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Nothing to see here.
I have a great honer to be one of your fan and I think the world needs more and more like Robin Williams.
Very interesting podcast. Keeps me interested the whole time! Love it!
Robyn Williams, the presenter, is quite knowlegeable, well read, and an excellent interviewer. He probes for depth and does not waste your time. Great journalism and very down to earth without talking down to the audience.
Like all podcasts from ABC/RN, just great. So happy they provide a transcript - I can't count how many segments I've used as learning and test materials for my German university students taking our English for Scientists courses.
This is essential show for anyone to what to know here and now besides politics. I think this is amazing source.
Instead of getting interesting science talk, The most recent podcasts are a soapbox for those wanting to complain about Australia's government policy regarding science. Don't believe me? Just look at some recent podcast titles. Look, I'm sure that the discussions have merit, but it seems that 3 of the last 5 podcasts have dwelled on this subject, in tedious boring detail. If you are interested in the mind numbing machinations of bureaucracy, then listen to the podcast. If you are interested in Science then look elsewhere.


Interviews focus more on opinions than science. Constant moralizing and seems to assume everyone will agree with his positions. Also, it was distracting how obsessed the host was with nationality.
I've been listening to this show for the past six years. Along with scientific American and Ted Talks, this is my primary portal into the world of science, technology and humanities. I'm grateful that Robin has stuck around so long, and has produced such an extensive body of knowldge, and has shared it with the masses.
Boring and monotone.
I am not a working scientist, but I like learning about science. This is my favorite science podcast. Although the talented host Robin Williams never misses a chance to find a link to Australia, he interviews english-speaking scientists from all over the world. The scope of the show is very broad, covering life sciences, physical sciences, technology, information science and science policy, but Mr. Williams never seems out of his depth. The pace is a bit leisurely, so listeners in a hurry might want to try the version of this podcast with separate stories. For my part, I love the depth the 1 hour format allows. An interesting new feature is one PhD candidate each week describing their research.
I'm an Australian living in the US, so it's good to hear an Australian voice keeping me up to date with whats going on in the science world back home and throughout the world (but mainly the EU & USA). Never a boring show, keep up with the good work!
In the USA, there is another ABC and another Robin Williams, which is what I thought I was getting. I was delightfully wrong, and have been listening faithfully ever since. I used to carpool with a conservative Christian who was mightily annoyed that the ABC treated global warming in a serious way. It is good to get an international view of scientific issues, especially in the states, and especially in a thoughtful an entertaining way. Growing accustomed to the Aussie accent after a struggle at first.
The Science Show is one of the flagship productions of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and arguably the finest hour long science-oriented radio show available in the English language. Australian Robin Williams, who has hosted the show for the last 30 something years, seems to be able to get any Nobel Prize winning scientist in the world on the phone on short notice, and often does. Even when the shows concern a uniquely Australian issue, the science behind the issue is frequently mindblowing, and worthy of a world audience. (Also worthy of a world audience is Australia's other great science show, Originz, a privately produced podcast.) The Science Show is one of those rare science shows that, while aimed at a mass audience, doesn't compromise the intelligence of its content for popularity's sake. Major league!!
The radio broadcast general science show from Australia. It's not bad, done in "reporting" style. Probably better if you live in and/or are more interested than I in Australia, though usually good for everyone that likes science.
This science podcast takes on a variety of subjects in a manner that is informative and entertaining without falling into the realm of infotainment. The Australian angle to the show is an added bonus.
Love this podcast. Very diverse and right amount of coverage for each subject. My new favorite driving to work.
I took to podcasting about a year ago. I'm a biologist, with a big interest in all kinds of science. The Science Show is pure quality. I give my highest recommendation to this one, full marks to ABC and Robin Williams.
ABC Radio National sets the standard for public interest podcasting. The Science Show is simply the best and most entertaining science podcast out there. I also recommend In Conversation, Okham's Razor and All In The Mind from ABC.
Robin Williams is very knowledgeable on science and asks interesting, insightful, and opinionated questions that make for interesting conversation. I particularly like his wide selection of researchers chosen for interviews and the fact he rarely gets hooked on government topics when looking for subjects, the way Ira Flato does on "Science Firday". The "Science Show", along with Canada's "Quirks and Quarks" is one of the best science podcasts out there.
The more I listen to this show, the better it gets. I'm a big NPR fan, especially Science Friday, but I believe this show does a better job and its funny, too!
It's not just science, it's science reporting in a way that changes your entire perspective on the topics they discuss.
For the science geek in all of us. Smart, intelligent yet highly entertaining look into science news. I hear stories here that are not covered in the United States, but should be!!