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I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time. It is always living up to their description “The best blues you never heard”.
Searched and listened to multiple podcasts trying to find one that provided an opportunity to hear great music from a variety of artists. Roadhouse fulfills that wish covering the blues genre. Thanks for providing a venue where I can listen to artists I might not have been able to hear otherwise.
Happy 14th anniversary! ...yet another year of the finest blues we’ve never heard. Thank you.
The best musical podcas evert! Thank you Tony Steidler-Dennison. I've been listening to "The Roadhouse" for years and every week I can't wait for it. As a Blues fan and a musician I can only say: highly recommended!
I'm certain there is no better podcast available. What a great show. I love it!!! The sound quality is incredibly good. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Mitch
This has to be the best podcast of them all. Thanks Tony for the pat years of great blues music and upcoming of the finest blues i've never heard.
This podcast is indispensable if you're a fan of the blues. The quality of the music and Tony's commentary is outstanding. One of the Premium versions is worth the cost and is actually a bargain if you look at all the music you're getting for your money.
Tony never fails to deliver an outstanding hour of blues, of all sub-generes. I love hearing new music, and The Roadhouse always delivers.
I came across Roadhouse,last weekend while at itunes. Checked it out and have been tuned in every night since. Great tunes and has some bands I never heard. Keep it up!!!
Thanks Me -n- my dog love it..... !
Tony provides us with the finest blues each and every week. He has expanded my knowledge of the blues and I am more than happy. Please keep it up.
Tony consistently pulls together a great show of classical and unexpected Blues. It is one of the gems of this genre and makes podcasting worth existing. I am a paid subscriber and it's worth it.
I've been a Roadhouse fan for about a year now and downloading the latest show has become the musical highlight of my week. Host Tony Steidler Denison has a broad and deep knowledge of the blues, and a gift for mixing cuts from a wide spectrum of sub-genres in n appealling way. He tells you enough about the artists to satisfy your interest but is never pedantic. I really enjoy this hour every week.
Just an excellect podcast if you are a music lover of any kind. Tony S-D does a great job in unearthing new blues acts and honoring the old. A must download every week. Keep it up Tony!
It is true..the finest blues I've never heard. Won an iPod in a drawing last year, finally took it out and charged it up a couple of months ago. Discovered podcasts and keep packing it with new ones. The Roadhouse is a staple while others come and go. I have introduced my grandson, 14y/o, and he says he is attempting to get all the episodes through his brain. I'll go a little slower. When I'm working on the computer my iPod is pumping my Bose with an episode, when I'm doing yardwork my hearing protection is cranking out an episode. Tony, keep up the good work.
The Roadhouse Podcast keeps it to the blues, playing a mix of new and old, classic and contemporary. With the occasional old standard among a set of newcomers and independent musicians, The Roadhouse is truly “The best Blues you’ve never heard”. The show’s host, Tony Steidler is an obvious blues buff offering up a little bit of talk here and there about a certain artist or blues festival he has recently attended. However, the podcast is clearly about the music, and there is definitely a lot of it jam-packed into an hour-long show. The Roadhouse claims it is dedicated to the independent Blues artist, and that seems to be the case when examining the show’s playlist (which can be found at the show’s website. The songs vary from traditional, stripped down Blues reminiscent of the early 20th century to more contemporary, electric guitar based blues/rock hybrids. The host gives some background on each song and artist and interestingly, there always seems to be an odd or entertaining back-story to each artist. There are new episodes posted each week with a 14 or so song list full of new and interesting classic and modern blues artists.
Micro lumbar discetomy recover is giving me the opportunity to catch up on past shows I've missed. Laugther may be the best medicine with good music right behind. The mixes Tony weaves into an hour of Blues Bliss provides me self-medication... And meditation. Thanks Tony! I'm "back" soon!!! Paul C. Ps: GO ROCKIES!!!
As a long-time subscriber, I continue to be amazed by the professionalism and dedication Tony brings to the show. Great music you can depend on in an undependable world.
I think I have listened almost every single one his Tony's podcast from day one on my old iPod G3 (or it may have been the G2, I'm not sure) model. At that time he played only unsigned blues artist that he found on the Garage Band web site. Now he plays a good mix of Texas, Chicago, LA and everthing in between top headliners. The sound quality is great, his knowlege of the blues is first rate and his taste of the music he plays fits me to a "T". Keep it up Tony, you are my connection to what's hot in the world of blues music.
This is the finest blues you have never heard. That's what Tony Steidler-Dennison calls his show, and that's what it is. This weekly podcast just turned 5 years old. I got my iPod solely to listen to The Roadhouse, I have listened to all 261 of them (so far) and I have heard great blues week after week. I grew up in the southern United States, listening to blues on the radio. This show has the same feel and the same kind of great blues music I heard then - but it's all about current blues artists and current blues music. If you like the blues, you will love The Roadhouse like I do.
The show and the music are consistantly first rate. The presentation is well thought out with a variety of themes within the genre. One of, if not the best blues poscasts available.
Tony, you rock! I've been a listener for a very long time (years). I need to get my blood pressure down, and this afternoon I discovered that listening to your podcast works REAL well. I'll be able to pass my physical coming up in a couple of weeks! I bet you never thought your efforts would have such wonderful medical affects! May the Roadhouse never close! I need my fix!
Always a great mix of songs.
