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I listen to several Survivor podcasts, and this is my favorite. They are down to earth, lighthearted, and insightful. Their listener feedback show is a great international community of devoted Survivor fans. Playing their fantasy league (JSFL) is icing on the cake!
This is the most monotone podcast ever! Literally sounds like the hosts are reading billet points from a slide. Do they listen to themselves? If not, they should. Boring!
Love the hosts and their recaps and discussions. This it one of my favorites and the only survivor podcast I listen to! I really hope cbs allows them to interview castaways again, but even without that I still love JoAnne and Stacy. I always look forward to hearing their thoughts which adds to my love of survivor because it really is one of the greatest shows on tv and Iā€™m so glad that there are others out there who love the show as much as I do!
Love love love the podcast and all the other Super Fans. I have gone back and listened to the early episodes. It is fun to hear how it has evolved over the years. Thank you for all you do.
Been a fan of this podcast for quite a while now. Jo Ann and Stacy have such an amazing platform for die hard survivor fans! They break down each episodes weekly and give super fans to call in with their thoughts as well. They provide a very fun community to be a part of along with a fantasy league each season which adds so much to the show!
This podcast is for everyone that craves a place to go to hear about and discuss episodes of their favorite show. Hosted by a fantastic and hilarious couple that seem like family, and the listener feedback portion gives that feel of water cooler discussions with friends. And spoiler free!
JoAnn and Stacy are a fun duo who genuinely enjoy the Survivor. No negativity, clean podcast. I enjoy their recaps and the listener feedback show. S15-S35 they also had interviews with the castaways voted off each week and they always asked the best questions. I highly recommend their podcast for both superfans and casual fans.
Great recaps and cast interviews. Keep up the great work.


I like this podcast, I'm a long time Survivor fan. I think Joann & Stacy do a fine job. The only problem I have is that some of the podcast are way to long, 45mins. at the most is about right.
If watching Survivor isn't fun enough, listening to the Survivor Fans Podcast with Jo Ann and Stacy is like the icing on the cake. Each week this dynamic duo will recap the episode that just aired, with incite, humor, and speculation. They also have a viewer feedback hour and an interview with the lastest Survivor that was voted off. Listening to this podcast enhances your entire Survivlt experience. ::cue music::
Joann and Stacy put on a great podcast that enhances my enjoyment of Survivor. Great show.
Love survivor? Need someone to talk to about it? You hv found a podcast of friends. We strategize, laugh and compete against each other for fun. Come join!!!
I have been a listener to this podcast for many years. I don't always have time to actively participate in the feedback with other listeners, but I never miss an episode. The first thing I do the morning after an episode airs is download JoAnn & Stacy's recap and listen to it during my commute to work. It starts my brain a working and keeps my strategic mind sharp...just in case I ever get accepted onto the show! Thank you, JoAnn & Stacy, for all that you do. If you love Survivor, listen up and participate too. The interaction can make a season even more fun.
Really great insight, light hearted and a family vibe. Any fan of survivor should listen.
A great podcast. JoAnn and Stacy do such a great job of recapping Survivor each week. The first thing I listen to each Thursday morning. Someday I hope to gather the courage to submit feedback for the listener feedback show. I highly recommend this to all Survivor fans.
I've listened to a lot of podcasts over the years, but Survivor Fans Podcast is the only one that I have continued to listenin to. I enjoy Joann and Stacy's take on each episode as well as everyones' feedback and insight, it really enahances my Survivor experience.
I love this podcast and keep coming back. Really great analysis of players and game play. Thanks! Keep them coming
This is the best podcast you could possibly listen to. Especially if you are a fan of Survivor, if you are not a big fan, listen to this podcast and you will be.
I really love Survivor so I will listen to this podcast even though it makes me a bit uncomfortable at times. One fhte hosts is rather dismissive of his partner and seems to be one of those guys who always thinks he's the smartest person in the room. They are two of the lucky interviewers who get access to the survivors after they are booted off and they DO care very much about putting out a quality podcast which are significant points in their favor. I was not given a submit button to click until I gave it a three-star rating.
I love to listen to Stacy and JoAnn recount their perceptions of each episode, interview the voted out members of the cast, and then let the listeners share their viewpoints. This show can bring a smile to my face when a new season appears in my podcatcher. Thanks for all the hard work you do every season. It is a labor of love! Sally adds her meow of approval as well.
