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The essay on episode 62 is my favorite. It is about 36 minutes into the podcast. It is about World Of Warcraft and Divorce. It leaves me laughing everytime. All of their stuff is great though. They have great taste in beer and a fantastic sense of humor.
...until Evo Terra left. It went downhill very quickly. Then they created a spinoff.....which i wont be listening to. wingin it without evo?!? ha!
Take a bunch of good poscasters, lock them in a studio and add beer. The result is Wingin' it! Excellent podcasting, with audience participation via voicemail. This is an excellent podcast for the ride home but NOT for while at work.
This podcast is just what it says - Michael and Evo wingin it with who ever is in the studio at the time. Great fun! Makes you want to travel to the studio and be there yourself!!
If you like to laugh your a@! off, this is for you (if you are over 18). Mike, Evo & the gang will make you laugh, groan, or send you to your bunk as they talk about anything and get drunk while doing it. The voice mail show is as much fun as the main show. Don't miss it!
A++++++++++++++++ They pass as a podcast in my book
I learned about podcasting from listening to Michael and Evo back in March. So glad I did! Podcasts have practically taken over my life in the past nine months. The Dragon Page (particularly Wingin' It') Is one of the few podcasts I go running to when I check for updates. Keep up the amazing work guys!
From the Slice of SciFi crew. Great stuff.