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I’ve been listening to Filmspotting longer than any other podcast. It has helped me expand my film knowledge and exposure as much as anything else. The conversation is always thoughtful and the hosts are open and ready to challenge their own blind spots and oversights. A must for any movie nerd.


Amazing podcast and the top fives are so fun and well thought out. I always learn something new every episode!
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Easily one of my favorite podcasts out there in film. Josh and Adam are really great hosts and honestly this review has been long in the works. Been thinking about it for like 8 years. So sorry it took so long. Thanks for the years of entertainment fellas!
For many years, one of my favorite podcasts. But it has gradually become insufferable due to a serious case of TDS. (Get out of your bubble, boys.) But every now and then I’ll dip my toe back into the Filmspotting waters hoping to find a modicum of sanity has returned. Hmmm, let’s see what insights the fellas have regarding Jaws? Surely they’ll leave politics out of a shark film review, right ...
Falling all over each other to virtue signal.
This is exhausting I just wanted to hear about Jaws not your politics.
With limited new releases this year, Filmspotting pivots perfectly to discuss new streaming content, classic movie revisits and blind spot marathons. A weekly must-listen.
I have a potential golden brick nomination: Tigertail, a Netflix original
Best film podcast out there! Love the topics and conversation as well as the way Adam and Josh connect with their listeners. It’s the podcast I most look forward to each next episode to drop. When a new one pops up in my feed it feels like a friend has dropped of a six pack or a coffee to brighten up your day.
If you love movies, Filmspotting is a must-listen. The love that Adam and Josh have for movies is apparent in every episode. Their conversation is always thoughtful—they question movies they love and talk about what’s good in movies they hate. My favorite thing about both of them is their willingness to admit to loving movies that are not typical critical favorites (see: Adam’s love of Pitch Perfect). I’ve listened to them for years, and I’ll listen for years more.
It’s my honest opinion that Josh and Adam are our Siskel and Ebert, they being us in-depth reviews while still remaining accessible.
This is the podcast that got me into movies, and has kept me company for so many years. Adam and Josh have a great dynamic.
Great for finding movie recommendations (both current and classic), and hearing interesting takes on films you love. It’s a joy to hear Adam
Adam and Josh are always sharing points of view I’ve never thought of. I find I appreciate the films they cover more after listening.
Adam and Josh always bring thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining analysis to movies that range from obscure to blockbusters. I’ve been listening for 5 years and hope Filmspotting continues for 5 more.
Been listening for at least 12 years; always play episodes immediately upon release. Great convo and great production values.
Filmspotting remains the best podcast source for honest, intelligent, unbiased, and - best of all - entertaining film discussion. For in depth and thought provoking conversation, Flimspotting is the ultimate source of enlightenment and exploration of the magical world of film. Adam, Sam, and Josh have a quasi-self-depricating banter that is simply beautiful and abundantly accessible.
My favorite podcast for the last 10 years. Haven’t missed and episode. Just keeps getting better and better :)
As a listener for 10+ years, I can say this is the best film podcast that is about films. No sitting through too many minutes of banter between the hosts, though there are fun bits like Massacre Theater and Filmspotting Madness. Great stuff.
filmspotting is the podcast that first got me into movies, and even though i'm subscribed to almost ten podcasts now, it's still my favorite. they keep up with the new releases, while also using their 'filmspotting marathons' to catch up on filmogrpahies of directors or actors people may have missed (examples: elaine may, agnes varda, bette davis). their yearly top 10 shows are a blast and encapsulate the great discussions had every week on the show.
Fun, intelligent, and warm. The best podcast about movies and approriate for fans of film on every level.
I started listening to Filmspotting in 2012 during a cross country film shoot. I have never missed an episode. I truly believe this is one of the best film analysis/ appreciation communities out there.
I’ve been listening to Filmspotting for just over a decade, and I’m just as excited about each new episode as I ever was, if not more so. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. They have introduced me to some of my favourite films and filmmakers, and they’ve helped keep my love of cinema alive during the rough times through their infectious enthusiasm, insight, and sincerity. This show has had me in stitches, has brought me to tears, and has invariably given me food for thought. They are part of the way I watch films now. To me, they are more than just a podcast.
I've been listening to this podcast since its Cinecast days, and 11 years later, it's like listening to your close friends chatting, laughing, arguing (mostly because of Adam's flawed views about Wes Anderson films ;), and giving insight and recommendations that you never would have come across on your own. It’s more than a Podcast, it’s a community. Thanks, guys!
