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Reviews For Bethany Church

Love this podcast!! Great messages, brings me such peace after listening!!!! Perfect when can’t attend church that day or you just want to hear the message preached again. I love to share with family and friends!!
This church is like no other church, the word of god is giving through unique and engaging ways. You won't be disappointed.
I listen to these podcasts daily. I am an exotic dancer struggling with many personal issues. I listen to these on the way to and from work, and I know that God is using the technology and the pastors to change my life. I am blessed EVERYDAY by these media broadcasts, and I thank God for using the same medium that I used to use to play my secular music to reach my spirit, convict me, teach me, and uplift me. It's amazing. I'm just so thankful.
Is anyone else having the same problem? I have no problem playing any other video, but the content from Bethany won't work
This is great! No more disappointments when I miss a service. I am able to get God's word from my local church. Every service is a blessing. Even if I go to the 9am I may want to revisit the message later in the week. This is truly a blessing.
they are so balanced as with gifts and fruits of the spirit. praise God for them....
I love bethany world prayer center. You guys are one of the best churches ever!
I absolutely love Bethany church!! The teachings are always practical, encouraging and full of scripture..the wednesday nite's are my favorite. People get saved at EVERY service!! this church is totally changing Baton Rouge. PLUS, their worship is so impacting! i love every song that comes out of this church!! This church is full of JOY! 5 stars are not enough!
This is my favorite church. I'm even part of the KZ Krew. I totaly recomend this church. BTW yes im a girl, and a skater. nothin wrong with that... ^.^
Pastor Larry is one of the best teachers in the body of Christ. He clearly communicates spiritual truths from the Word of God. He is practical, genuine, and creative in his teachings. I have been around many different pastors and preachers, but Pastor Larry is by far the best I have ever met!
I visited Bethany for the first time 5/19/07. I'm hooked. I live too far away to go every Saturday night, but I would if I could. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get there every other Saturday night. I haven't listened to these podcast yet, but I know they will be awesome. I want more.