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I have been listening to the show for about three years now; really loved all the information initially. Now it seems like it’s just an excuse for Tawnee to talk about herself constantly. Less scientific/practical and more “this is what I do and this is why it’s so great” type of thing. There are still nuggets of objectivism for sure, but they seem harder to pick out.
Love how both Tawnee and this show have evolved as she continues to learn about concepts in the physiology of training and nutrition. Makes the information so much more credible because instead of trying to prove a position she is actually using her education and experience to figure out what the answer is on various topics.
I’ve been listening to Endurance Planet since the beginning, and it just gets better with age. The content is relevant and applicable, while the delivery is conversational and easy to digest. While I don’t listen to EVERY episode, because I favor different topics over others, I learn something new every time I tune in. It’s definitely made a significant impact on my training & racing, I’ve shared it constantly with my athletes, and it’s been cool to follow along with the careers and the life experiences of Tawnee, Lucho and others!!
Tawnee, host of the Endurance Planet podcast, highlights all aspects of endurance sports, health and more in this can’t miss podcast!  The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!   
I love endurance sports and health and this podcast blends the two perfectly. I can’t believe I’m just now finding it! Great stuff!!!!
A long time listener and I continue to love the podcast. The way Lucho and Tawnee talk through questions is so helpful. You get an insight into what they are thinking and that is so helpful. When I have a question I can almost hear them in my head talking it through. So I have learned how to think about issues. Keep up the great work!
Love this show. As an athlete who has struggled with eating disorders and I’ve training. I have completely changed how I approach my diet and exercise.
I love all of the great content and conversations Endurance Planet gives. The last episode with Sanjay Rawal was amazing! It’s a must to listen to....I’m going to save it and listen again a few times a year! Thank you so much 😊
I’ve been listening for a little over a year now. I absolutely love the info they share on all subjects around endurance!
I had to stop listening when meat eating was said to be healthy.
As a long time listener of EP, I’ve loved following Tawnee’s journey to synthesize endurance sport performance and healthful living goals. I was so excited to see a special segment of EP dedicated just to this fusion (leaving ATC to take a really deep dive into training techniques, which are also fascinating and practical! I PRed in my last half marathon because of Lucho and Brock’s advice!) Julie sounds like the perfect partner in crime for Tawnee to address these holistic issues... and DANG GIRL, you are one tough cookie trekking 60 miles with a bleeding kidney!!!! Can’t wait to hear more advice and healthy living tips from two strong ladies a fellow high-charging endurance female can admire.
I am enjoying the direction of this podcast. So much so I went back to subscribing! The insightful answers to listeners questions has me looking at my personal training questions with of multitude of different angles. Just when you think you have a grasp on a concept. Bam. There is more information. And it is all presented in a light hearted witty manner that is Lucho and Baracch. (Name spelling highly likely incorrect). Thanks. And well wishes to Tawnee in her next endeavor.
Love everything about your podcast. Thank you for the taking time to answer listener questions with wisdom, practicality and honesty. You make may long commute worth every mile.
Great podcast for those interested in endurance sports. Tawnee’s guests are knowledgeable and entertaining, and there’s always something new to learn.
Great topics, knowledgable guest and hosts.
Tawnee, host of Endurance Planet, highlights all aspects of fitness and health in this can't miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful and inspirational advice on healthier living!
This is my favorite podcast!
Excellent information about all manner of endurance training from diet and training to how to stay healthy.
Please add more diverse points of view. Tawnee and Lucho have got to the point of mutual admiration. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it does not add to the learning experience of the listener. We never learn in an echo chamber. Please add guests with different points of view and have substantive conversations covering all sides of issues. This will lend great credibility to the show. I always get concerned thats hosts might be cherry picking research that confirms their point of view. How about discussing research that is in conflict? (It always exists). That would add interest and be more educational. I'm still having hard time getting past the supposed science presented that led listeners to believe root canals are evil. Almost lost me there!!
Tawnee is great. She is a great moderator and a wealth of information. My favorite episodes are the "ask the coaches" with Lucho. Lucho is a world class athlete and has competed on the highest level of Ironman and marathons. There are also great guests, doctors, nutrionists, and i could go on and on about how great this podcast is. If you are an endurance athlete, this podcast will help you improve. If you are not, there are still loads of great information. Keep up the great work Tawnee!!!!!!!!!!!