Well, perhaps this is a BIT overstated, but Adam and Josh do such a great job combining thoughtful reflection, educated guesses and playful banter, it’s hard not to enjoy. It’s a great show for film buffs and will make film buffs out of casual viewers. Not only do they keep up with a mix of popular as well as outside indie films, but they revisit “Sacred Cows” and run occasional marathons that cover genres, directors and other categorical pursuits. In this streaming world, they also provide links to the movies discussed as well as film clips cited. Add to that their Golden Brick spotlights of small independent first-time films and guest co-hosts, and it is a perfect blend.
I've tried listening to other movie podcasts, but there is nothing like Filmspotting. My wife and I have discovered countless wonderful movies listening to Adam and Josh. On top of the movies you'll discover, what makes me always look forward to listening is that feeling of being part of a community. It's like you're watching movies with some friends every week and get to join the discussion.
Simply put, this podcast is the best combination of entertainment and film education you will find.
Here is a top five things I've learned about movies and podcasts by listening to Filmspotting (using some quotes from my own pantheon films).... 5. "That's a fountain of conversation there, buddy. That's a geyser. I mean, whoa daddy." (Fargo) Lesson: Car rides go way faster with some good conversation along the way. Filmspotting consistently offers engaging conversations. I tend to let my Filmspotting episodes pile up for a few weeks until I have to take a monthly, lengthy solo drive. I can't thank them enough for making those hours in the car an actual pleasure. 4. "Absence is a funny thing. I feel like Guy left years ago. I look at this photo, and I forget what he really looks like. When I think of him, it's this photo that I see." (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) Lesson: Movies sometimes need revisiting. Filmspotting offers "Sacred Cow" reviews in which they revisit a movie that collective wisdom tells us is a masterpiece. Nostalgia and context can influence our perspective of a movie, and the memory can be blurred by all that has come since the initial viewing. Filmspotting’s sacred cow reviews have encouraged me to revisit and reconsider those movies I've treasured (or sometimes dismissed) with a fresh eye. 3. "All I'm saying is that if I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life -- remind me to kill myself." (Dazed and Confused) Lesson: If you restrict your cinematic history to the years of your own coming-of-age years, you're missing out on a goldmine. Filmspotting periodically offers year-by-year top fives. I especially loved the 1967 episode, which explored in depth a year before I was born. Because of that episode, I sat down and corrected a ridiculous number of blindspots: Cool Hand Luke, The Young Girls of Rochefort, Belle De Jour, Bonnie & Clyde, Le Samourai, Mouchette, In the Heat of the Night, and Playtime. Honestly. If not for that one episode, I wouldn't have seen those eight movies. For too long, I relied on my own years for my cinematic experiences; Filmspotting has encouraged me to do some deep dives into other years. 2. "Listen to what I'm writing now: new and original plays and poems. When word gets around, the traveling troupes will come in droves. Where else can they get new material? Original plays don't grow on trees." (Pather Panchali) Lesson: You need to seek out new material in order to find new passions. Filmspotting offers annual Golden Brick Awards. Without them, I would have never seen Krisha, Columbus, Tower, Cameraperson, or Tangerine. I know they're not all winners, but your nominees alone offer a list of new discoveries that I consider among my favorites and encourage others to see. 1. "This ain't about money. I could give about money. You see this place? I built this place with my bare hands. Every light socket, every piece of tile -- me, with these two hands." (Do the Right Thing, edited for content) Lesson: Pizza tastes better when you take pride in every slice. Thank you, Adam, Josh, Sam, and Joe (and all the other contributors), for putting pride in every episode, and for (every now and then) pulling back the curtains (as you did in this most recent episode) to help us see how the pizza is made. It's clear that they enjoy these conversations, but it's also clear that they all understand the importance of taking them seriously and assembling a reliably interesting, provocative, generous program for listeners. I truly appreciate the show, and It has a tremendous impact it on listeners, a group they truly treat like members of a community.
I’ve been listening to Filmspotting since the mid-aughts, and I still can’t wait until a new episode is released each week. They have insightful reviews, fun top 5 lists and deep dive marathons. It is a joy listening to Adam and Josh. I don’t have anything terribly original to (sorry). Please just know that if you’re a film lover you NEED to be listening to this podcast. I promise you won’t regret it!
