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This music has loads of free, highly listenable music. Lots of bands I already like and others which I'm not as familiar with but enjoy too. The songs aren't all perfect, but it's free and definitely worth ur time.
great set up long time listener
this is what I love about indiefeed, it's all fresh and exciting, keep up the good work
Music is awesome Good


By Ceilán
This is an awesome ap!
I love all the songs they play on here! I don't think I will ever longboard to anything but this station again.
Indiefeed has introduced me to many artists that I would have never discovered otherwise. I listen to the feed like a radio station, often enjoying the brief but entertaining stories about the artists of the song each week just as much as the music itself. I've found so much music through this that I'm writing this review in thanks and appreciation for the wonderful service that the nice folks at Indiefeed provide.
IndieFeed is a great podcast because it plays great songs by up-and-coming rock bands that need the exposure. Each episode is released about every one to seven days and is only a few minutes long. This is because each episode is devoted to playing and discussing only one song. I like this because it really puts the spotlight on the artist featured in the episode. I also like this podcast because it is all about the music. First, the song is played, and then the host, whose name I cannot find anywhere, talks about the artist for a minute or two. There is no pointless banter about what is on the host’s mind that day- he is clearly speaking to promote the artist. He gives a little summary about the band’s members, albums, and present status and includes the URL to their website and MySpace. This is excellent for the artist because if listeners really enjoy the song they hear, they can instantly become fans. It is also great for the interested listener who has immediate access to more information and music by the artist. All in all, IndieFeed is a great podcast because it exposes listeners to great music and artists that they probably have never heard of before.


Indiefeed offers a plethora of new artists and songwriters. Always a nice surprise!
I found this site on christmas morning and i have to say that my music was lacking before this podcast. i have fallen in love with so many talented people/bands what i would have never known about. it is like a christmas miracle that Indiefeed was found on my laptop. The music far out way the 5 seconds wait. if you want music in a variety presented in a beautiful little podcast than subscribe to this and make you ears and mind happy. :)
I love the variety of songs presented on indiefeeds Indie Pop Pod Cast. I discover new, great music every day.
Friendly, knowledgable hosts that provide great music that would [on your own] take months or years to find; quick track intros, a full song, then a brief description of what was just played and where to buy the rest of the album or EP; tons of genres and bands, each one incredible in their own right; Each track and episode is free. I've been listening to IndieFeed since 2007 I believe. I've listened to nearly every podcast and out of the thousands of tracks IndieFeed has introduced me to, there may be literally only a single track I didn't absolutely love and that's only due to poor audio quality on that one single track. If you haven't already, you need to subscribe to each channel and give their episodes a good listen. If you still can't bring yourself to give this podcast community a 5-star rating, there's no possible way you're human.


