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I used to think this podcast was a 5 but over the summer the entire cast quit and some other guys took over and the show just lost almost all it's entertainment value to me. If the older episodes where here you could hear what I mean. The old guys were a lot funnier.
The show now has different people and just is not that entertaining. The original group was better but wasn't that great for me either.
This isn't close to what it used to be. The show gathered a loyal following, but the originators left the show. It was then taken over by a pair of brothers - and it isn't close to the same quality. They should have let this podcast die gracefully and made their own instead of leaching off the good name.
good show, one of the better ones out there
Of all of my podcasts every week, this is the one I look forward to the most. Professional editing, substantive news, witty banter, and good humor. If I only had one podcast to listen to, this would be it!
best podcast ever everyone should listin to this its also the funnist podcast ever
I wait eagerly for Wednesday to come around! You guys are the best.... well.... all except for Bob. And Keith is the best!
This Podcast delivers on everything it promises; funny, lighthearted, jokes intersperced with news.
These guys rock everything I want in a podcast. Irreverent humor, inciteful information, and they pay for the games they play. Who better then the average joe to tell you what's crap and what's worth looking in to for your $20 - $60. Real reveiws and news from gamers for gamers rock on! Thanks for the podcast.
Awesome Show!!!! I would strongly suggest this podcast for anyone interested in videogames or anthing funny to listen to!
These guys know there stuff and are funny when they talk about games and Bumblefoot. Let's not forget the llama either. Definitely worth subscribing and visiting the web site too.
Every wednesday when i get home from school i download the episode and i tell my friends news in the video game world that they never know. they don't just talk about one gameing councle or one video game they talk about everything. The fact or crap section is really funny and interesting. P.S. this is my xbox live gamertag give this out if you put this review on your podcast
Better than IGN, better than Gamespot, etc. Just a few guys laughin' it up talking about video games! Keep it up!
Best podcast for gaming!!!!!!! Good news, always funny. Cool people talking about games and being funny.
One of the best Video Game podcasts out there. The best independant gaming podcast, and much better than many commercial shows. These guys love gaming, are funny, and take the time to produce an excellent program. Family safe, funny, great video game content, including news, reviews, and interviews. THANKS FOR THE SHOW GUYS.
a big ham sandwhich to you guys this is by far the best gaming podcast ive heard, mucho informative and hillarious , yet still, somehow its trash? hahah hell no u guys pwn get up the good work
This byfar the best video game podcast I've ever heard. Its not overdone and its not boring. Even when there is a slow news week they make it a fun show to listen to. Its relevant and keeps up with what you want to know.
This is the type of 'cast that REAL GAMERS should listen too. It sounds like you and your friends sitting around talking about video games. Not 'forced' like most 'wanna be funny' gamecasts, and Chris and the folks have something that you can't fake: PERSONALITY! This isn't the stuffy technical type podcast. If you like some fun with your knowledge, this is the place to be. Period.
I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning and never miss a show. The guys on here are genuine gamers with a great sense of humor.
This podcast is great, there is planned segements, and a lot of improvisation when looking at the topics. Also there are some great interviews for the show.
If you're into video games, this is the place to get news, reviews and updates. The hosts are good humored and sound like a bunch of your friends having a good time and presenting good information in a well produced show. It's fun and I don't miss it.
Funniest, most informed podcast I have listened to. They keep it short and to the point and make me laugh many times during the show. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
The perfect combination of humor and great videogame insight. Never fails to crack me up. Without a doubt one of the highest quality, smartest, and humourous podcasts out there.
Must I repeat myself? It is both funny AND informative (but more on the funny side). This is an entertaining show related to video games. It is worth listening to just for the banter that goes on among the hosts. Highly recomended
Let's face it. There are alot of gaming podcasts. But none, I mean NONE are as fun to listen to this one. They hyperthread gaming news, reviews, laamas and bumblefoot into an informative and FUN podcast. Check it out, you will be hooked!
The comedy helps keep the show going. The open forum format adds to the comedy. May not be suitable for young kids, but it is censored, so shouldn't offend. Great Podcast.
This podcast is well produced and is fun to listen to. Plus, these guys are honest about the news and their opinions. The content is pretty much PG, but the point comes across well.
Three words: Best Podcast Ever!!! Pros: Funny, lots of information, Great communtiy, Good audio quality. Cons: Wish it was longer :)
Wonderfuly done. Funny yet kept professional. The only podcast I actually check right when I get home to see if its updated. Keep up the good work guys!
This podcast is the best video game podcast ever!
This Podcast is among the best, because it's not only informative it's down right funny!!! The slapstick, in-your-face style comedy bits during the show is a must to separate these guys from all the rest.
This is, without a doubt, the best podcast I've ever listened to.
Very well put together and fun. Like most podcasts, they don't take anything serious. Mostly mature humor than but they do beep out most expletives. Still, I would not recommend it for the kids. The show moves fast and talks about gaming as it relates to politics and current events as well as reviews etc. Game news freaks should defiantly give it a listen. My only complaint is sometimes they laugh to the point of being annoying. But in most ways the quality of the sound and voice is good.
I never miss it. Always makes me laugh.
This podcast is very informative, while remaining quite humorous. Now with improved audio quality and video game death reports almost weekly, this show is a must have for those who love to game!! The guys are 'down-to earth', and are frequents on X-Box live, World of Warcraft, and the Dreamstation.cc website. This podcast is also interactive with the DSCC site, where listeners can participate in weekly polls, submit audio questions and clips, and have mail or comments read on air. Chris and the guys have even been known to pimp into and outro music that is listener composed. A show that the whole family can listen to.
Dreamstation.cc VGS, I've be listening to this podcast since it started and I've always look forward to Wednesdays to see the newest episode of Dreamstation. It's a funny podcast that are serious gamers that tell us (the listeners) about the word on the Internet and the street on our favorite games, and Next Gen consoles. If you want to find a podcast about gaming that has no curse words but their conversations you can relate to, then this is the podcast for you. The theme music is good and the ham sandwich is always great! The crew: Chris, Tom (McFragsalot) Bob, Keith, and Phil are hysterical and you'll love this podcast very quickly just like I have.