This is the podcast I have been looking for since before there were podcasts — like having Siskel and Ebert back again, with no time limits or format restrictions. The greatest! I cannot count the number of discoveries I’ve made based on the recommendations of Adam and Josh (and their fantastic guests). Not to be missed!!
I’ve been listening to Filmspotting for well over a decade, since 2006 when I was in High School. They formed the bedrock of my love for film, eventually leading me to major in film, move to Los Angeles, and find a career I love making movies. So yeah, it’s a good podcast.
Jesuse Christ there's a lot of film podcasts! Filmspotting asked their listeners to jump on reviews in light of Apple Podcasts assembling the 'Movie Fanatics' collection and I had no idea just how many were out there. Well...never heard of any of 'em, I suppose because for the past 10 years I've been ritualistically listening to Filmspotting. Think Steve Carrell in 40 Year Old Virgin getting ready for some alone time... I make sure my hair is perfect... make sure the lighting is right... and then... "...What kinda show you puttin' on here today!?" kicks in and the world is right and smart and fun and thoughtful for an hour or two. DON'T JUST SUBSCRIBE TO IT THINKING YOU'LL LISTEN LATER! PRESS PLAY NOW. You won't regret it.
there’s no substitute for these two! consistently engaging, thought-provoking and nuanced criticism from two of the kindest hearted people in the business.
No other podcast engages with their listeners like Filmspotting. Really intelligent discussions of films new and old by two very affable, smart and silly hosts. Becoming a listener can also make you part of a great community if you let it. Highly recommend and great Patreon content too!
It’s hard to pinpoint precisely what makes Filmspotting such an absolute joy to listen to. The dynamic between Josh and Adam make listening to an episode feel like joining in on a conversation with friends you’ve had since college. Their approach to film is refreshingly unpretentious yet they talk about movies with intention. They built a tribe of regular guests and callers-in that round out the already robust back and for the about everything from new releases to gems from previous decades. There is simply no other film podcast that compares to Filmspotting.
Quite simply one of the best podcasts, period. Fifteen years strong. Great conversations, great family of listeners. For newbies, it’s strangely addicting. For seasoned veterans, it’s the first podcast you tap for the weekend.
What else can I say, it rules!
I started listening in 2010. I’ve listened to other podcasts throughout the years but the interest just away, but Filmspotting has stayed with me throughout the years and I look forward to it every Friday.
I realized that all I do is fill my head with content about movies. Watching, reading, writing and listening. This is the easily the podcast I most look forward to each week. Adam and Josh are the most articulate film critics on any podcast I’ve heard. It’s the best show for cinephiles.
Not just the benchmark for chill yet insightful Movie Podcasts, the benchmark a lot of other podcasts should strive for. I listen to a bunch of podcasts but for years this has been the only one I always listen to the day it’s released. The hosts (and production team) make it look easy, keeping the show fun without rambling, and thought provoking without being inaccessible. So many other podcasts trip over their own shoelaces either trying too hard or not trying hard enough. And they keep it inclusive, giving listeners ways to feel a part of the show. Welcome to the Filmspotting family, whoever you are
Start listening and you won’t be able to stop. Smart and entertaining. I love listening to Adam and Josh discuss movies and more.
Thoughtful, incisive, fun, and always relatable, Filmspotting has been my favorite film podcast for the last few years. It's like hanging with two good friends who continue to learn and share all they can about filmmaking.
I’ve been listening to Filmspotting since ~2010 (or Inception, to use the show’s old parlance for time measurement). Found the show through a random Michael Phillips tweet and it’s been my favorite podcast ever since. The hosts are great. They take the work seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. It makes for great discussions where cinephiles and casual movie fans will be entertained. I almost always learn something when I listen, and I always have a great time. Filmspotting is a pantheon worthy movie podcast.
This is one of the few podcasts that I never miss! They have a huge back catalog so I can go back and listen to their commentary when I watch a movie a few years late. I’ve gotten so many recommendations from Adam and Josh and this podcast is one that definitely makes my life better!
Filmspotting is my favorite podcast! I’ve been listening for more than ten years, and it’s still the only podcast I never miss. The conversations are fun and informative, and I love the top five lists. I’ve found so many great movies through this show!
I’ve listened to Filmspotting for more than a decade. The coverage is a nice blend of art house and blockbusters, Adam and Josh are knowledgeable but never too highbrow, and the whole show is very engaging even if you haven’t watch the films being covered.... just make you really want to run out to the theater every time. It’s simply excellent.