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I'm 27 minutes into this podcast and they haven't talked about one video game yet.
Great game show
While it was mildly entertaining to listen to their banter, this podcast is more about what these guys did with their weekend and less about actual video game news. The concept of regular guys talking games is a good one, but I listened to an episode during peak traffic hours and they didn't even BEGIN to mention games until I parked my car at work. I'm sure these guys are great to have a beer with but as a podcast, it just doesn't work. Pair that with the myriad if technical issues and it's a difficult listen. At one point I had to check if my phone was still connected to my stereo because the one guy's mic cut out for so long.


Great podcast, i listen to a few different video game podcast and this one is probably my favorite because I feel as if i could actually sit down and have a beer with these guys.
Have this a shot between weekend confirmed eps, hate it. I am not in the industry but even I know more than these guys. Not knowing what game comes with wiiU? Come on.. they weren't even able to google it in 2 seconds and confirm! Not funny and if you read ign or something a few times a week you probably know more than these guys.
These guys are great to listen to about their crazy shennanigans. Midwest the BEST!
I listened to about 45 minutes of one episode and got bored. While it's sorta' funny to listen to them talk about the train-wreck that is their life I was hoping for at least some talk about gaming. In the time I sent listening one guy mentioned DC Universe once and then spent the rest of his time b****ing about his ex-wife. It's like a less funny version of Howard Stearn. A whole lot less funny.
I download and start listening to the show and it's some old guys complaining about their backs and the healthcare system then they start talking about 90s tv and some of its funny but then some guy was arguing that Farscape was better than firefly which is insane


been listening for 7 years now. i love this show and all the hosts. great and hilarious chemistry.
podcasts man you guys are great keep up the good work
The guys have a lot of fun and are entertaining. They skip over a lot of the other gaming sites fussing about is a game art or other such nonsense. What you're told is if the game is fun. I love the opening "Undead from Cleveland" too.
Been listening since first episode on iTunes. It has remained one of my favorites. Very funny stories keep it worth listening. Thank you Kevin and crew for keeping it up for such a long time.
About 15 minutes of nothing. Microphone issues, boring stories about their lives...I could care less if one of them is too fat to get into a airline seat...I could even less that the guy is angry about it. Poor use of F-bombs. If you are going to drop the F-bomb, then make it worth something...take notes from George Carlin. Now there is a man who can drop an F-bomb and make everyone listening nod their head and go, "yeah what he said!" Needless to say, I gave up on listening.
Looking for new gaming podcasts I found this one. 15 minutes into 5/24 episode and still no mention of video games of any kind. Is this show mistitled??
Seriously think about it...they are probably the funniest people I have EVER heard of, they are up-to-date (so far), and they don’t sound like a bunch o snobs talking about video games. I love this radio show and a few shows in; you’ll know what I mean. Seriously listen to them! I promise you, you won’t regret and if you do, well too bad, you lack a sense of humor.
If you want to hear somethings on gameing and getting of topic sometimes and hearing funny storys this is for you. Thanks Kevin, Brian, Don, Donn and Larry for making my laugh so much.
They go off on tangents, If they didn't I woul be bored. Those of you that think it's slow have no sense of humor. Nuf said. Sorry about the brevity trying to type on my iPod. Everybody drink
It's about 3-6 guys ( one can never be sure how many ) who constantly go off topic about their lives in the most boring city on Earth, Cleveland, OH. Despite it's few funny moments, it has too much foul language, conversations that smack every racial profile in the face and mockery that would make the Joker shudder. Half the time they " lose " cast members. At first one thinks it's planned but no, they have no budget, and no self-esteem either, they really do lose their own hosts due to shoddy production. I gave it 3 stars because I'm trapped listening to this train wreck, if only to see what happens next.
This is now my favorite podcast. I love when they talk videogames, but what makes this podcast my favorite now is the Midwest Wasteland episodes. I've listened to each one of these shows about 5 times each (thats not an exaggeration). The personality of each of the guys really make this podcast entertaining and fun to listen to. Will definetly continue to listen to this until I die.
They don't get early review copies of games, just like you. They don't have to watch what they say about certain games so they don't anger a sponsor, just like you. Just download the damn thing already. It doesn't cost anything, it's funny as hell, and it's 100% honest and unbiased. You have no excuse.
This is one of the best podcasts I have heard in a long time. Please keep up the good work. Rock on!!
too many jokes
best podcast ever
without a doubt my favorite games podcast. I can relate to all of them and they make me laugh my a*s off every time I hear them.
Best most down to earth podcast ever! If you want video disscusion from some REAL people then Listen to this!
This is a consistantly good podcast with crap talent but thats what makes it my favorite.
A group of regular guys from Cleveland, Ohio (along with a group of rotating guests located across the globe). They discuss all things video games from a distinct working-class point of view using humor, insight, and a style all their own. This is the only podcast I listen to every week. I may tune into some other podcasts at different times, but this is the only one that I keep coming back to. I highly suggest you give it a chance and listen to a couple of episodes.
these guys are nuts with good info on whats happening in the gameing world then things tend to get way off topic but its all very funny. there show is always on my ipod. they make my day go by fast. check em out!!
I really don't care for this podcast. They are not the best news source when it comes to gaming.
Rediculously Funny Blunt Conversation (that's based more on life than Video Games); it's better than anything you can get off radio. Kevin, Brian, and Larry bring the F'n roof down. Great Job!
No pretense, no pulled punches, no BS. Since I got into podcasts in 2005, I've listened to too many game podcasts to count. VGN is the only one that enterains every single week without fail. Ghetto gaming radio is the ONLY gaming radio.
This show is filled with pleasant-charming, lightweight comedy, and intelligent conversation about the latest in games, music and movies. Video Game News Radio also features an incredible international cast of show hosts and industry veterans. Don't miss out! Here the latest hot new club music with Larry's music review.