I've listened to a few other Survivor fan podcasts, and none come close to the mature analysis as presented by Joanne and Stacey, all without using profanity or demeaning inuendo. Listener feedback is entertaining and often spot-on. Participants often refer to themselves as "family", and display a loyalty to the podcast that keeps the listener wanting more. Keep up the excellent work, folks!
I've been listening to this show for years now and I can't get enough. 3 podcasts for every episode somehow doesn't feel like enough. Joann and Stacy do a great job of getting the first one out just after the episode airs. Which I appreciate. I look forward to every podcast. Keep up the great work guys.
I've been a loyal listener of this podcast for years. Gives great insights into the show without a lot of wasted airspace. Joanne and Stacy are great people.
The best survivor podcast. You are part of a family here. JFSL makes survivor even funner to watch.
It can be hard to find quality content on the internet that is acceptible in polite company, but Jo Ann and Stacey really deliver interesting and entertaining commentary. Their knowledge of the game is pretty vast, and their personalities are warm and inviting. While I am not as active a participant as I'd like to be, I can see that they have helped to build a really wonderful community of kind caring and insightful folks. If you are even a moderate fan of Survivor, I think you will greatly enjoy this podcast!
Love your podcast. You two are highly entertaining. Hate that you left stitcher radio. Please come back. Long time listener. Merry Christmas
Listener comments are my favorite. I'm a faithful listener. My only criticism would be I wish Stacy was a bit nicer to Jo Ann it gets on my nerves how impatient and annoyed he sounds.
This podcast is awesome. Stacy is pretty much pure genius, and Jo Ann is pretty cool too. Really a solid show. However, what sets this apart from other podcasts is the listener feedback. The hosts are not too proud to let their listeners shine. In particular, one of the regulars really seems to capture the true magnitude of awesomeness that is Russell Hantz, and it is so refreshing to have a constant reminder that he indeed was King Russell. That guy is a genius and everything he says is pure gold, and that is why you all should listen to this podcast.
If you like Survivor, then this is the podcast for you. It's all Survivor, all the time. Jo Ann and Stacy are thoughtful, entertaining, and passionate about Survivor. They have great ideas, and really have a good time sharing them. The listener feedback episodes let us all get in on the fun. This is a really wonderful podcast, with a lot of effort put into it. Hurry up - what are you waiting for? Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! (Thanks, J&S, for years of entertainment!)
This podcast is a must listen for anyone who is a serious fan of Survivor! Great hosts, great commentary, great fun, and a fantasy league to boot. Thank you Joann and Stacy!
Best survivor podcast
This podcast is perfect for any survivor fan, new or die-hard. Personally, as a fan who has been watching since they were 5 years old, I especially enjoy references to past seasons that only a true fan would understand. This is an awesome podcast because: -3 podcasts per episode: a review by JoAnn and Stacey, a cast interview, and a listener feedback show -a variety of perspectives and insight which enhance the survivor experience -JoAnn and Stacey's funny but good-natured banter is always a source for hilarity!


Not great, if you're a massive Survivor fan like myself, listen to Rob Cesternino and The Tribe Podcast. These two are too boring.
This show works like this: There are no spoilers here. Before the season begins, there is a "Judge A Book By Its Cover" show, where all the new Survivors are judged before knowing anything about them.The hosts discuss them and then listeners get a chance to call in with their responses. Then the regular cycle begins. After each regular episode comes an overview of what happened followed by the listeners' responses and finally, the interview with the one voted off. Three episodes per Survivor episode. This podcast is why I still watch Survivor. I do not play the Survivor Fantasy League that the podcast sponsors, but I love hearing from people from all over the world and what they think about what is happening each week. It is a lot of fun. There is a partiality toward players who are fans and are not cast in the show. Most of the listeners seem to support that view. They also provide a great overview of the finales and the parties there. Great listening all the way around for a fan of the show.
I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this podcast. There is no doubt that Jo Ann and Stacy have passion for Survivor, and Jo Ann is funny, humorous and easily the best part of this podcast. However, Stacy is what kills me. Stacy not only is soooo high and mighty about his assumptions of the future actions of the Survivors, always saying what will happen and debunking everything Jo Ann says, but at the beginning of the season, he names 1/4 if the cast as 'quitters' because they were recruits and he's jealous that they were picked to be on the show over him, and he just makes strange assumptions about what will happen that make no sense and are so annoying. The Listener feedback show is so booooring, as they read of people's comments for an hour and a half. I just can't stand a lot of what happens, and I can't recommend this podcast.
I listen every week, and someday I'll get the guts to leave my comments after a show!
