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I've wandered through a lot of different gaming podcasts over the years, but Orange Lounge Radio is the one I always come back to. I love the variety of interests and viewpoints the three hosts have on games, gamer culture, and other related (or not related at all) topics. I've been listening since I was in highschool and it's like relaxing with old friends I've never actually met. Sometimes their antics have me laughing out loud at work, but it's worth the odd looks. Their tagline, "where every gamer has a voice", is the real deal. They respond to emails, messages, and take live calls from the community. As far as I'm concerned, OLR is an evergreen podcast and it'll be a sad day when it comes to an end.
The longest-running video game podcast on the Internet bills itself as "the show where every gamer has a voice," and for good reason. When you listen to a podcast, week after week, you feel as if you're getting to know the people on it. You feel like you're having a conversation with the hosts. But on Orange Lounge Radio, you will actually have conversations with the hosts. The show is broadcast and recorded live every Sunday night, and if you are in the online chat room at the time, you can join the conversation as it's happening. They also read and respond to e-mails, take polls over Facebook and Google+, and receive live Skype calls towards the end of every episode. OLR is not merely a podcast; it is a community, one that welcomes open minds with open arms. Join us!
I have listened to this podcast off and on for about 8 years. I keep coming back because of skie's positivity. Also, Loki's personality and opinions mesh pretty well with my own. Keep up the good work. I hope to listen to this podcast when I turn 50. Only 14 more years to go. Great job.
Fantastic show, love the chemistry between Skie, DarkSakura, and Loki. Shows are a bit long but that's not a bad thing with the show being very thorough in covering news, topics, and general gaming. You don't get to 600+ episodes if you don't put out good content #justsaying Keep up the good work yall! <3
A great podcast about video games. The personalities are engaging and entertaining.
This podcast is really great! Three hours may seem long but it's full of great content every week and once you listen you'll be hooked.
OLR is a long running gaming podcast with wonderful and diverse hosts. They entertain and inform week after week in a way that speaks to the gamer - not the industry. In the forrest of gaming podcasts OLR distinguishes itself with its realism and connections with its audience. This isn't just another gaming news show, it's a lively community, that prides itself on giving every gamer a voice.
Why the strong feminism these last few months?
I've been listening to the show since 2005 and they're awesome. If you want a show that isn't afraid to give their opinions then you should give this show a listen. Love the classic game of the week segment as well, plus their coverage of the happenings in the gaming industry. I also appreciate that they listen to many viewpoints on topics.
OLR may not dish out breaking news each week, but who cares? The show's more of a "news commentary"show. OLR may not stay on topic 100% of the time - they often have tangents, etc. - but hat adds flavor to the show. I consider OLR a must-listen. Mass Effect all the things!
Definitely a decent podcast with a lot of news… The female host says I, I want, or the only reason I, fill in the rest with whatever definitely gets old quick…But all in all not bad...
Such a good show. Very well produced, conversation keeps moving at a great pace and the sense of humor is top notch.


By K.Rayl
Amazing show. Rather have a show with everybody likes being the same game type you get a varity. Great guest and great with the live chatters. Can't wait for new one to release. WIll laugh out loud at work for hours. Really looking forward to listening to a live show for once. Keep up and AMAZING job and hope to hear you guys each and every week.
This is a good podcast. It has the basic formula for video games podcast. So if you looking for a podcast for a good summary of gaming news this podcast is nice. Most of the hosts are good, but I wish they learn how to either use the microphone or fix the auto levels. When two of the emotional hosts go on a rant be prepare for your ears to bleed since sometimes the screaming can get pretty high.
Even though I'm only a newb gaymer, this playful banter filled show is hilarious, fun and really informative in the world of gaming. Thanks guys for putting so much energy and time into making this awesome show!!!


I like this podcast because it's smart, informative, and fun with little fluff. I like the dynamic of the 2 guys and 1 girl. They seem like they are long time friends. Awesome!
this is one few podcast that even though its structured and well produced, it doesn't feel like they're doing it because the show is backed up by a giant website. it sounds like these guys are doing a podcast because they love doing it, and it shows on every episode they make. I just hope you guys go back to stitcher because i miss listening to you guys... i cant DL anything on my phone because its full and streaming is so much easier. PS: Dark Sakura, please don't yell at my lack of proper punctuation and grammar.
OLR is probably one of my favorite Podcast of all time. There's no dought that I will listen to them until the end. If you love video games and amazing people please support OLR by subcribing, listen live, and share with your friends.
they do an excellent job very informative nice to listen to!
I've been listening to Orange Lounge Radio since I was about 10. I've been through middle school and now am on my way to my sophomore year of high school, and the only thing that hasn't changed is the show. I listen to them every week and eagerly wait for the next show. I love the cast, and feel as if I know them all by heart. I know I can't be at the live shows, but it's always been a dream of mine to be on OLR. with the crew, in the studio. It probably won't ever happen, but that should show how much the show means to me. Thank you Rob, Loki, and Darksakura, for being there and giving me something to love and stick with all of this time. I appreciate itm more than anyone will know. Lots of love, Logan. Aka: geekboy2424
Hey guys I've been listening to OLR since I was about 16. I'm now nearing my 23rd birthday and I just thought you should know that you helped shape me into the person I am today... no wonder I'm so f'd up :P. Seriously though I love you guys Thanks for always being there. <3heart<3


