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Love the hosts and their recaps and discussions. This it one of my favorites and the only survivor podcast I listen to! I really hope cbs allows them to interview castaways again, but even without that I still love JoAnne and Stacy. I always look forward to hearing their thoughts which adds to my love of survivor because it really is one of the greatest shows on tv and I’m so glad that there are others out there who love the show as much as I do!
Great podcast. I would not watch Survivor if I didn't have this podcast to listen to. Great community. I watch to be apart of the group I enjoy listening to. Thank you Jo Ann and Stacy, I'll be here for next season.
Love love love the podcast and all the other Super Fans. I have gone back and listened to the early episodes. It is fun to hear how it has evolved over the years. Thank you for all you do.
Been a fan of this podcast for quite a while now. Jo Ann and Stacy have such an amazing platform for die hard survivor fans! They break down each episodes weekly and give super fans to call in with their thoughts as well. They provide a very fun community to be a part of along with a fantasy league each season which adds so much to the show!
Listening to JoAnn and Stacy’s banter in both weekly episodes as well as listener’s feedback is like getting to be a part of a large family gathering where everyone loves the same TV show as you and is excited to discuss him sociological aspects, hotness of the cast, themes, historical aspects of the show, gripes, smiles, and everything in between. The family atmosphere is evident in everyone, not only talking about the show, but also sharing about their own lives and that being welcomed. They don’t pick and choose listener feedback. Everyone gets to have their piece. There are laughs, tears, and inside jokes. Come join the family! All are welcome.
This podcast is for everyone that craves a place to go to hear about and discuss episodes of their favorite show. Hosted by a fantastic and hilarious couple that seem like family, and the listener feedback portion gives that feel of water cooler discussions with friends. And spoiler free!
Listed to this show and it has times of being really great, but then it goes off the rails with both hosts talking over each other as if the other person isnt really there. Its like listening to two different podcasts and the producer tries to meld both together to make it one. The voicemail shows are good as well, with half of the people calling are great to listen to and really get down to the meat of the show, but there are the other halves that have their kids calling. Yeah we like to hear what a five year old has to say about a reality show. If a podcast can be called "folksy" this show would be a great term for that word....very folksy
JoAnn and Stacy are a fun duo who genuinely enjoy the Survivor. No negativity, clean podcast. I enjoy their recaps and the listener feedback show. S15-S35 they also had interviews with the castaways voted off each week and they always asked the best questions. I highly recommend their podcast for both superfans and casual fans.
I began listening to Joann and Stacy several years ago & now my entire family listens, we play in their fantasy league, and my son is an active participant in their feedback show. Survivor Fans Podcast is something that brings us all together. We love the banter and wit between Joann and Stacy as they recap each episode and discuss with super fans. First class work.
Great podcast and if you can get past Stacy always pointing out when Joann is wrong and his need to ALWAYS be right. Its a very informative podcast I just have to forward through the bickering and Stacy demeaning Joann, that gets annoying. This is obviously not a professionally driven podcast but it’s a good one about the show.
These people are amazing and dedicated. It's amazing they've kept up with a grueling podcast schedule, year after year, with very little reward except the love and appreciation of the community (which is substantial!). The interplay between the two is often insightful and ALWAYS entertaining, and my survivor experience would be the poorer without them around to supplement it!
The only reason I’m giving only 3 stars is because I don’t understand the points and who’s in the lead. But I love their interactions and their accent. They are obviously true survivor super fans. I have no one to discuss the show with so to listen to them dissect it virtually scene by scene is great. Keep up the great work😉


Great podcast with lots of good talk and banter. Only thing is that they use A LOT of acronyms and don't explain them if you're new to the podcast, it's confusing sometimes what USB or JSFL, etc. Really fun cast though.
Great recaps and cast interviews. Keep up the great work.
this community! Joann and Stacy do a great job breaking down each episode in a chronological order of events and there is also wonderful commentary from listeners.
