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This Is Hell is one of my main sources of information on the travails of end stage capitalism and what to do about it.
I listened to the Chalrie Hebdo podcast from Oct 17. The person being interviewed was quite interesting but the interviewer said something that stood out to me. In speaking about a possible upcoming interview he wasn't sure his audience would know of the Iliad. Good God that statement itself might unfortunately be true but shouldn't you be making your audience work rather than pandering to the lowest common denominator? Someone called this their "weekly intellectual fix". After that comment I'm not sure about that.
It's one of those shows that's both accessible and intelligent, and also strangely comforting despite its self-effacing front man and the central conceit that we're living in a hellhole of our own creation. It's an indepsensible addition to my weekly podcast diet. Thank you, This is Hell!
Best politics show I've ever listened to.
I appreciate the humor brought to subjects that some may find too dry or academic. The fact that this is a real radio program and not just a podcast is wonderful and I appreciate the next-to-no editing in preserving the original broadcast. Every show is planned and executed brilliantly, I just wish I new more Chicago area references because I am from Maine!
unmatched in depth and choice of interviews. informative and entertaining. excellent show.
Tune into the best source of unbiased non-mainstream media available in the U.S., hosted by the bitter, blind, gaped toothed Chuck Mertz, always witty and informative.
One of my staple podcasts.
I'm new to This is Hell! Listening to the intelligent historians, authors, activists, etc. that are given a voice on the show is opening my eyes to my own assumptions about how the world works. I'm realizing these assumptions are based largely on the logic of neoliberalism which has been presented as truth in the widely available pop culture and media landscapes that I've grown up with in the 90's and 00's.
Chuck provides a perspective seldom heard on any mainstream news site. The whole NPR crowd really needs to be exposed to the authors, activists and journalists interviewed on this show.
If you love this show like I do, and can afford a few $ a month, they're now on Patreon. Cheers!
sitting in my cubicle the podcast titled "this is hell" seemed particularly apropos. Little did I know that thru chucks gravelly sardonic and humorous voice I would discover a whole world of the extreme left. There is a level of honesty and a lack of postproduction editing which is wnddrfully refreshing. Plus i had never heard the term neoliberalism before. I have s new mantra "everyone is stupid"
I feel both when listening...I learn stuff here
Bloody smashing boys. Next we take the States.
Great account of economics and politics from left perspective, solidarity forever y'all
Except for the occasional breaking local event, I gave up on radio and TV news a dozen or so years ago in favor of a varying selection of podcast sources. "This is Hell!" was one of my early discoveries, and has never been challenged by anything else I've found for its in-depth treatment of current issues through long-form interviews by host Chuck Mertz who really, really, really does his homework. His questions are well-prepared and informative in their own right. The podcasts originate in a weekly radio show, so I rely on other sources for daily coverage, but this is where I go to understand the daily news as well as to correct it and fill in critical gaps that get glossed over (or deliberately ignored) by mainstream corporate media. With few if any exceptions, my other news podcasts have come and gone or have been sometimes on sometimes off, but I never miss this one, and only once in a blue moon do I encounter a topic that doesn't interest me enough—or Chuck can't make me interested in enough even if I thought I wasn't—that I skip ahead. Subscribe here or through your favorite podcast aggregator, set it to auto-download and make it your priority listen every week. You won't regret it.
Detailed interviews. No softball questions. Great fillers (hangover cure, this day in rotten history…) the fun never ends.
One of the few sources of news I trust. Well worth subscribing.
THIS IS HELL is like NPR, except without the smug neoliberalsim, oil money, and crappy tote bags. good
One of the few interview shows that gets into this level of detail. Chuck is great, he picks amazing guests, and asks good questions to really get to the core of their ideas. I've never heard someone sound this prepared.
I was referred here from Naked Capitalism and it is very much of a piece of their sensibilities, only it ventures beyond financial/economic topics. This is one of my new favorite podcasts.
The best interview podcast out there, hands down. The moment of truth is 👌🏼👌🏼


By Mbrownc
This is one of the best progressive/left radio shows out there! Really great questions and guests, no annoying pointless banter, just great information about the political and social issues that matter. The best replacement for useless mainstream media!
This Is Hell is the best current events/news interview show currently broadcast from anywhere on Planet Earth. Yeah, I know, "That's like, just your opinion, man." But consider this: Chuck Mertz, the interviewer, actually allows his guests to answer the questions he poses without interrupting them. How cool is that? Plus, Chuck actually prepares for his interviews by reading the material that his guests have written! Nobody does that! Nobody except Chuck, that is. And don't mention Terry Gross. Not even in the same league. Chuck is assisted by the misterious "Alex," a presence that seems to have digested everything posted on any and all parts of the vast sytem of tubes known as the internets. Every week This Is Hell has its Moments from Rotten History, a segment that illustrates that while the present moment may indeed be Hell, the condition has been an ongoing one, afflicting human beings for as long as records can be found. As icing on the cake, you get the acerbic comments of the great Jeff Dorchen, "The Punching Man's Thinking Bag," in his Moment of Truth segment. You simply must listen to This Is Hell.
