!
So Trump’s tweets aren’t great, but neither are AOC’s. Dear lord.
This show is constantly diverse , the left right and center all more or less are not only smart and poignant but, they are SINCERE . That is the best part . 20/20
I enjoy the show...but to echo what others have already said, I’m listening less because of Christine Emba. I’d appreciate and listen more again if we had a more objective, respectful, less condescending person from the left.
This podcast is actually fairly left-skewed. The host claims to be center but both how he asks the questions and how he responds show that he is clearly favoring a left agenda for this show. It’s unfortunate. Show me someone who is actually center. Anyone?
I used to enjoy listening to LR&C conversations about current topics from various perspectives. My goal was the show's: hear the best version of civilly-made arguments made from different viewpoints. Ms. Emba is uncharitable and ostentatious; the other guests aren't stepping up to the stated values of the podcast. I'm finally giving up and unsubscribing - will try again in a few months to see if things have changed course :/
This show does not represent conservative viewpoints from the “right”. Left is progressive, center always leans left, and right sounds often like a center-left criticizing the right, and always bashes trump. Would love to hear discussion where the “right” perspective is more representative of true conservative viewpoints.


I'm not sure exactly what happened... Josh Barrow is the only one who is actually listenable, but his other podcast, All The President's Lawyers, is 1000x better than this podcast. I am a Progressive. somethin with all the hosts besides Barrow, the Left and the Right... the Right is extremist right, and the Left is completely ineffective at being an advocate. and frankly as a Center, Barrow is not very effective either, and he is definitely center right. I now find the discussions to just be annoying as the Right says something crazy (typical republican viewpoint or not) and the left and center don't push back at all. the right is constantly generalizing all dems, and since dems have a crazy large spectrum of viewpoints, I find it quite aggravating. and he says things where he is throwing in little unrelated things like, "the dems have extremist views on abortion" and no one pushes back on this btw, and all I can think is, "the RIGHT are the ones with extremist views on this. on the left, people actually have RESPECT for science and a woman's bodily autonomy between her and her doctor, this is crazy I know. totally unacceptable little digs. you don't like abortions? SUPER. then don't have one and leave my uterus out of your life." I don't find respect for a woman's body to be extremist. anti-choicers literally must think we live is Saudi Arabia or something. (ironically these are the same people who are so afraid of SHARIA LAW being instilled in America... what do you think being anti-choice is, dumbo?) anyway, rant over, but GEEZ this is like. Left Right and Center is more like Ineffective, Right-leaning, and Extremist tea party. unacceptable. unlistenable.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good show which does express a diverse group of ideas and I enjoy listening to it. My one concern is that the “center” host leans pretty left and after listing to the 15 past episodes, I rarely hear him side with the right (something which someone in the center would inevitably regularly do). Furthermore, the featured people from the “right” appear more center right, regularly bashing Pres. Trump and failing to defend the right’s more featured policies and platforms. I’d really like this show to go harder with its “center” and “right” to get a more fresh and diverse perspectives. Maybe Trump being ousted from office will cause this to happen, but for now, the show needs to be renamed “Far Left, Moderate Left, and Center Right”.
Really enjoyed listening to LR&C for the last 6-8 months. Georgia has been somewhat of a surprise, or has it? With the biggest flip of the election and two likely runoff elections for senators, I’d be interested in hearing a more in-depth analysis of just what happened. My reaction is to give credit to Stacey Abrams for her consistent effort to get out the vote in Georgia. Thoughts? Keep up the good work! Left-leaning moderate independent from Colorado
Since the addition of their latest guest, this podcast has become unbearable. It seems like all the other guests are catering to her simplistic, self-serving views. This show used to be really stimulating but so much anymoe;( Christine Emba has got to go!
This podcast is entirely biased towards the left. The guests pretty much just talk down to anyone who disavowing them. More elitist banter. I’m extremely disappointed.