They are wonder people. Their voices are like a darn coffee commercial, I love it. But they are not equipped to handle controversial or adult subject matter that regularly appears on survivor. I'm often disappointed :p


I like this podcast, I'm a long time Survivor fan. I think Joann & Stacy do a fine job. The only problem I have is that some of the podcast are way to long, 45mins. at the most is about right.
Oh my god. I couldn't even get through the first episode. They were so rude to each other and not in the fun joking way. It was so boring and bland I couldn't do it!
If watching Survivor isn't fun enough, listening to the Survivor Fans Podcast with Jo Ann and Stacy is like the icing on the cake. Each week this dynamic duo will recap the episode that just aired, with incite, humor, and speculation. They also have a viewer feedback hour and an interview with the lastest Survivor that was voted off. Listening to this podcast enhances your entire Survivlt experience. ::cue music::
This is one of my favorite interactive podcasts! I love listener feedback from great fans like Brandon A and others. Great podcast!!!
This podcast is difficult to enjoy. I've tried it several times over the last few seasons, but it's a no-go. The microphone/audio quality seems poor. A lot of crackle and pop. But even more to the point, this married couple argue and fuss at each other constantly. Poor JoAnn tries desperately to make salient points, but her husband Stacy never ceases with his arrogant and contrarian comments. It makes me sad. These two have clearly been serious Survivor fans since the beginning and offer good insight...but their bickering and Stacy's passive aggressive commentary and inability to be gracious make it hard to enjoy. We tried listening to a recent episode in the car as a family and even my 9 year old said, "Why is this couple always arguing?" Perhaps they think it's cute. A schtick of sorts. It's not. It's just grating. I know this podcast has a loyal fan base. Maybe it's just us...but in my opinion there are far better, more informative and most importantly more fun/ enjoyable Survivor podcasts available today.
One thing I really love about their podcasts is that you know exactly when they will be available-they really do stick to their schedule. Joann and Stacy are both so personable and sound genuinely nice. I feel like I have gotten to "know" many of their regular feedback participants and maybe I'll get up the nerve to do it soon!
Joann and Stacy put on a great podcast that enhances my enjoyment of Survivor. Great show.
This is a must for any true survivor fan! Joann and Stacy do a remarkable job and have enhanced my whole survivor experience. I have been listening for years, and feel like thy are a part of my family at this point. Their dedication is amazing!
Love survivor? Need someone to talk to about it? You hv found a podcast of friends. We strategize, laugh and compete against each other for fun. Come join!!!
I have been a listener to this podcast for many years. I don't always have time to actively participate in the feedback with other listeners, but I never miss an episode. The first thing I do the morning after an episode airs is download JoAnn & Stacy's recap and listen to it during my commute to work. It starts my brain a working and keeps my strategic mind sharp...just in case I ever get accepted onto the show! Thank you, JoAnn & Stacy, for all that you do. If you love Survivor, listen up and participate too. The interaction can make a season even more fun.
The Survivor Fans Podcast is a must listen for anyone out there who wants more of Survivor. Hosts Joann and Stacey (sorry if I misspelled your names!) mix a thorough knowledge of the game with witty banter and southern charm into a show that never grows dull. Even if the most recent episode of Survivor does not turn out how you want, you will enjoy every minute of this podcast so subscribe today!
Really great insight, light hearted and a family vibe. Any fan of survivor should listen.


By SJ1010
This podcast really enhances the show. It is great to hear all the different opinions!
I really enjoy JoAnn and Stacy. Good insight and they make a cute duo. The listener feedback is fun to listen to.
I love Survivor and I love podcasts and the two are perfect together. I listen to 3 Survivor related podcasts- all of them are good in their own way. Survivor Fans Podcast is always the first one I listen to after an episode. Joanne and Stacy provide a clear synopsis and Stacy especially offers interesting insights. What makes the show sing is how well this husband and wife team work together - making fun of each others' foibles with a clear sense that they love and respect for each other. This has the added benefit of being a show with clean language that i can listen to anywhere without risking offending the people around me. Thank you Joann and Stacy for all your hard work!