Chuck says he is not a journalist, but his respect for his guests — who can develop their arguments in full on the show — and the topics discussed, is a model that is sorely missing from mainstream media. Could not be more relevant in this day and age.
In depth conversations with knowledgeable guests and correspondents. A great source for both national and international news. Essential for anyone interested in politics and current affairs.
You're killing it, fam.


By Adams47
Great show. One of the few that tells the truth.
Always interesting. The recent interview with Pankaj Mishra was amazing.
This podcast every Saturday morning from Chicago except when northwestern has sports programming in its place usually in fall when football takes center stage. On the weeks when this is hell is on you can expect a timely and interesting discussion on current events that will give you a new view of the subject on hand chuck Mertz has been a very good interviewer who does his homework before each show which the guests must enjoy. He can bring a smile to all in middle of some sometimes dreary facts, his correspondents from all over the globe are very good I have enjoyed Todd an American in hungry he has spoken over the years on the countries turning to right. I try to listen live but it been harder lately so podcast are a important way to listen each week. Give it a try you will get hooked also
Stimulating talk on a wide range of important issues from an eclectic set of distinguished guests.
Great, in-depth interviews and segments. Listen to this!
My life has vastly improved since I started listening to this podcast. I found the stregnth to dump my girlfriend and start taking care of myself. I love the mix of spot on politics with dry humor and wit. This is Hell! hits the nail on the head and teaches me things without being self righteous and preachy and patting itself on the back. This is Hell, I have a crush on you.
Thank you for this language, direction and assistance in me and im sure others, finding authors, specialists and ideas to help navigate all the madness that has come to fruition in this modern ziegeist. Please, keep up the hard work.
The absolute best podcast, I always find time to keep caught up with this is hell. Chuck, Alex and the rest put a lot of effort into this show and it really shows. Well informed and insightful, I couldn't recommend this show enough.
Each week Chuck and Alex dish up some of the best interviews with some of the most interesting guests. I like the chopped up podcast edition. It somewhat lessens the blow of 4 hours of truth/hell; or does it just prolong the misery throughout the week? Thanks guys and keep up the great work. Oh, and the mugs are cool.
Great interviews that give air to new ideas from well informed guests. Definitely worth your time.
Listen every week for news and interviews. Love the history too.
This is Hell provides thoughtful dissidence in the age of idiocy.
I started listening a few weeks ago and I've been hooked. I can't recommend it enough.
I always tune to WNUR on Saturday morning to give a listen to Chuck Mertz and his hellish view of the world. Not only does Mr. Mertz have a refreshing and intellegent view on the subjects that are in the news, but his irregular correspondents are among the smartest and best informed. Chuck has a great way of interviewing the people he has on, drawing out the best (or Worst) they have to offer. I have learned so much from listening to This Is Hell! Thanks!
The only news I can bear to listen to.
Chuck has got to be the most informed interviewer ever. He consistently asks the questions that not only honors the work of the interviewee, but also gets to the depths of the collective hell we currently find ourselves in.
I don't know how Chuck Mertz does it. With a zero budget on a college radio station, he brings in guests with in-depth coverage of on-the-ground political and economic events around the world. If you aren't listening to This Is Hell, you don't have a clue about what is really going on in Brazil, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Israel, Iran, or Hungary, not to mention the U.S. His local coverage of Chicago is lagniappe. Subscribe. Listen. You'll thank me.
I've been listening to This Is Hell for about 10 years. While I'm always looking for great podcasts, this remains by far the best in terms of tone and content. . . and it's only getting better.
Chuck Mertz brings together well informed guests to talk about current issues, and he is able to bring out the best of their thoughts with well thought out questions. This is not "gotch'ya" journalism, but an intelligent discussion of systemic problems and drills down to find the root cause of political and economic problems.
Information and analysis I don"t find elsewhere
I've been listening to this show for over 10 years, and I still find it the best source of information on local, national and global news and politics you could find. The show keeps getting better, with the selection of correspondents and Chuck's production team, and Chuck continues to be a very effective interviewer.
Since 2002 I’ve listend religiously to Chucks dulcet tones while he traverses world of the extreme intellectual fringes. Our blind host and his stalwart crew of dedicated producers consistently drop truth bombs on the weak minded. This Is Hell! isn’t for those dilettantes who are incapable of critical thinking and want regurgitated talking points. If you’re a smart and independently thinking person this is the show for you— otherwise you can go to hell. [FOR TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: I DO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS SHOW.]