What a consistently excellent selection of really interesting music, thank you
This is the best podcast ever. It truly does a great job collecting songs from pure talent. I have been introduced to so many great songs that my mind is literary blown right now. I have listened to about 100 of these podcast in a row and can honestly say my mind is blown...BOMMMMM...This is the best. Thank, Thank, Thank You. Pure Bliss. Peace and Love, Mike Breezy
Their descriptions at the end are right out of Pandora/The Music Genome Project. I used to get things from just CMJ then mostly from 3wk, then 3wk and Pandora now this feed and a few other podcasts is bigger probably than Pandora (or side things like Last FM) for me.
I love this podcast. It has introduced me to so many new artists and songs. It is unique from all the other podcasts. It plays the entire song and I love the voices of the people who talk about the songs, hahaa.
I have found music I love here. What sets Indiefeed apart, though, are the concise, memorable backstories. With the original reviews, and one-off selections, I don't have trouble remembering which songs I liked enough to buy. Good for me, good for artists!
The format of the indiefeed podcasts is great -- one artist, one song. Thanks to the podcast, I have been introduced to Cheyenne, Ray's Vast Basement, Ghosty, The Blow, Dylan at the Movies . . . All phenomenal acts, all thanks to indiefeed. Listen. Subscribe. Repeat.
I love their song choice! Great indie artists! Great introductions of the artists, songs, and records. I just downloaded all episodes...Great job!
It is fabulous to have a chance to hear these artists for free, to get to know them. You have picked some great bands! I have extended my musical boundaries a lot through this podcast.
Always fresh, alway entertaining.
I've found some great new music via IndieFeed. I like the format-- one song per podcast, with a bio of the artist-- as it lets you concentrate on the music without worrying which of the myriad songs was the one you *really* liked. It's a great way for voracious music consumers to find new bands and artists.
They find some really good gold nuggets. Very much enjoy what I hear!
Thank you for doing what you do, IndieFeed! Providing otherwise difficult to discovery artists with a forum to be heard is something I support fully. And as a listener, I immensely enjoy your programming, format, and dedication to gracing my ears with fresh content on a regular basis.
Check out their other podcasts too.
One of the best of the song-of-the-day podcasts out there focusing on indie music. Definitely worth subscribing to.
Everyday there's something different, something new, and more often than not, something GOOD! Thanks Indiefeed for introducing me to so much new tunage!!
Great Podcast!
That's all. And to those of you who are thinking of subscribing, DO IT!!
Great podcast - a lot of songs you're not going to hear on All Songs Considered or every other music discovery site. This is truly indie and I've discovered some awesome stuff.
I am always excited to hear what they find next!
i'm addicted to song-of-the-day podcasts, and indiefeed pop music is one of my favorites. great curation of songs--have discovered choir of young believers, cass mccombs, gavin castleton...always makes me want to explore additional songs by the featured artists. highly recommend.
I have discovered many new artists from this podcast including Chris Bathgate, Rock Plaza Central, Frightened Rabbit, Less Pain Forever and so many more. Thank you for your special appreciation for Vic Chesnutt recently. He will be missed.
Indiefeed upload such a great music!!
IndieFeed: Indie Pop Music is a great way to find out about new and more obscure bands. Nice little reviews, a chance to hear a COMPLETE song, and information on where to find out more, such as websites the band or their label may have. Excellent!
The sings they select are always interesting.
this podcast sticks in my head for days, and i love hearing something new everyday. the music is so quality, and i've been introduced to so many great artists through every channel indiefeed offers. chris has a voice like yoga and hearing him at the beginning of the episode isnt a bad addition. coolmusic + lovelyvoice + free? thats adds up to just about my favorite podcast around. you guys are awesome, keep it up. <3
,,, as well as some I missed along the way. Brian
Love IndieFeed's podcasts, but man, I'll shake your hand if you'll just include a link to the bandsite and drop the bio-blurb-things that are invaribly read with zero sense.
Always great music. I listen every day.
I love it!
after falling in love with the indiefeed alternative channel, i gave indie pop a try. i have listened diligently to every podcast - one song long, just enough to brighten my day without stressing me out - since i joined, and i've found some of my favorite new artists this way. give it a shot! you will not be disappointed. and chris has such a sweet lil indie voice. :)
It is refreshing and enjoyable. You learn and experiance through songs and artist while becoming aware of new music and musical opportunities to bless your life in a small way each week.
Indiefeed prides itself on introducing a LOT of new artists and is largely successful in picking their best songs, as well as giving plenty (approx. a minute to a minute and half) of background information about the group after the song. It is uncommon to hear commercial promos within the podcast (though they are getting somewhat more frequent), but always includes the sycophantic reviews of the indiefeed hosts that are capable of gagging anyone after a few "deeply contrived" statements. Nevertheless, if you're the kind of person that likes something new every day and get tired of hearing what's on the radio, this is the station for you. It's got about 20 different flavors to try out in a given week, making it the perfect (free) buffet of music and largely undiscovered artists, regardless of whether or not you care for each podcast.
Indiefeed is the best music podcast ever.........eversence i found this podcast i will listen to it for like 8 hours straight at work. it is easy to find good music and the short info at the end is great. i love music and this introduces me to so many new bands i would of never ever found on my own. o and i want to work for you guys.... that would be my dream job!!!!
great way to learn about new bands that actually make good music :)
I listen to a few and this podcast and Stage4 are def. my favorite music ones!
I can't stop listening :)