So much fun hearing this husband and wife team talk about Survivor! Interviews with the voted out castaways are always great.
A great podcast. JoAnn and Stacy do such a great job of recapping Survivor each week. The first thing I listen to each Thursday morning. Someday I hope to gather the courage to submit feedback for the listener feedback show. I highly recommend this to all Survivor fans.
Awesome job great interviews and love all ur insight!!
Very good show with many insightful takes on the strategey and game play of the contestants. Joann is delightful and Stacy albeit a bit douchey is fun to listen to as well.
I've listened to a lot of podcasts over the years, but Survivor Fans Podcast is the only one that I have continued to listenin to. I enjoy Joann and Stacy's take on each episode as well as everyones' feedback and insight, it really enahances my Survivor experience.
I love Survivor and I really do want to like this podcast; after doing podcasts myself, I know it is not easy. That said, JoAnn and Stacy's enthusiasm for Survivor is often outweighed by their bickering and dismissive language toward each other. JoAnn especially acts the contrarian, quieting Stacy with a "Well, I just don't agree". It is awkward to listen to 2 married people just not get along. When they focus on Survivor and less on themselves, it's better for all of us.


By Mcordov
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I love this podcast and keep coming back. Really great analysis of players and game play. Thanks! Keep them coming
This is the best podcast you could possibly listen to. Especially if you are a fan of Survivor, if you are not a big fan, listen to this podcast and you will be.
I really love Survivor so I will listen to this podcast even though it makes me a bit uncomfortable at times. One fhte hosts is rather dismissive of his partner and seems to be one of those guys who always thinks he's the smartest person in the room. They are two of the lucky interviewers who get access to the survivors after they are booted off and they DO care very much about putting out a quality podcast which are significant points in their favor. I was not given a submit button to click until I gave it a three-star rating.
I've been listening to Joann & Stacy for a couple of years and my Wednesday night just wouldn't be complete without this podcast. I stay up late to download it and listen to Joann & Stacy discuss (and sometimes good naturedly bicker) about the episode just broadcast. The castoff interview can sometimes provide new insights. I stay up late on Sunday night too for the listener feedback. Thank you both for continuing this great podcast for so many years! Linda in Oakdale California
I love to listen to Stacy and JoAnn recount their perceptions of each episode, interview the voted out members of the cast, and then let the listeners share their viewpoints. This show can bring a smile to my face when a new season appears in my podcatcher. Thanks for all the hard work you do every season. It is a labor of love! Sally adds her meow of approval as well.
I discovered SFP partway through the Tocantins season. Joann and Stacy have created a podcast that features a recap of each week's episode by them, an interview with the castoff, and the listener feedback from the SFP community. The insight provided by Stacy and Joann is great, and usually there are some good comments by the listener's. I have contributed on and off as DirectorEvil and one day will do it on a regular basis. Although I don't comment weekly, I religiously listen to all the podcasts. Thanks for all you do, DirectorEvil
I've listened to a few other Survivor fan podcasts, and none come close to the mature analysis as presented by Joanne and Stacey, all without using profanity or demeaning inuendo. Listener feedback is entertaining and often spot-on. Participants often refer to themselves as "family", and display a loyalty to the podcast that keeps the listener wanting more. Keep up the excellent work, folks!
I've been listening to this show for years now and I can't get enough. 3 podcasts for every episode somehow doesn't feel like enough. Joann and Stacy do a great job of getting the first one out just after the episode airs. Which I appreciate. I look forward to every podcast. Keep up the great work guys.
I've been a loyal listener of this podcast for years. Gives great insights into the show without a lot of wasted airspace. Joanne and Stacy are great people.
... And they have decided that the immunity idols that keeps the tribe united are you, Joann and Stacy. More power and keep your torch lit!