This podcast is for athletes that not only want to perform well but endure well!!
I listen to a handful of sport oriented podcasts and always keep back to Endurance Planet. Love the content, good advice and thoughts from Tawnee even when she may not fully agree with her guest. Food, workout loads, heart rate, and common sense; it's all here.
I am NEW to the sport of endurance running/racing and for me all the insight and details have helped me complete my first trail 14.5 trail race. I enjoy the topics and discussions. If you are a pro or a newbie I think anyone can gain knowdlge from this podcast
Couldn't get through a single podcast. The host (female) on the ones I tried to get through. Spends 30 mins of every episode telling you how awesome she is. Then I didn't really find the content all the helpful either. Too bad had high hopes
Tawnee does a great job. But it's now entirely about Low-Carb-High-Fat and The Way of Our Lord and Savior Maffetone. No alternative views are ever presented. I think Lucho wants to push back sometimes, but Tawnee isn't having it. LCHF is The Truth and no heresy is allowed. Tawnee is a good host, but she is too swayed but charlatans pushing pseudoscience and wackyness. I think she even said something positive about The Food Babe a couple weeks ago. She lets Ben Greenfield sell his snake oil without challenging him. She doesn't really endorse him either, so that's to her credit. I still listen and I like the podcast, although I skip some episodes. I like Maffetone a lot, but he's not God like he and Tawnee seem to think. I really wish they'd have Matt Fitzgerald or someone with strong opposing viewpoints on. It'd be interesting. But she keeps it in her club. So I'm still a regular listener, but I'm often frustrated by their myopia.
Done with this podcast! Spreading dangerous mis-information with no scientific evidence.
There’s some of it in this podcast, and I had to stop listening. The host’s blog has similar pseudoscience. They adhere very strictly to eating lifestyles and incriminate others. Don’t listen if you have body anxiety or food issues. Guests are great! 3 stars for that. Host? Does not entirely follow science.
I've been listening to this podcast for about 3 years now. It's awesome. Frankly, I'm not sure my body is capable of completing a long run without the ATC segment being piped through my earbuds. Keep up the good work.
Tawnee is the best! This podcast goes way beyond endurance training and is for anyone interested in improving functional fitness and health. The best guests and trending topics in endurance sports and health. I also Love Lucho's style. ...and no...he is NOT a D-Bag!
Very insightful and great interviews. Love Phil Maffetone regular visits ot show. Great job Tawnee. Always goin to school when i tune in
Endurance Planet is my favorite podcast and training partner. I run alone most of the time and this podcast keeps me company with enlightening information and awesome interviews. There is a great variety of guests and Tawnee and Lucho are always fun to listen to! Tawnee is an amazing host and you can tell she puts a little effort and research into the podcasts. The interviews from Kona were exceptional this year! Keep up the amazing work!!!!
Tawni and Lucho offer a lot of great advice for living healthfully and performing in endurance events. Sometimes they dwell on a topic far too long and repeat the same thing multiple times, but overall they offer some great insight and information. Based on their advice to other people on the podcast I followed Jack Daniel's running plan and incorporated MAF for the easy runs. It took me from a 4:16 marathon to a 1:35 half marathon. I have also changed my running form such that I no longer have knee or hip pain based on their advice. My wife and I both follow Dr. Maffeton's running method the majority of the time, but I like Lucho's insight for adding speed training. Thank you for offering a great podcast to the endurance crowd and I plan to keep listening as long as you keep producing!
I have been a racing runner since 4 and have gone through all the genres of running. Now i am in my late 30s and have taken the advice of the hosts and have found myself running happier and more successful than ever before.
I think Tawnee makes this a fun and interesting podcast to listen to. It’s full of great info that’s relevant to training and racing. Tawnee is smart - she holds a masters degree and a CSCS - and that shines through in a way that is friendly and entertaining. Some of the harsh criticisms I’ve read are unfair to her. If you don’t like podcasts that are fun and informative, maybe go somewhere else.
I love the integrated health approach to endurance training that you provide. It's so important that people see the big picture in this lifestyle! Well done!
