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I'm 22, and I listened to all eight seasons of this show purely for my own enjoyment, and I absolutely loved it! Even though it's targeted for kids, the humour often caught me off-guard, and the quick and witty back-and-forth was hilarious, for adults as well as kids! Those Dr. Demento episodes are some of the best comedy writing for an audio drama that I've ever heard. I can't recommend it more! #drfloydseason9
Great plotting and brilliant cliffhangers! (Even if season two didn’t technically end on one, I did get nervous for two seconds.) I didn’t know what binging meant until I listened to the first three seasons in one sitting. This show just makes you want to hear more!
A fun podcast...even for adults.
Funny and entertaining, with plot twists and side stories at every turn.😂
The characters are highly entertaining to my 6yo and I. The history lesson is an added bonus..
Both my kids (8 and 12) enjoy listening to this podcast and I love listening with them!!! We are starting the last season available right now and I am so sad that we will need to wait for new episodes!!!
Every weekend I listen to this podcast while I’m doing homework! And when I go to school I tell my friends some of the really funny things like Ben Frank’s Frank’s. BTW that was my favorite episode. And I’ve listened to this for years and I have never enjoyed a podcast as much as this one.
Not only captivating for kiddos, mom and dad enjoy too!


The show sounds great, but I can't even SEE the first 110 episodes!!! Help!
Very entertaining! Awesome stories for a long ride and not get bored!
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Navah (age 9)
My ten-year-old daughter and I love listening to these on the way to and from school. Episodes are the perfect length for short commutes. While it's a shame that new shows are no longer being produced, I do appreciate the fact that someone is curating the feed and releasing the old shows in order. Someday the child will tire of Dr. Steve and Fidgert's temporospatial misadventures, but today is not that day!
Our whole family listens to this pod cast together. It makes history fun & funny.
I am so happy I discovered this podcast! With a great cast and witty writing, the 5 minute episodes are almost not enough for our family! We've been listening for about two years and my kids, 10 and 8, still love every minute of it! And we're learning all kinds of interesting historical facts to boot! I highly recommend this for any family. You're going to love it!
My boys love these stories and the ones we have listened to with them are pretty funny!
My 4 and 7 year old girls love this. We've been listening to an old episode each night instead of a bedtime story. It's a great hit with all of us!
I love the series but sometimes it isn't that great when it says stuff like episode 309 and 310 says his favorite pastime is jumping a shark in there pool but on 701 it says his favorite pastime is reading its fine but its still a mistake
My 5 year old LOVES this podcast, and begs to listen to it every night. The best part is that we can listen to them again in a few years and he will learn some exciting history!
I was looking for nice stories the kids could listen to in the car and keep them from arguing. This worked. The stories are smart too 'cause some of the jokes are only for the adults in the car. Good stuff. Need to find others like this.
Listened to 4 seasons on our family trip and the boys couldn't get enough! We've been listening to Grant's Advent Calendar for years, but just found Dr. Floyd. Thank you Grant Baciocco for all your free family fun- the Rechtfertigs
With its amazing combination of history, humor, and time and space ranging from the shape of Fidgert to the size of Dr. Floyd's head this is a 'must download' for all ages. And I mean MUST! We want more frequent episodes!
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is a great podcast for all ages and for probably anyone! The people who made this podcast really know how to do cpmedy right! Any fan of charcter-driven comedy, verbal humor, and even history will love this show. LONG LIVE DR. FLOYD!!!
I love this podcast, and stop listen to it. My my gets so annoyed, but i never listen to her, i keep on listening to it. I would this 5 million stars. Best podcast ever.