My wife and I have been listening to JoAnn & Stacey for the last two years and find their podcast one of, if not the best out there. They interact with each other wonderfully and add a little Southern charm in the process. If you are a real Survivor fan, you will want to catch all three of their weekly podcasts. The weekly recap always helps us catch a few things that happened in the show that we have missed. The interview with the latest castoff is always interesting and inciteful and then the final listener feedback podcast allows Survivor fans the chance to express their own opinions and thoughts of what happened the last week. Thanks JoAnn and Stacey, we will continue listening to and enjoying your shows. Ellis & Linda
Awesome podcast and wonderful interview questions to the people that are voted off each week. Keep up the great work!
Im a huge survivor fan and I just started listening to this podcast and Im loving it. I especially love the survivor interviews and cant wait for survivor 20 heroes vs villains. Thanks joanne and stacy from houston
I love to listen to Jo Ann & Stacy. Their a fun team and are very insightful with their Survivor feedback. I'm honored to be a part of the fan feedback each week,since the Gabon Season.If your lookin for a Survivor community that spells Outwit,Outplay,Outlast,you have found a home with this podcast.A fan that hasn't missed an episode of Survivor,this podcast takes my Survivor experience to a whole different level.Playing JSFL this season made Samoa rock.Thank you guys . I just love listening.
You MUST tune in if you're a dedicated Survivor fan. And, it's all free, so why not? This Podcast helps me pass the time while waiting for the next episode. Try it out, and you will not be dissapointed. A must-subscribe-to-podcast! Thanks Joann and Stacy!
If you are a fan of Survivor, why are you not listenting to Jo Ann, Stacey and the rest of us discuss, discect and pontificate on all things Survivor? Weekly recaps, weekly interviews with the newest castaway to join Looser Lodge or the Ponderosa, and best of all, listener feedback! If anything, the Listener Feedback Show is not to be missed...with colorful commentary from fellow Super Fans: Holly's 10 Ten, Evil John from Houston, B-b-b-brian from Georgia, Paul from Louisiana, Ian, Graham, Sandy, Carol...OMG I'm going to forget someone! And, if you happen to be a current, future or former Survivor contestant, why are you not listening? I am!
Joann and Stacy record three podcasts a week. The episode review is is very detailed and really grabs the episode. The weekly interview is always interesting and they never confront the guest. Finally, the listener feedback is great to listen to. All points of view are welcome and always given respect. This is a must for any Survivor Fan. I subscribe to over 15 podcasts and this is my runaway favorite. If you are a fan of Survivor this is a must have. 1/3 Host involvement, 1/3 interview and 1/3 listerner content. Also, the JSFL fantasy league is alot of fun and make you a better watcher of the show!
Being a listener of this podcast for 2 years, I must say that this is the best on the web. Host Jo Ann & Stacy are not only knowledgeable, but very dedicated hosts, releasing 3 shows a week, and yet they continue to be extremely engaging. But what makes this show unlike anything out there is it's interactivity. Each season they hold a Survivor Fantasy League that you can participate in, which adds a whole to dimension of excitement to the 'Survivor' viewing experience. Not only that, but once per week you have the opportunity to have your voice heard by sending in your feedback of the episode to be played on the air. Jo Ann and Stacy put forth a huge effort on these shows, and make sure everyone gets their voice heard, even if that means the show will take 3 hours! So if you are a Survivor fan, casual or obsessed, be sure to give this show a listen and get ready to change the way you watch Survivor!
Joann and Stacy are doing a great job with this podcast. I've only been listening for a little bit over 2 months, but I can truly say every show is informative, entertaining and a great deal of objectivity. I've been telling all of my Survivor friends about this podcast and they love it too. Keep up the good work, Joann and Stacy!
Joann and Stacy have the perfect formula for a survivor fan podcast show. I am a new listener to this podcast and will definitely tune in next season.
I have enjoyed this podcast immensely since the China season. JoAnn and Stacy are such wonderful hosts. I appreciate greatly that this is a clean podcast (no profanity, thank God) and is done thoroughly and in such an entertaining fashion. Although I haven't participated with the JSFL or feedback yet, I enjoy it so much that we get to hear from other listeners each week! I will send my own opinions about Survivor soon. So much fun!!! Thanks so much JoAnn and Stacy, you are wonderful!!!!
Terrible, painful to listen to. It's as if I called someone while they were busy doing their taxes. The hosts will say a sentence, pause, then the other one says something. Long uncomfortable pause, then the other one replies. Just poor pacing to the entire show.