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I have been sitting with this sangha for about 5 years. Despite all the humor, Michael has a real no nonsense approach to meditation. Although trained in the traditional Buddhist way Michael does not teach Buddhism, he offers dharma to enter into our everyday suburban world. He is not selling anything. He invites us all to set quietly and observe. Not take anyone's word for truth but experience it for yourself then come back and share. I am writing this review because Michael has been recording new podcast but they have not been appearing on iTunes. This is a sad loss to those that can not attend the sangha. I hope this can be corrected soon. Namaste and bows to you all. Dennis Chittle
Micheal has such an incredible way of relating this teaching to the everyday lives we lead today. I find his talks inspiring, funny, and most of all, generous reminders of what it is we're doing here. I am so thankful that I can simply type Infinite Smile into the iTunes app on my phone, and viola! Easy access to Dharma. Bows.
I drive an hr to work on Hwy A1A along the Fla beach at sunrise. I use this time to listen to infinite smile podcasts. I'm new to this study and I am enjoying it very much. My only exposure to these teachings is thru Ekhart Tolle's audio books. Infinite smile is very down to earth light spirited and starts my day off perfectly. I highly recommend these podcasts.
Michael offers very valuable dharma talks and let's practitioners participate in the global sangha that is InfiniteSmile. His messages are always truly accessible and help to guide us on the path. I listen to them every week and can highly recommend the talks!
I listen to Infinite Smile every day...it is calming and helps me in many many ways -- and oh yeah, and at times, you bet I cling on to that podcast, what can I say? Have subscribed for years! Lisa in Taos
Some of the best dharma out there! ..Oh wait, I'm clinging. :) Michael's teaching has definitely had an impact. Tune in, you won't regret it.
I have been listening to Michael McAlister's Infinite Smile podcasts for years. I am so grateful for him, all of his students, and any techies that contribute to bringing all these teachings to us. I have been involved in the Toltec path for many years and the Infinite Smile podcasts helped bring me into Buddhism, which is very similar and I find extremely helpful in day to day interactions with life as it happens. I don't know what else to say except I love the Podcasts and Book!! Thank you!!
We can spend a lifetime devoted to the study of "enlightenment" and never plumb the depths of this ethereal idea. Or we can listen to Michael McAlister's brilliant, funny, accessible teachings on the subject. Michael is quickly becoming the next generation's "spirituality for everyone" teacher with his writing and now podcast. Aptly named Infinite Smiles, the podcast affords both deep "ah ha" moments coupled with levity and laughs, perhaps to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.
I am new to the practice, and live in a tiny community in the middle of nowhere. Finding this podcast was such a relief and I truly connect with both the author and the content. Truly I can say it has been an essential tool in furthering my practice.
I am so new to the study of Buddhism I feel ill-prepared to write a review. But then I remembered why I was so excited to find the Infinite Smile podcasts. Michael McAlister has a style that takes the listener directly to the heart of the topic. It's so refreshing to put aside the endless lists, the numerous teaching styles, the lineage, and just listen. Michael has made learning a joy. And, he encourages you to laugh -- at life, at yourself, and at the tangle that is often our daily routine. Thank you Infinate Smile -- thank ou Michael McAlister. I've ordered your book, "Awake in This Life," and can't wait for it to arrive. Please keep providing podcasts!