These guys are pretty good. Once a week i get to listen to somthing nearly as good as opie and anthony, which is what i do. After O&A leave for XM i turn these guys on. AWSOME!!!
To put it simply, this is the most knowledgeable and entertaining video game podcast on iTunes. You'll learn new stuff and if you don't, you'll laugh at the humor. The website forum is good as well. If you like video games, subscribe. Now. <hijack> Mac OS X > Vista </hijack>
Funny, informative, down to earth. It's was the first good podcast i found and i still listen to it. Try this podcast out.
The most common word on the podcast is the F-bomb. One guys tries to read the news, he however struggles to keep the other two on track.
Never miss a show and never disappointed. These guys are funny and intelligent. A rare breed indeed. Thanks
this is probably the best video game show out there. with a good combination of humor, news and profanity this show will keep you listening from start to finish of every episodes. Keep it up guys!!
If you're a tiny bit interested in games and also like a few laughs thrown in this podcast is for you. These three guys are amazingly funny regardless of what they discuss. Highly reccomended!
It doesn't get anymore real than a former cook, a truck driver, a steel worker, and a local promoter talking about electronic media. No censorship, no corporate sponsorships, and no money to buy video games means that every review is honest and blunt. Come for the video game news, stay for the tales of blue collar life.
This isn't the same sort of stuff you'd get from a videogame magazine; These guys are absolutely hilarious. To me, it seems like most of the time these guys hate whatever game they are talking about, which makes listening to them talk about them all the more entertaining. I can't recommend this podcast highly enough.
Its more about commenting on whats going on in gaming rather than informative, but you still learn things. Some stuff is funny. One of the only podcasts I listen to.
VGN=Best Podcast ever! Listen or they will come....
this is the best video game podcast ever keep it up Don and Crew!!! (deathcab)
If you take podcasts exceedingly serious and have no desire to get out of your crusty, boring, and mundane lifestyle, this podcast is not for you. It's called "video game news" but don't expect a whole lot of "newsy" type converstions here I love it because i am not an harpy and i get a good laugh out of it
this podcast is great!!! you probably dont even have to know bout videogames to laugh at their funny stories about well, life. eah is great but my favorite host is don. don lays low but when he says somethin its always histerical. just download it. it should be like 4 hours long but its only an hour:( i love the podcast so get it(besides it free)
This is the best podcast ever it is so addictive I cant stop listening, 3 sometimes 4 guys who are funny as hell subscribe now
kevin - fellow video game geek but awesome sense of humor brian - speaks his mind and you can't help but to laugh don - been there and done that and talks about it +undead from cleveland+