This is a great show. The three hosts have a vast knowledge of video games and technology. Keep up the good work guys. Sincerely, CDThunder
When you have a straight man, a bi woman, and a gay guy all in one room talking about games, you know it's going to be good. You guys always make my Sunday night. Keep up the great work.
This is a must have for anyone who likes video games and is a podcast nut like me. A very nice show by real gamers for real gamers.
This podcast IMO is what all podcasts should strive to be, delivering thousands of hours of countless entertainment from hosts who you can tell are not only passionate gamers, but great people all together. From the very first moment that I heard their voices I was hooked and constantly awaited the moment that the next episode would appear so that the growling stomach of my ear's appetite could be satisfied to the greatest extent I have ever felt. I am forever grateful for the work that you guys put in to the show to make it truly a spectacle to listen to.
One of the BEST Video Game podcasts of OUR TIME. There's a reason why they have been around for more than 9 years. This is the definition of a great gaming podcast mixed with humor, information, and intrigue. Now STOP reading this review, and SUBSCRIBE NOW, IDIOT! :D
what more do you need to listen to the show. Well, the Turkey and Michelle Madison
This is the best video game podcast I've listened to. They always have the latest video game news and I really feel like I'm hanging out and talking video games with them whenever I listen to the show. I give Orange Lounge Radio 8 stars out of 5!!!!


From the very first bite of the orange. I was an addict.
The best damn podcast about gaming and the offical podcast of the Galaxy. Skye, Loki, DarkSakura and freinds have the best give you indepth discussion about games and gaming culture. Join the OLR!!!
Join the OLRmy!
I'm not a big podcast guy, really, but this is one of the best. The hosts have been together for 8 years, and it really shows in their excellent chemistry. Even if you're only a casual gamer, the show is very accessible and not overly technical, not to mention hilarious!
Great Podcastq
I love it! Been listen for awhile. Anybody in to video games give these awesome people a chance!
I've been listening to OLR for at least three years and over time they went from being an good podcast to and epic podcast. They are opinionated and well informed on video game matters, and to topit off are really funny. Over time they have honed there broadcasting skills and there radio voices and have become a podcast that I would actually pay money to hear. They do go off on tangents quite often though ( this is a plus to me) but always manage to wrap something about videogames into the subject. They are always current about the video game industry and run the gammit on topics from reviews to previews to info on various video game developers and publishers to things to random to describe. The live show is something to experience and they actually pay attention to the chat room and take calls, the communtiy is also fairly active.
Just a little constructive criticism. When a host is sick (Dark Sakura), please take a break and rest your voice. I listened the other day and heard constant coughing and hacking. It made the podcast very unbearable.
Best. Podcast. EVAR! =^_^= I also think for podcasts, they should have the excplicit stamp next to it since you peeps tend to drop bad words like Kamikaze pilots on Pearl Harbor. Oh snaps no offense lol. But 2 years of listening, and you guys, still amazing. I really wanna visit you all one day and join for one episode. I just need to find time from work. 
Excellent podcast that deliver the news with real insight.skie with open minded unbiased views, Loki with ultra critical voice that makes mainstream publications look like sellout wimps, and dark sakura balances with her crude humor. Great show guys keep it up!!!
OLR rises above most podcasts by maintaining a passionate perspective on current gaming issues yet simultaneously avoiding the modern bias that plagues other podcasts. All three hosts have extremely different viewpoints, but they know their gaming and keep a structured program, though they're not afraid to go on a tangent. When they do, be assured it will be unpredictable and hilarious.
I simply had to stop listening because I was tired of hearing about pinball machines don't get me wrong I love pinball and am interested in hearing about the tables etc.. but for the love of all things holy I don't want to hear for a thirty minute stretch what table your husband is buying and restoring. Minor nitpick there but the main problem or issue I have with this podcast is that they claim to be all inclusive and they do talk about all systems but seem to focus on the xbox side of things. The 360 can do no wrong in thier eyes and the PS3 and Wii take all the abuse. for instance in the latest offering they talk about price drops in which the 360 gets defended for taking out something of value while the PS3 gets shunned for something that it never had in the first place. If you are an xbot you will love the show if you have any other system or happen to like something more than the 360 don't bother this is strictly an xbox paradise. Kills me to say this because I was a long time listener but lately they have become extremely boring and much like several other allgames offerings favor the xbox too much over the other systems and this has become as good as a sleeping pill for much needed rest.
If you want a show where you can hear varying opinions and discussion on hot video game topics, as well as chime in with a few thoughts of your own, then this is the show for you. With so much interaction between the hosts, listeners, chat, and emails, this is truly the podcast where every gamer has a voice!!
I've been listening to OLR for over 2 years now - as an avid gamer, I've listened to my fair share of video game podcasts, and this is really the one to beat. These guys (and Mrs. Sakura of course) are hilarious, brutally honest, and just plain FUN. What makes OLR different? They aren't paid to do this, which keeps them honest and open. A true video game fan's podcast - keep up the great work!!!
Hours of great commentary and news about gaming and it's ever evolving culture. Kind of a "for us by us" for gamers. Check it out live if you can and become a part of the show and it's knowlegable audience.
HangtIme is wrong, this is the best podcast ever. i wish i could call in but dont have skype. Wish skie would upload the podcast a day or two after the live show. would appreciate it
One of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and the reason I still listen to podcasts! OLR is an AWESOME show! Keep up the great work!!
Im fairly new to this podcast but so far its a GREAT one. I love the chemistry between Sky, Darksakura and Loki it's amazing.