By LoveSG
This is definetly my favorite show. I can't get enough of Dr. Steve's shenanigans! Oh, and imharmon? Yes you are the only one. And you should listen to it before you rate it. So take that, you whippersnapper haters!
Hope they never stop podcasting!
It's been 5+ years ad they are about to start their EIGHTH season. This is great for kids to listen roams even better for kids to listen to with their parents. It's intelligent humor and fun storytelling at it's best!
This is hands down my favorite podcast of all time. I am a huge fan of all things Old Time Radio and fun, and this show takes the cake. I can never wait for the next episode! The mixture of comedy and fun is great! My only issue is the bite-sized episodes, but that just means I can fit them in anytime so it all works out in the end. This podcast is a must!
Quality, fun, talented, and an overall good time. I found this podcast for my son, but I think I enjoy it more than he does! I love the homage to old time radio and modern humor. A good time had by all. Download NOW!
This is truly a great show. It's great entertainment and you do actually learn a thing or two. It appeals to the 7 year old and me as parent. I love how they hide some adult jokes. You will not go wrong listening to this podcast. Sadly, they don't come out with a show every day. And there really is nothing that comes close to this.
this is a wonderful and fun way to learn more about history. i love to listen to this podcast with my kids. wether it driving them to school or going to visit grandma. this is such a wonderful way for kids to learn. i reccomend this to kindergarten to 6th grade students.
I absolutely love this program. It is perfect for me. I pick up my younger cousins every week from school and when i discovered this the fighting from the back seat stopped. Now every week they ask if i remembered my ipod and they always know right where we left off. And best of all i enjoy them as well. Just want to show my appreciation!
Nya nya, nya nya nya nya, NYAHH!!

By Ogion
This is an excellent podcast for all ages! Wonderfully comical yet still educational! I can't wait to hear more of them!
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is funny, education and purely amazing. Fun for the whole family. My parents listen, I listen, my cats listen. And we're all in love with it. We've even seen Doctor Floyd live twice and can't wait for the next show!
What a true gem this podcast is! The writing is superb, the cast is talented and the content is educational. What's not to love?
I have been getting this podcast for a few months now so I am overdue for submitting a review. I am a huge fan of OTR especially the classic comedies. I am always looking for a new show that keeps the spirit of OTR alive. This show is a GREAT COMBINATION OF “Back to the Future”, “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”, and the educational series “You Are There”. The show creates hilarious story lines while giving you a history lesson. This is a show for kids and adults. It’s a funny show that manages to maintain a high level of comedy with resort to profanity or sexual double entendre (something the mainstream media seems to think is impossible). I loved this show so much I shared it with my 14 year old son who now owns the entire first season. Mssrs. Baciocco and Price, I love your work as well as your ability to get the greatest voice talents on your show (like the great June Foray). I am TRULY in the wrong line of work LOL. R U LISTENING?
Thanks for making me smile. This is great fun for any age! How wonderful to dust off the old imagination again. With so many "screens" around, it isn't often I get to picture things in my mind... and these pictures are funtastic.
I love the way Doug and Grant blend humor and education in an old time radio theme. The writing is well done. Themes and characters carry well through episodes and seasons. Well done gentlemen. A must listen for all ages! R U Listening?
This is the only podcast that everyone in my family listens to. We can't wait until the next episode is available so we can listen to it on the way to school. The episodes are a lot of fun to listen to and my youngest loves to look up the characters and locations. We are planning a trip to Mount Rushmore and one of our stops will be Wall Drug. I do wish that C.H.I.P.S. would have not gotten a voice. I really enjoyed the way the cast would interact with her and don't think the voice adds anything to the character. R U Listening?
This is a great show for kids. The short format is great. The only thing that could be better is if they kept the format the same, but produced more often. There are not many really good family shows, but this is one of them. R U Listening?
This is another one of those podcasts I make sure to listen to as soon as possible. It really is an edutainment show with a great blend of humor and learning. R U Listening?
1st- let me say. I'm no spring chicken. But I love this show. It's hilarious, creative, witty, fun and smart! It reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle from bygone days. Kids will love it because it's a crazy ride through our zany world. Adults will love it, just because! Download this show! Tell your friends and family and neighbors and any strangers you meet. You're gonna love it! I promise!
I have young two boys, Nikolai and Caleb, and they eagerly await every new episode of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd… Need I say more?
I've used the Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd to introduce history topics to my 16 year old high school students. They love the show and get excited about what we are doing in class.
My little cousins got me hooked on this podcast. It is simply the best!!! it's amusing and interesting, and even sneaks a little history lesson in. I might be 17 and a little old to listen to this, but it is definitely the best!
Only one thing could make this podcast better.....if it came out daily. When a new episode of Dr. Floyd downloads it is definitely cause for celebration here!! The podcast is wonderfully done. It even teaches some history in between the fun! :) Every person in our family is a huge fan!
Engaging children's program. Great characters and dialog. Great interaction with audience, very responsive to e-mails and voice mails.
This is a highly entertaining way to share history with your children. My kids love the episodes and it always opens up really cool conversations about historical events and figures. Thanks Dr. Floyd- may the adventures continue!
me and my brother LOVE this show!!!!!!