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I really like this podcast and the way it is laid out. I have listened to 95 different podcast and read the description on 135 and this podcast is in my top 15. I decided to add podcast about movies into my repertoire to find some new movies and this podcast does a great job of enlightening me. A lot of podcast do 1-2 hour deep dives on movies which is way too much for me, I like the 30 minute dives on this podcast followed by information about other movies. I guess I can't rate filmspotting SVU but I like it just as much.
We know what we’re talking about here. These guys are the best! Da best! Bring your phantom limbs and your phantom menaces, one and all.
This was my first podcast and it continues to be one of the best. In depth conversation about films has helped me discover many movies I never would have known.
Just now taking the time to rate. Has been in my regular rotation since I started listening to podcasts and never disappoints. Keep it up guys!
Appreciate every aspect of this podcast. Thoughtful discussion that is accessible to any level of movie watcher. Gratitude to all involved who make it happen every week!
Easily one of my favorite podcast!! Love!! It’s people who know Film and appreciate them.
I trust them when choosing a movie, and even if I don’t agree with them, I always get something out of listening to their thoughts on a movie.
Since I started listening to Filmspotting (and podcasts in general) in 2011, many have fallen on the wayside due to lack of time or disinterest. Filmspotting is the one podcast that I am devoted to keeping up with every week. Thank you for being in existence, Filmspotting.
I have been listening to this podcast on and off since the cinecast days. While I don’t always agree with the reviews, you have to respect the passion and knowledge of everyone involved. It has led me to some fantastic movies I might not have seen otherwise. I also really appreciate the structure and high quality of this podcast which was definitely in the forefront of podcasting.
Listening to Filmspotting feels like taking a break from the rest of the day, an escape from the "real world". But as Adam and Josh take a deeper dive into each film, each fictional world, than I ever would (or could), I realize that I actually learn more about truth and life than I would by listening to any news program.
Love the depth that these guys go into, and they will punch at blockbusters and indies alike. Been a weekly listener for a couple of years now and I’m sure there must be ten or so outstanding movies that I may have missed had it not been for filmspotting. My only criticism of the format is the massacre segment - I like the concept of having to guess a movie each week, but don’t think it needs to be via acting a scene every week. Regardless. I always recommend this great podcast to my friends and will continue to do so!
FilmSpotting has been one of my most cherished weekly traditions for about three years now thanks to Josh and Adam’s ability to mix cogent, intelligent film criticism with great chemistry and report only good friends have. It’s like being a fly on the wall of a cafe and listening to two friends discuss the movies they watched, that is if the cafe had state of the art recording equipment and the two friends didn’t mind scaring the other patrons as they loudly do impressions of actors from movie scenes. Maybe they just take after Rob Brydon and Steve Cogan from the only movie series that matters: The Trip trilogy.
If you like the nasely drone of NPR broadcasts this is the movie podcast for you. If you enjoy just a little humanity then stay away from this narcissistic dud.
This is one of my favorite radio programs. If you love film then I personally think this is the best movie podcast available. If you’re not a movie enthusiast you will still enjoy the playful, intelligent, banter between Josh and Adam.
If you are a cinephile, this is the movie for you! In depth movie discussions.
After enduring a few rambling, superficial film podcasts, I’m thankful that a reviewer mentioned this one, leading me to sample and become a regular listener. Episodes have both focus and depth, even entering philosophical territory. With each show, I’m not only being entertained, but also learning...
Can't express enough how much I look forward to hearing from Adam and Josh (and Michael Phillips too!) every week. As soon as I see a movie, I'm eager to hear their take -- it always expands my own view and appreciation. They're so smart, knowledgeable about film, and open-minded. I feel like they're my friends at this point! Over time they've been mindful of looping more women's perspectives, too, having women critics drop in...
I stumbled upon this podcast many years ago and out of the many podcasts I listen to this is by far my favorite. I even got my husband to start listening to it with me. Adam and Josh are clearly cinephiles but don’t take themselves too seriously. They aren’t afraid to review both the lowbrow (Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, for instance) and the highbrow (all of the excellent foreign film/director marathons). Plus they just sound like people that I’d like to hang out with.
