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Reviews For Best of My Marilyn Podcast

I love the show! I love Marilyn and Melinda is great. It's exactly what I want to learn about.
I've been looking for something like this, but I never believed it could be so good. Melinda does great interviews, along with giving bits of news of MM. All MM fans will appreciate the loving respect that Melinda gives Marilyn. Don't miss this one!
How wonderful to encounter an enthusiastic and scholarly source of information on Marilyn Monroe! Melinda gathers interviews of those who knew MM, makes recommondations on Marilyn photo books and Marilyn-related events. This podcast provides opportunities to get to know the rea person beyond the glamour of Hollywood's Marilyn. Thanks you so much!
Melinda has a wonderfully rich, inviting voice. She's a true Marilyn enthusiast and makes you feel like she's including you in her world of Marilyn. You feel like you belong. A nice podcast that is worth Subscribing to and checking out.
Marilyn Monroe is a woman of timeless beauty and Melinda has to be her number one fan. She tells you everything you always wanted to know and then some. She certainly knows her stuff.
Melinda is The Expert when it comes to all things Marilyn Monroe. Her obsession is our entertainment! So sit back and learn all sorts of tidbits about the world of Marilyn and Marilyn fandom from somebody who knows it all.
Melinda is a true fan and knows her Marilyn. The show is well done and a pleasure to listen too.
Melinda is a pleasure to listen to, and has an entertaining and well produced show. If you're into the "Cult of Marilyn" or just a curious fan, you'll want to listen to this show regularly. Good job Melinda!
this podcast is the best way to get the latest marilyn news! she supplies really great info and makes it fun for listeners by having contests and airing comments! if you like marilyn monroe then get this podcast its great!
This podcast is informative, fun, and a good listen for those who are interested in Marilyn Monroe. I have always admired Marilyn Monroe but did not know a whole lot about her; this show gives correct information and fun facts. Melinda is also fun to listen to.. I love her Canadian accent, it's so cute! She's a great host of the show and her website and Marilyn collection is amazing. You can tell she's truly a passionate Marilyn Monroe fan! Defiantly check this podcast out. SO cute. SO Marilyn.
This is such a wonderful podcast to listen to. Melinda does such a great job on it, and it's very professional sounding. There is so much exciting information and news with each episode she does. If your a Marilyn fan this is a must. Excellent job Melinda.