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I'm glad to find this show on iTunes, as it's normally run on KCBS San Francisco at either Sunday morning at 5 a.m. or Monday morning at 1 a.m. Now I can listen when I'm awake instead of when I have insomnia! It's a great in-depth review of the week, and isn't limited to politics and the week's headlines.
This podcast keeps getting dumber and dumber as the weeks go by. I finally had to give up and quit downloading it. I really wanted something to listen to where I chould catch up on the weeks news. This podcastbasically just reads headlines to you then inserts a few seconds of dull comentary from an unknown professor. I'm sticking with PBS and NPR. It might take longer to get the news but at least my brain won't atrophy like it does with this junk.
Good podcast, but the music between segments is WAY too loud!. I adjust the volume for the talk, but when the Newsweek music comes on, it practically blows out my eardrums! Is that really necessary?
It's my favorite podcast. Wish it was more than once a week!
I have been a Newsweek subscriber since childhood but recently I let my subscription lapse because I was disenchanted with some aspects of the magazine -- BUT -- relationships die hard, so I started listening to the podcast. Now I believe that Newsweek is not only not relevant as a news magazine (news cycle is much shorter) but the analysis I just heard on the most recent podcast (Oct. 16) was given by a representative of a lobbying organization and this was not disclosed. People HAVE TO BEWARE of this type of "NEWS" reporting. Do not listen to this podcast thinking you are getting news. I won't say it is biased to the left or right, but its commentators are not properly identified.
The earsplitting music is deafing! The news summary itself is very good.
I will be honest and preface my review by letting you know that I also work for the program (as the audio engineer), but I am also an avid listener to (and ruthless critic of) many radio and television news/analysis programs. I want to say that having worked in this business for over 20 years, Newsweek On Air is consistently one of the best programs of its kind on the air. The Newsweek writers who appear on the program regularly are some of the best investigative reporters and thoughtful commentators in the business, and the newsmaker guests are some of the biggest movers and shakers in politics, business, the arts, and a host of other fields. Newsweek On Air is always a concise, enlightening, and entertaining program, and a pleasure to help put together for the listeners both on the radio and via the podcast.
As a producer for the program, I support what we try to achieve, and I think we do. I tell my friends and family to listen in not just because I work on the show, but because I believe it's a valuable source of news. More people need to spread the word.
This really is an impressively consistent and well-reported show. I appreciate the fact that there is always an effort by the hosts to get to the heart of an issue rather than just going over the usual talking points.


By bk4evr
great show. i listen every week. great accompaniment to the week's print news stories.
I listen to NOA every week and love it - the interviewers are always able to get behind the news, science or arts headlines to tell listeners what a story means for them. The show is dynamic and illuminating.
The producers sound very young (like this is their first job) and the interviewees frequently sound intoxicated (if you can believe that). Lacking professionalism.
I listened to Newsweek On Air for a few months, but I just don't like the negativity they seem to seek in their reports. Don't get me wrong, a number of their reports are very informative, but I feel it tends to focus on mistakes or errors as the newsworthy item. For instance, this week there was coverage of the tragic fires in California. Instead of focusing on the heroism of the firefighters or the cooperative efforts among government officials, one of their key takeaways was the inoperability of 2 C-130 cargo planes that could have been used to help fight the fires. Was the status of those two aircraft really the story? I don't think so. I realize it may be a sign of our times that reporting the bad is the name of the game, but come on. This story was my final straw; I canceled my subscription to the podcast.
Good review of the weekly news.
This podcast is a great weekly listen, covering all topics big and small. In particular, I enjoy how quotes are used to sum up some news stories of the week. Earlier sound/technical difficulties have been cleared and this is a MUST LISTEN for anyone that wishes to stay informed.
Simply the best podcast on Itunes. Smart stories and informative interviews.
This weekly news podcast goes beyond the world of politics into science, entertainment etc. It's a must listen for those with a variety of interests.