If you like finding out what's new, different, good in the movie world, outside the spotlight of Hollywood blockbusters, this is the podcast. These guys do great job covering the indie film world as well as reviewing what is cycling through the theaters. I really like the interviews and the new Filmspotting 5 question format that has recently been added.


The best podcast for film lovers. Full stop. Honestly, Adam and Josh consistenly bring class, wit and serious insight to every show. Their passion and their dedication to cimema and cinema history is higly communicable, so be warned: it's addictive. Beautifully produced and edited as well.
Great podcast. Love the top 5 lists and their down to earth reviews are awesome.
I've been listening to this podcast for so long I have a few Sam van Hallgren nicknames! I've considered dropping it a few times because the episodes are sooo long and I don't get to go out to movies nearly as often as I used to, but Adam & Josh are interesting enough to listen to so I've stuck around. Figured I should finally get around to writing a review...
I've been listening to these guys for years, it's the best podcast about films.
Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert are staples of my upbringing in film. This is not only because of their syndicated TV show, but because I grew up in Chicago and was able to read their reviews every week. They were as intelligent in print as they were on TV. It took some time after the show, then called Ebert & Roeper after Siskel's death, ended for me to find a discussion of film in audio or visual form that was as accessible and intelligent. 600 episodes into this podcast's run, I finally jumped aboard. Adam and Josh discuss film in a way that reminds me of their forebears in film criticism. It should appeal to any lover of film, whether you're new to seeing film as more than just a form of entertainment or so engrossed in film studies that you go to the Music Box every night as a paying customer.
Josh and Adam are easy to listen to. They give insightful comments about the films they watch and they always sound as if they're having a good time. I love the top fives, massacre theater and just hearing their passion for film. They honestly start to feel like your best movie buds. Keep up the great work!
As a teen, I got into movies hard because I was an outcast wii my best friend who also loved movies. Then, the age of comic book movies came along and I got sucked into that. I love comic book movies, but they took up a lot of my attention since, well, Iron Man. Anyways, I discovered this podcast, and, although they seem rather snobbish to comic book movies, they reawakened my thirst for cinema and discussing cinema. And, unlike other podcasts, these guys are mature, pleasant to listen to and very knowledgeable about movies and I'm sure I'll be listening for as long as they are on.
Maybe it is just me, but while their reviews are excellent and in-depth (I especially like Josh Larsen) I keep skipping through all the other stuff they have (contests, give aways, massacre theater, etc., etc.). I wish they just stuck with film reviews, it is all that they do that I care about.
It takes two of them, but together Josh and Adam fill the role that Ebert used to fill for me. They are the only film critics that can get me to take a chance on a movie I would have otherwise ignored. And they have helped me discover some magnificent classics. I also love that they are not snobs.
After growing weary of film podcasts that try too hard to inject humor into their analysis, I am very happy to have stumbled upon Filmspotting. Adam and Josh are incredibly insightful and boast a solid rapport. They do an excellent job of incorporating listener opinion/feedback into their shows while not relying on it too heavily. And you know what...sometimes they ARE funny. Great show!
Interstellar is a masterpiece
Wonderful podcast. Ive been a LTL I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for intelligent conversations on film.
I was turned on to Filmspotting by the great Dr. Mark Kermode about a month ago and have been hopping around their back catalogue ever since. Although I don't share all of Adam and Josh's politics or their coldness towards Guardians of the Galaxy, the show does maintain a great balance of cinema new and old, foreign and domestic, and I greatly appreciate their fair, unbiased "Sacred Cow" reviews of older movies that are too often taken for granted.
5 stars despite the fact that there is a lot of filler here, there are not chapters to skip past the boring stuff, every other episode is now about how "movies are prayers", and they keep trying to pipe in "cool dad music" between segments. Love when Tasha is on it. She rules.
One of the best and most thoughtful podcasts you'll ever find!
Watching and dissecting films has become one of my favorite pastimes, but no one does it as well as these guys. I love how they really hone in on the larger themes and big ideas at work in a film. For a truly philosophical take on film, look no further.
Always look forward to the long episodes with great Top 5 lists! Keep up the good work guys!
Do not subscribe if you do not like relaxed yet insightful discussion of films new an old, obscure arthouse to lowbrow blockbuster brilliance, intermingled with hilarity in the form of cinema-karoeke aka Massacre Theatre, as well as brilliant Top 5 lists and occassional awesome interviews with filmmakers and actors alike. But if that is your cup of tea, welcome to Filmspotting, one of my favorite podcasts for years now.
