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I'm one who appreciates wine education and learning more about wine. The World of Pinot Noir seminars are my favorite because there is a mix of topics for beginners and "wine geeks." I look forward to this podcast continuing and enjoy listening their back catalogue that spans 12 years.
High quality guests, interviewed by several wine geeks. If you like wine, and want to learn more, this is your place. Shows are best when Brian doesn't say much!! 😉
I am usually very impressed with the various guests featured on this podcast. They are typically very eloquent and well informed about their vinyards, wineries and wines. Check out podcast with Chene Bleu.

By M1k3-
Wow what a bunch of a$$holes that have posted reviews on here. For a community that is supposedly about refinement and decorum there is a lot of rudeness. Great show overall. Some of the guests can be a little dull but hey that's going to happen. Overall very good content for FREE. What a bunch of unappreciative babies. You would think they were paying $20 per episode, so you don't like it, skip it, delete it but don't put down effors to grow our community. Unbelievable... grow up.
These podcasts are invaluable for anyone in the industry or who is studying wine with the aim to be in the industry. The interviews are invaluable inside looks into wine regions and styles straight from the producer's mouth. I will agree sometimes there's too much side chatter - but usually it keeps the playback fresh and is pretty funny. These are some of the best wine podcasts out there.
They have film maker David Baker saying "Modovino" is a "gotcha doc". They don't asked him why or at what point of "Modovino" is it "gotcha" Very interesting if your into listening to a Ponzi's daughters talk about how she realized that her parents had built a semi wine empire and how she realized that she could capitalized on the empire without actually working
This is a great source for serious wine students (and all wine enthusiasts are students). I especially enjoy the coverage of wine events. If someone feels the information is over their head... or that they are not the target market, I would say that if you are trying to learn more about wine and the wine world, stick with these guys. You won't be lead astray on Grape Radio. There is a lot of misinformation about wine out there... choose wisely.
Great podcast! I enjoy listening to this as I drive around San Diego selling wine :)
I am currently a total novice when it comes to wine. I've listened to 3 episodes of this show and feel 100x more educated than I was just 2 weeks ago. These guys conduct interviews and ask fantastic questions. Add in a hint of comedy, personality, and loads of passion and you get a fantastic (albeit somewhat brainy) wine podcast. If you really want to learn about wine, take a listen, be patient with your own understanding and you'll eventually start picking up the terms. I would liken this to learning Spanish by moving to Spain. If you stick with it you'll come out the other end with a wealth of knowledge filled with cultural nuances - in this case, of the world of wine.
Love this podcast. I am interested in the business of wine and the making of wine. They do a great job covering both in great detail. I have learned a lot from listening and encourage anyone interested in learning details to listen.
Would you like some snob to go with that wine?
Love the in-depth information on wine & wine industry ! Great work guys!
Knowledgable and inquisitive folks who seem to have a real passion for wine, from the vineyard to the consumer. Great mix of qualitative discussion combined with complete geek outs, but made all the more real and informative by the guests being interviewed.
Love the show, very relaxed. Loaded with awesome technical details. Would like to have some more reasonable priced wines throw in though...
These guys do a fantastic job, Select interesting topics and get excellent guests. Antonio Galloni, Alice Feiring, Jancis Robinson has recently checked in and its great to actually hear these people discuss wine. It also is professionally made and done so on a consistent basis. I laugh at these one star ratings. Those people are idiots. Bottom line, this is the best podcast to get information from the top professionals in the wine industry discussing the most current topics.
Love the content, and the obvious love of wine! Even more inspired by the more controversal/ political wine topics! Bring on more wine controvery please!
This show is geared pretty much towards people that are really into wine. Snobby? Not at all. A lot of the discussion is "inside baseball" types of things. I would recommned perusing their web site to get more information on each show. That way you can take or leave shows based on their content.
Finally a podcast about wine where information comes first. Hosts have great knowledge and guests are great. In this day where everyone has to be a "personality", these guys rock the understatement.
This is one of the more UN-entertaining podcasts on iTunes.
This podcast lives up to all of the negative wine stereotypes out there.