Tawnee, Lucho, and a variety of experts make this podcast a "must listen" for endurance athletes. What I like most is that information-packed content is presented in a casual conversational atmosphere. Tawnee et al work to polish and improve each broadcast. This podcast belongs in your training regimen as much as a good pair of shoes!
Tawnee the host has gone off the deep end. Thank goodness Lucho is on to keep her in check but she is wearing off on him too. I think she says "fat adapted" or "MAF" every other word during an episode. The show was better when she was trying to be competitive and not just a participant. You can tell that she is multitasking in almost every episode and can hear her typing and being distracted. She's getting sloppy. Hope she can rebound the show and be professional enough to take a more well rounded focus and adjust the content, her attention and capture her entire audience before she loses them. Wish her luck.
The content is great, however, it's very difficult to listen to Tawnee. If you can handle "dddda", "you know", "what not" and lots of "ums" this podcast is for you. The special episodes would be a heck of lot better without the lenghty salesy type intro as well - I find myself frustrated and have to skip through it - get to the episode already.


I'm a colon cancer survivor who has been run/walking for about 3 years. I'm going to dive in to my first ultra race this October 2015. I have been training since April for this race.. By the grace of Divine Intervention.. I found Endurance Planet..I'm forever grateful for this amazing team for educating, entertaining, and helping me find my way during my very long training sessions. I appreciate their passion for sharing their gifts with this mere "normal athlete." I highly recommend you connect with these cool souls... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. DebJett
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. Tawnee offers a great blend of shows that cover a wide variety of topics to not only help endurance athletes perform better at their perspective sports, but also take better care of themselves in the process. She’s not afraid to go against the grain of what other media outlets deliver to introduce the latest (and yes, sound) scientific medical, nutritional, prehab and rehab advice. I’ve heard others accuse her of being gimmicky, i.e. “leaky gut.” Harvard scientists would disagree with them. She’s ahead of her time, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and entertaining. And I absolutely love the ATC (Ask The Coaches) shows with Lucho! Think my blood pressure drops 15 points every time I listen to him. And the shows with Thorsten, the brilliant statistician who keeps us up-to-date about the Kona Points Rankings! Add this to your podcast queue for your long training sessions or commutes. You won’t be disappointed!
I've been an Endurance Planet fan for about 3 years, and they continue to pump out great content week in, week out. Tawnee and Lucho are my favorite, but other guests are great too. This is an informative podcast that doesn't go so deep that I need a pen and notepad to stay afloat. It has provided me with hours of entertainment while riding the indoor bike trainer and running as well as driving. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I get amped up for a workout or race. EP is awesome. Keep up the great work!
I've been listening to the podcast for awhile now. I enjoy Tawnees up beat personality, and translating sports nutrition and exercise physiology that sometimes guest info may be a little over some peoples heads. I always look forward to ATC, I love the health first approach. I have applied several tactics I've learned from Tawnee and Lucho. I feel great and performance is the best it's been.
This is one of the most informative podcasts out there when it comes to endurance training. ATC is awesome with Tawnee and Lucho. Sports nutrition is great with Ben Greenfield and Tawnee. Tawnee is a great host and asks all the right questions. Thanks for all that you do.
If your activities require endurance this is the place to go. If you follow Phil Maffetone and his training methods this is particularly the place to go. Cutting edge for everyone who needs improved endurance. Don’t miss it,
Love the pod cast! Love the guests. Love Tawnee! Tawnee's journalism background shines through with well timed on point questions. She also adds to the conversation with her own experiences - her failures and successes. I think the information is top notch and accessible. Thanks Tawnee, Lucho, Dr. M and all the guests. In just a couple of weeks of listening it has imporved my over all fitness and more importantly approach to training as a marathon runner.
I really enjoy the different personalities on the show. I think mostly because they don't always agree! Tawnee's enthusiasm is infectious and is what keeps me listening. Good job Tawnee!
Great Quality and Content!
I've been listeing to EP since Tawnee took the helm. The podcast has matured into one of the best health and nutrition podcasts available. EP consisitently delivers rich content without fail. Always entertaining and educational. It's what a podocast should be.
Tawnee provides a variety of information about endurance sport which is both entertaining and educational. Her prolific production of podcasts gives new information and reinforces healthy training and lifestyle for endurance athletes.