Have become a wannabe filmbuff all thanks to this podcast. Been listening for over a decade, still entertained and informed. Really like the diversity of guests in recent years...although the classic pals are always a good time too :D Well done, well done indeed!
I used to wonder whether it was better to see the movie first and then hear the review, or vice versa. Last year I decided it's definitely better to see the movie first, and with that extra motivation, I saw far more movies in theaters than ever -- and enjoyed Filmspotting more than ever before, if that's even possible. The top-5 lists are also great vehicles for exploration -- more motivation to see older movies I'd overlooked, just haven't gotten to, or failed to appreciate the virtues of. I have not a single criticism of this show and the 90-120 minutes it commands are a joy for me and a highlight each and every week. Were I to note, though, room for improvement, I'd ask for a bit more due given to screenwriters (and a screenwriter March Madness would be insanely wonderful). Often its not even clear during the hagiographic treatment of some director which films he or she also wrote. Oh, and one more thing -- more Michael Phillips!
I'm no film buff, but this show is great. Thanks guys.
Thoughtful and insightful discussions on new releases as well as a deeper dive into other movies that may have missed your radar. I have relied on Adam and Josh for the last several years, and greatly appreciate what they do to promote small/independent film (their golden brick discussions) while still keeping pace with larger releases too. They’ve filled the void that was created with the passing of Ebert and Siskel, and keep intelligent film discussion alive and well. My favorite weekly podcast!
After stumbling on the broadcast of Adam and Josh reviewing the film NEBRASKA years ago, I've been hooked to this highly entertaining show. A broadcast of their show would air in Chicago at midnight once a week when I was leaving work. The show was so much fun that it motivated me to get to my car in time to hear the whole episode, which really raised my productivity at the office! But once my hours shifted it became necessary to subscribe to the podcast -- my first. Since doing so I've found my listening experience even further enriched. I've really enjoyed the ease of each new week's show downloading to my phone and have gone through quite a few of the archived shows on the app and website. I recommend this show to anyone who ever mentions a movie within ear shot of me and will continue to do so. Great work, fellas!
I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. Each episode is highly entertaining and incredibly insightful. The host Adam and Josh bring both intelligence and light-hearted humor to their thoughtful conversations about movies both new and classic. The hosts also know how to have fun with their biweekly Massacre Theatre segment (wherein they do their takes on movie scenes) and their weekly top fives with themes that range from general (top five Coen Brothers scenes, top five musical numbers) to provocative (top five movies that console and restore hope, top five movies to show an alien about earth) to downright fun (top five manimals, top five movie tattoos we (the hosts) might ACTUALLY get).
Not your usual glancing discussion of only the newest popular movies. These guys know their films.
I've listened to many podcasts about films, still subscribe to a few, but this one is probably the best. Definitely in the Top Five. Great music selections, too!
As a cinephile, I've always had trouble finding a show to watch or listen to that neither approaches film in a direction too focused on arthouse films nor one that embraces too much of the mainstream. And thankfully, Filmspotting IS that show that manages to find that balance. A huge reason for my watching this show is also Adam and Josh, two of the most interesting, charming and knowledgeable cinephiles to listen to. I feel like I know them personally. I absolutely adore the different features of the show aswell and the awesome special guests that come on the show. I've been listening since last year and I hope to keep listening for as long as I possibly can.
I've been listening to Filmspotting since episode 52 and I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is by far my favorite. Through three different cohosts, it has continued to maintain increasingly high standards in every realm: production, thoughtfulness, entertainment, and scope. It's the perfect blend of academic film critique and relatable movie banter. Adam and Josh walk that line so well and I look forward to every episode.
I like the podcast i will be a directer some day and I will be best friends with quenten and also get to hang out with George lucas I already have talked to Steven speelberg on the phone one time and I told him about a movie I'm writinG and he said that wen I finish it to call him and he will make me a famis directer and they will probly talk bout me on the podcast wen I am famis sometimes it is boring (no offence) but it is ok most of the time


I've been listening to these guys for over four years now and figured the least I could do is provide a good review! Keep up the great work!