Years ago I lived down the street from The Northside Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia. At first I didn't frequent the joint because I'd been told it was the kind of place where you might get knifed. Eventually I ended up there one night, didn't see any knives, but I heard some fantastic rockin' blues. I still remember one time seeing some old woman tearing up her guitar like she was Hendrix's mother. Man could that old lady play! I've been listening to The Roadhouse now for a few years and Tony creates an atmosphere that reminds me a lot of The Northside Tavern. It's been a long time since I made my way through the front door of that wonderful bar, but my ears visit every week via The Roadhouse and Tony Steidler-Dennison.
I can say with certainty that of all podcasts I've subscribed to over the past few years, the only one I have NEVER skipped an episode on is the Roadhouse. Tony Steidler-Dennison puts together an hour of wonderful music and presents it in that fantasy place called "The Roadhouse." It is a place where you can almost smell the sawdust and beer, imagine the grain of wood on the bar, and see the properly dimly-lit stage from whence comes that band that you've never heard of, (but damn they're good), or that classic act which you're amazed would play this modest club. And yet, every week for several years, Tony takes us to that Roadhouse out on the wetlands and mixes intelligent but brief commentary with top blues from major and independent labels. If you've never subscribed to a podcast, or you want to start one and don't have a model for it, the Roadhouse is the place to start.
Simply nothing better!
I grew up in Chicago in the 50's listening to the old blues radio stations, and the Roadhouse has that same vibe. Keep it up guys!
Download each episode and hear some of the greatest blues that is not mainstream. Tony does a great job telling background info on each artist, and listening to the podcast give one the chance to hear different songs by different artists. Well worth the time.
I've been a loyal listener to The Roadhouse for over 3 years. Week in and week out Tony delivers a fresh selection of outstanding blues cuts. Whether you are new to the blues or a lifelong fan, you need to take an hour each week for "The finest blues you've never heard".
I've been listening since pretty much the beginning. This is the best bules podcast that I listen to. I never miss an episode and am never disappointed by Tony & his content chioces. Keep up the great work Tony!
Tony, the host of this podcast is consistently right on with his selections. It's so great to hear the many genres that he plays. Tony provides just enough talk to keep it interesting. In the 3 or 4 years I've been listening to him, I've learned a lot about the blues. He's a very knowledgable host. He's just completed 4 years of podcasting. May he continue for 40 more,
This is a great blues podcast. I frequently end up at the website for links to purchase new songs. The blues are definitely alive and well on the Roadhouse
I love Sunday mornings..because I have the latest Roadhouse downloaded into my pod... I look forward every week to Tony's show... Keep up the good work
always great music -- love getting introduced to new artists I wouldn't hear otherwise. look forward to the hour of great blues every week -- wish it could be more often!!


Any fan of good music would be a fool not to download this podcast. The best music every week. Thanks Tony.
One the best Podcasts around - Tony Steidler-Dennison puts his heart and soul into producing a weekly podcast that provides a great song track for what is happening in the world these days.
If you love the Blues, you will love this show. It has opened my eyes to the broad range of the Blues and Tony is a great host.
Listening up here in Sarahdise(Alaska) where it's way below zero outside, but hot hot hot inside the Roadhouse, and we are diggin it. Peace!
I've been a blues fan for a very long time and though I have a large library of the blues standards, I'm always looking for new artists and new cuts to keep my blues "fresh". Tony never fails to dish up the newest artists and the newest cuts each and every week. Try the Roadhouse and I bet you'll agree...
If you love blues and appreciate music driven by the artist's independent musical sensibilities, this is the podcast for you! Tony's voice is pleasant and relaxed and it's clear that he loves the material he plays but he doesn't talk too much. He provides the song and album titles, the performer's name, sometimes the label and the occasional interesting tidbit. He then lets the music speak for itself. Ah...the music. Excellent selections, top notch performers, a great groove, the entire podcast just choogles!
This really is the best blues you've never heard of. They do a great job of mixing up styles and artists, a great way to get into the genre if you're not familiar with alot of different types.
I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast. Truly "the finest blues you never heard". Excellent music, insightful commentary....always a good listen.
Appreciate the effort that goes into the selections. Love to .listen to the cast after a long day of work riding the Manhattan Subway system.
I've been listening for over a year now and this podcast never ceases to provide some great, great tunes. There is no reason this podcast should be a front page feature. If you love the blues, do yourself a favor, go to The Roadhouse!
This Podcast is absolutely the best way to sample great blues. Tony has the perfect voice for delivering the music I have loved for so long. Keep bringing down the house Tony, and I'll be there, just like so many other faithfull listeners.
Spent a lazy Saturday morning brousing iTunes when I ran across this featured podcast. I couldn't believe my ears! I've been a blues fan since my high school years in the late 60's. Since purchasing an iPod over a year ago I've been building up my blues collection by prchasing CD's both new and used. This pod cast opens up another whole arena that I was unaware of. It truly is "all the blues you never heard!"
I love the blues and I love Tony Steidler-Dennison. He is the best. I've been listening to the Roadhouse since almost the beginning -- for at least a year – without missing a single episode. Often I replay an episode more than once throughout the week. Tony’s show is excellent, consistent, filled with variety, and keeps introducing me to more and more new "favorite" musicians that I had never heard of before. The only possible “downside” to this podcast is how much more I’m shelling out to buy new CDs now. :-)