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Reviews For Grace Central Coast

Being away from San Luis Obispo for a semester, this podcast has been a true blessing and a huge relief from my homesickness. Pastor Tim and the entire GraceSLO staff are committed to proclaiming truth. It's great to be able to pause the sermon and scribble down what was said because you can't really do that in the middle of a live sermon :)
One of the hardest parts of leaving San Luis Obispo was leaving Grace Church. Pastor Tim and all the Grace staff are amazing teachers and listening to the podcast makes me feel like I'm right there in the pew. Even if you've never been there this is a great podcast for anyone who's looking for some extra biblical teaching in their lives. Never boring, never cliche, I think this Podcast is why God created the inspiration for iPods. Just watch out because you will be challenged, plan on life changes with every listen. I highly recommend the Matthew 24 sermons (as well as the entire book of Matthew of course). God is speaking through this Church and He will use it to make you a new person.
This is the most valuable podcast on my iPod. Pastor Tim preaches truth in a way I imagine Jesus would have done: no punches pulled but with tremendous love. He seems totally dedicated to teaching exactly what the Bible says and making it meaningful to us in this crazy world. Thanks, Pastor Tim
Many Western churches these days are watering down the message of the Gospel to make it more appealing to people. Preachers often seem more concerned about making people feel good than presenting the truth. Thankfully, there are still a few churches that believe in being true to what the Bible actually teaches, and Grace Church is one of them. Pastor Tim does an outstanding job of conveying biblical truth in a way that is easy to understand and relevant to life in the 21st century. You can sense the love he has for his congregation, and yet he is not afraid to challenge them to move beyond their comfort zones. And he is also not afraid to deal with some of the more difficult passages that many preachers choose to skip over. I highly recommend that you check out Grace Church's podcasts!
If you are an inquiring mind and love to reason and ponder over the tough questions of life, LISTEN to these podcasts, because in them are contained the truth about us, God, and what life is all about. I have found these podcasts to be very valuable in my daily life and I KNOW that you will be challenged and encouraged by them as well. Can't think of a better investment in yourself and your time!