Its podcast with a couple of snoby people discussing snoby wines.
This is what podcast should be. Professionally recorded, with great subjects, knowledgeable interviewers and passion for the topic. I wish every podcast was as well done as this-great work!
Have you ever talked to somebody who thinks they are ELITE? If you have and it bothers you, this podcast is not for you. This podcast comes off as snobby. I don't like it.
I agree with the other viewers/listeners that this podcast is very professionally made. My only complaint is that they rarely cover wines under $50. I would love to see an interview of someone that is making great wine for under $30 or maybe the hosts of this show don't drink value wine. Maybe I am just not a member of their targeted audience.
You cannot get more stuffy then these guys. If you like expensive wine then this is your show!
So, i know people are like bagging on this, but its not for normal people. Its for people who want to be wine geeks, for people with a real passion for wine or forming one. Its great for those people. Just give it a chance. If it doesnt inspire you, then maybe wine isnt your love.
I've listened to this podcast for going on 2 years. There is not a better wine podcast out there. Best guests, timely topics and great insight into wine. If you want to learn about wine this podcast is a must.
This podcast is the best wine podcast out there. I met all these guys and they are really cool. They all do wine tastings in South Cal and other places. They always have time to talk. They are really educated about what they do. Good Job, Guys. Keep on going.
I really like this podcast, I’m not a big “wine geek” but I think your show is great, it’s simple but very interesting for those of us wanting to learn more about wine.
As a listener I find myself feeling belittled at times. I guess my radio must be tuned to a different station.
I've tried to listen to an entire podcast. I can't do it.
It's loaded with too much over the top insider/ industry talk. They just need to tone it down. It really has the potential to be a great show for everyone.
They deliver the goods. Top critics, interesting interviews, great topics. I like the fact that it sounds like a casual conversation around the table. Do they interrupt? Sometimes, but that's what keeps it real. If it were much more perfect it would be too "glossy" to fit their persona. These guys like wine. The people, the process, and the product. It's not wine 101 but it's also not only for Master Sommeliers.
I was not happy with the interview about the Orange County Fair wine competition. The hosts engaged in too much banter and interrupted the man explaining how the competition worked many, many times a minute. Clean up your act!


This is a fantastic cast for those who enojy and would like to learn more about wine. From newbies to wineaux, the guys do a great job of keeping things entertaining and informative. A must listen!
The wine region reviews are most impressive.
Graperadio has helped me to appreciate wine even more. I love a great glass of wine and enjoy searching out the flavors and scents of any wine I drink. These guys on Graperadio have helped me to appreciate wine even more and keep the lesson in an entertaining light. I especially love the chemistry between the show hosts and their honesty about wines. I would highly recommend this show which is professionally done in their studios. I would almost think that this show was produced by NPR or some public radio program. Cheers!
These guys go out of the way to impart knowledge. It isn't about reviewing wines it is about expanding everyone's knowledge about an ever evolving subject. Terrific. Check out the Pinot Shoot out episodes such a great series, fantastic guests and lively conversation.
I host the Wine for Newbies podcast, and I have nothing but high praise for this trio of wine enthusiasts. While I consider myself to be well-informed when it comes to wine (but hopefully I don't come across as a wine snob!), I am always learning something from Grape Radio. Whether it's an interview with a wine reviewer, a wine importer/exporter, or winemaker, Leigh, Brian and Jay ask intelligent questions but don't talk down to their audience. In my mind, Grape Radio leads the pack of wine podcasts.
I've heard all the wannabe podcasters with their cheesy production or bad attempts at humor. I really enjoy listening to Leigh, Brian and Jay as they spotlight some really interesting facts on Wine and Food. I'm really not all that up on wine, but these podcasts give me something to talk with my wine enthusiast friends
there are few better resouces, to say nothing of podcasts, than those on Grape Radio. The interviews with Stephen Tanzer, Mike Grgich, and Joe Davis are overflowing with juicy tidbits of knowledge that I don't think you'd find anywhere else. Passionate, informed, and provoking, it's like being able to ask your favorite winemeakers or wine personalities real questions. Can't believe how much you can pick up in one of these half hour tastings!